Best WordPress Hosting Guide for Absolute Beginners 2021

WordPress Hosting Guide: In order to host a WordPress website, you can go with any hosting plans like shared, VPS, dedicated, or others. But nowadays, as WP is being one of the most used website development platforms, hosting providers are also coming with dedicated WordPress hosting plans.

In WordPress hosting, you will get all the required setups embedded in the plan, which means you do not have to hunt for WordPress Installation tools, themes & plugin libraries, page builder applications, or other things.

Differences between Shared Hosting & WordPress Hosting – WordPress Hosting Guide

Shared hosting is the best hosting service for beginners who want to start their blogging career at an affordable cost.

It allows you to create a custom website using any web development language and then make it live through shared hosting.

Still, if you are desired to get more ideas about shared hosting, we have already defined everything in another article with the title of What is Shared Hosting & How Much It Cost.

If you have any queries regarding a shared hosting plan, you will get the answer there.

On the other hand, WordPress hosting plans are delicately created to manage WP sites only, where you can install WP setup in a few clicks only and then manage your website from the given dashboard.

With WP hosting, you can’t host a custom website that is not using WP CMS Content Management System).

Basic Requirements To Use WordPress

To get the best performing website built on WordPress, you must look for the following configurations;

  • PHP Version 7.4 or later
  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS Support)
  • MySQL Version 5.6 or Later / MariaDB Version 10.1 or Later

What Functions Make A Beginner-Friendly Hosting Service?

It is a tough task for a beginner WordPress website developer to randomly judge any hosting service providers.

In order to find out a better-performing WP Hosting plan, one must know the technical specifications.

But if you don’t have that many technical ideas, here are a few thanks that will help you decide on a better WP hosting plan for your site.

Easy Navigation

Every host has a custom cPanel (Control Panel) where you can find the required tools for managing your website.

Some might seem a bit complicated and some panels will look easy to access with a nicely placed menu.

So, before going to purchase any WordPress Hosting Plans, you must research their navigation panel.

If you find that it would be easy to access for you, then only, shortlist that particular WP host.

One-Click WordPress Installation

Whether you purchase a Shared Hosting Plan, a VPS, or another, nowadays every host is providing easy options to Install WordPress.

And with dedicated WordPress hosting, you will get an easier option to complete the WP installation process in one click.

Customization Options

The best WP hosting plan is embedded with too many themes, plugins, and other required tools.

However, on top of that, you should make sure that it is allowed to install custom plugins, themes, web builders, or other required tools.

Sometimes, the panel prohibits adding custom CSS or other code.

Therefore, before making any decision, you need to confirm the customization options given inside the hosting plans.

Free Promotional Codes or Tools

During the occasions, most of the companies provide additional tools or promo codes to access other features for the betterment of your website SEO ranking and marketing.

In case you are planning to purchase WP hosting in odd seasons, then you can also look for additional discounts or free promo codes if your selected host is providing them.

Sometimes, the big hosting brands give you a free token to run Google Advertising for promoting your site online.

Whereas a few give you access to premium themes, plugins, Elementor, or other applications.

Enough Documentations

Transparent web hosts believe to solve your query without even connecting with you in real-time, however, in order to perform that stuff, the hosting providers either run community forums or upload articles on troubleshooting.

You can check with their help or support section if they have enough documentation to resolve the query in case you face it in the future.

Around the clock Customer Support

Customer support is one of the topmost factors considered before choosing the best WordPress hosting service provider or other hosting providers.

Nowadays, most of the hosting providers are available throughout the day via chat, email, or call to solve your problems.

As a beginner, you must go with those hosts who are dedicated to providing you with 24×7 customer support.

So that, instead of hunting for any problem you face, you can directly ask them for the solutions without wasting time and money.

Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Service Provider

In this competitive market, every service provider wants to be a step ahead of others by giving lucrative offers and better customer satisfaction.

But still, only a few deserve to become the favorite brand whereas other service providers left behind.

The same phenomenon applied with the website WP hosting services.

Several are several things to scale a good and the best hosting providers.

But here at WordPress Tiger Blog, we are listing a few of the quick things that you can consider to choose the best host for your WP site.

Value for Money

You will find hundreds of WordPress Website Hosting Plans over the internet but all might not fit your requirement.

So, to have a winning deal, first, you need to analyze your requirements for hosting a WP site.

It may include the number of domains, SSL Certificate, server space, RAM, bandwidth, and more.

Once you are ready with the list, now you can search for the popular WP Hosting Plans and see what they are offering.

If it is covering your maximum requirements and is within your budget, it must be value for money.

Page Speed

Due to the fast pace of life, no one wants to wait to open a webpage.

If your site will open slowly, you might lose a huge number of potential readers in a while.

With the purpose of preventing your site from this unforeseen situation, you must check what page loading speed you will get from your host.

Server Uptime

Server Uptime is a key factor while selecting any hosting service provider.

Most of the hosts commit to providing up to 99.9% server uptime which means, your site will never go down if you are purchasing a hosting plan from a reputed seller.

Customer Support

You never know when any technical glitches will occur on your site.

So to troubleshoot the problems, you need a technical expert.

That’s why, before buying any WordPress hosting plans, you must read the user’s reviews about the customer support experience of your selected host.

Competitive Price

Every hosting seller is trying hard to minimize their plan’s tariff by compromising with the features to dominate the market.

So, you must be wise at the time of selecting the best WordPress hosting for your site.

You can check and compare the hosting plans and finally go with those who are offering you an affordable and reliable hosting service.

Types of WordPress Hosting Plans

Generally, there are 3 levels of WordPress hosting plans commonly you will find on the internet.

It contains basic plans, premium plans, and business plans.

Whereas the basic plan will allow you to host a single domain only.

The other plan can give you the limitation of hosting around 100 WordPress websites and the business plan may be custom or for managing a huge number of domains over the WP web server.

Please note, you may find it with other plan’s names on different sites.

What are the best WP Hosting Plans Recommended Officially?

WordPress community recommend hosting your WP site on any of the below given 3 web servers;

  1. Bluehost
  2. Dreamhost
  3. SiteGround

However, it never means that other hosting providers are the worst. See the list of other WP hosting service providers below along with their prices.

Top 14 Best WordPress Hosting Plans for Beginners – Short by Price

SNWordPress Hosting for BeginnersBasic Plans for 1 WP Site
11A2 Hosting$5.99
14WP Engine$25

A Few Common features of WP Hosting Plans

  • There are limitations of allowed Web Space.
  • Few websites can give you Unmetered Data Transfer whereas others will limit it.
  • Few hosts give Free SSH, SSL Certificate & CDN facility whereas others will not.
  • Based on the offer, you may or may not get a Free Domain Name for a Year.
  • Few WordPress Hosting providers allow you to create free E-mail Accounts.
  • Some WP hosts will give SSD Storage whereas another will give HDD storage space.
  • There are also some limitations on creating several Databases.
  • CPU & RAM Power may vary from company to company
  • With the basic WP plan, you will get a limit on visits per month
  • A few WP hosting providers allow you to Free Trial their plans or you can get a Money-Back Guarantee scheme.
  • Some hosts allow you to automatically take WP website backup otherwise you will need to take a manual backup.
  • Many WP hosts give Unlimited Bandwidth whereas others will not.
  • Having Multiple Data Centers will be an addon for your website traffic.

Who provides the fastest hosting for WordPress?

SiteGround and InMotion hosting promise to provide 100% server uptime. However, another two i.e. WP Engine & DreamHost promise to give up to 99.97% server uptime.

What are the 3 best WordPress hosting companies in India?

You can go with Hostinger, Bluehost, or BigRock to get the best WordPress Hosting in India.

Who are the best WordPress hosting providers in the USA?

Bluehost, WP Engine, SiteGround, and Hostinger are the best WordPress Hosting Providers in the USA

Who are the best WP hosting service providers in the UK

Bluehost, 123 Reg, 1& 1 IONOS, SiteGround & GoDaddy are the most reliable WordPress hosting service providers in the UK

What are the best hosting companies in Canada for WordPress

Web Hosting Canada, SiteGround, Host Papa, GreenGeeks & A2 Hosting are the top 5 best WordPress Hosting Service Providers in Canada

Can I Change My WP Hosting Later?

Yes, you can change your hosting plan anytime just by making a bit of technical configuration inside the required panel.
You can jump to shared or VPS hosting from WordPress or vice-versa without losing any traffic or data, provided that you are following the process carefully.

Which Data Center should I choose to host My WordPress Website?

Nowadays, almost every host is trying to create a web server room in maximum countries.
However, a few have already spread their wings around the world whereas some are just developing the infrastructure.
In your case, you can check for the data center available for your chosen host.
If you found their web server is available in your country or the country where you want to target your audience, you can go with that host.
The nearest data center will help you to serve the fastest page load time to your users.

Where to get free WordPress Hosting for Beginners?

At the starting of your WP learning process, you can go to and create an account.
Then choose the available free WP web hosting and then create your site.
But remember, the free plan will not give you enough flexibility to customize the website as you want.

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