WordPress Backup Plugin Updraftplus Review

As being the highest-ranking and most trusted backup plugin here we need to give clear details on every point of this plugin. Okay at first I think we need to know about the uses of such backup plugins in our wordpress site.

Due to various reason, we need to take the backup of our data and again need to restore. In fact, it’s one of the lazy processes with the risk of losing some important data in this process. For this reason, I recommend you to go for such backup plugins.

Updraftplus wordpress plugin is free as well as a premium backup plugin that’s freely available to install on your wordpress site. Happily, this plugin is downloaded 3M+ by wordpress users.

Personally, I got this plugin as simple and easy than I used to expect after reading the reviews on the web platforms. Basically, this plugin backup your data which either you can download or save on your online cloud.

WordPress Backup Plugin Updraftplus Review: Features, Pros, Cons, Price and Many More

If you are a smart blogger then you must follow the rules of taking the time to time backup of your site. So, to get a backup of your site is really a good point for future reference. Also, I got it helps to improve and maintain the proper security to your site too.

As my personal expectation, taking backup of your site makes you live happily by safeguarding your data. If you are a serious blogger then I think there is no need to explain more on it.

Anyway, among the crowd of many premia and free best wordpress backup plugin, Updraftplus Pro holds the highest position as my personal research and review after use. Check complete review, pros, cons, backup process, restore process and all of it.

Features of Updraftplus WordPress Plugin

Let’s come to the features updraft backup wordpress plugin to know why it is better than others.

Free Features

  • Updraftplus helps in easy backup and restore of your wordpress site data without corruption and errors.
  • This plugin lets you auto download your backup data with a direct store of the same data to different clouds.
  • It is easy to get the time to time backup of your wordpress site with its automatic backup features.
  • These free features also include the restoration of backup files. It can restore the backup files to your site easily.
  • Updraftplus features fast and secure plugin for data management
  • It is free to use, it can be used for free from the wordpress org site.

Premium Features

  • This plugin also features you to take the backup of non WordPress (WP) files.
  • Its premium features website cloning. It means this plugin helps in duplicating your website easily.
  • Compatibility, the premium version is fully compatible with multi-networking and multisite.
  • Multiple drives for storing the backup files. We can find many options and store them to protect the backup data.
  • Full-time support is also the features of the premium version.

WordPress Backup Plugin Updraftplus: Pros and Cons

Well, there is no more difference than I got in its features and pros. Anyway, I have filtered the good points from the above features to make it as pros of this plugin. Also, I have included some more unmentioned good features in this pros point and vice versa.


  • Automatic and Incremental backup of your wordpress site data.
  • It’s advanced reporting with a full data encryption process is a highly positive point.
  • It features storing the backup directly to the different cloud for future reference.
  • Superfast plugin for storing the data and non-WP files too.
  • Updraft clone helps to make the duplicate of your wordpress site in easy steps.
  • Updraftplus premium helps in translating your wordpress site language. It’s really easy to meet your every language visitors.
  • Updraftplus wordpress plugin is user-friendly. You can use this plugin to backup and restore the data in easy steps, there is no need for technical skills.
  • It’s one of the trusted and flexible backup solutions for every size of bloggers.


  • Updraftplus wordpress backup plugin is not a completely free plugin.
  • Limited features on a free license may not able to make your site healthy.

Updraftplus Installation Process

The first step that you need to follow is to install updraftplus wordpress backup plugin. Check these steps,

The method I (Recommend)

  • Go to your WordPress site Dashboard.
  • Click on the options bar and then Plugins.
  • From the Plugins section click on Add New to add a new plugin.
  • Type ‘updraftplus’ on the search box and find the plugin.
  • Click on Install to install this plugin.
  • Now click on Activate.
  • Finally Done.

This is one of the simple and most used methods to install any plugins from your wordpress dashboard. Sometimes all the plugins may not available in the wordpress store.

For third-party plugins or as an alternative option you can follow this Method II.

Method II

Download the Plugin and save it to your device drivers.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard>Plugins>Add New path.
  • Click on Upload Plugin choose the file from the downloaded location and upload it.
  • Wait for few moments, active it.
  • Finally Done.

Configuring Updraftplus WordPress Plugin

After installing and before taking backup of your wordpress data we need to configure all the settings of this plugin. Don’t worry it’s simple to configure.

  • Go to the Settings>UpdraftPlus Backups path to configure all the settings before backup.
  • From the Updraftplus Page, you need to click on the Settings option.
  • Now choose the File backup schedule and set it as per your need. For example, if you used to publish the post at least per day then it is better to select the Daily.
  • In terms of the Database backup schedule, you need to choose Daily.
  • At last, it’s time to choose your remote storage. Here you have to choose the best cloud to store your backup files safely.

Note: we recommend you choose another location to save your backup files. It means not the same location (it’s updraftplus vault, personal expectation) where you have saved the site. In its premium, we can find multiple clouds to store the data. So, choose the best.

  • After choosing any of the drives you have to configure and Save Changes.
Steps to Configure the Drive for Backup

For reference, we are using Google Drive to store the backup files. Check this,

  • Choose Google Drive from the Option and scroll down.
  • On the Email option, you have to check the box (tick the box) and change the email as per your need.
  • To change the email address you have to click on your site’s admin address marked with blue lines.
  • Before redirecting you to the new page it will ask you to Leave or Cancel in Popup. Click on Leave.
  • It will redirect you to the General Settings of your site. Scroll down and find the Administration Email Address. Change the desire email/ Gmail address where you want to store the backup in its drive.
  • Scroll down and click on Save Changes.
  • Go to your Gmail box and check the mail from WordPress (if not found, check on spam), click on the confirmation link.
  • Again go to the Updraft plus>Settings and choose Google Drive, Scroll Down and check the Email.
  • Finally, Click on Save Changes.

How to Backup & Restore WordPress with Updraftplus?

Before starting this article I have clearly mentioned the basic importance of taking backup of your site. Well, taking backup is one of the useful steps for me. Also, I think all the site owner must aware of this.

As we all know the hackers are more active with the rapid changes in technology. So, this may be the fundamental reason to make our site secure and safe ourselves.

Also, if you are not willing to bear the loss of your data due to some issue on hosting, termination of your hosting plan or by the simple unsudden mistake. Then I personally recommend all the site owner to take them at least a weekly backup of their site.

You may know that your wordpress site is fully managed with a database, themes, uploaded files like post, images, and themes. So, to make safe all of this we need to take backup.

To take backup of these all data we must need to have good and best wordpress backup plugin. Right now, we are with the updraft plus backup plugin. It’s one of the trusted, safe, fast and easy backup plugins.

Updraftplus WordPress Backup Process – Manual

After configuring all the above steps Updraftplus backup wordpress creates an auto backup and storing of the data to the cloud storage. Although the above process helps to auto backup as per the set we have an option for manul backup too.

Here we are using updraftplus wordpress backup plugin for creating the manual backup of our wordpress site data. Check these steps carefully for the manual process.

  • Go to the Settings>UpdraftPLus Backups path and then choose the Backup Now option from the Backup/ Restore.
  • In Pop-up it will ask you to choose the database that you need to backup. Choose all of them or as you need.
  • After that click on the Backup Now option. Wait until the backup process complete.
  • Finally Done.

Restore Backup with Updraftplus Plugin

After creating the backup files of your wordpress data let me explain the process to restore that data when required. Well, restoring is the process of reuploading all the site database after losing the whole data due to various reason.

This is the reason we may need to have restored the data. Well, if you are migrating your site to a new hosting company, or thinking to continue the same site after uncertain deletion of the data from Cpanel then it’s the best way to restore. That’s why we recommend you to keep on performing at least a weekly backup of your site data.

Blocking of the domain, termination of hosting, deletion of the data from cPanel, Hacker Hunt, etc. Are the major reason that makes you restore the backup data. Check the step to restore the backup with the WordPress backup plugin updraftplus.

  • Go to your Site Dashboard>Pugins, install and activate the plugin ( if not activated).
  • Go to the Restore page, for that go to the Dashboard of wordpress go to the Settings>UpdraftPlus Backup path.
  • After that click on the Restore option.
  • Upload the backup files from your device, click on “Upload backup files”. If you haven’t saved it on your device then go to the driver store where you have to locate it at the time of configuring. In term of us, we have placed the Google Drive. So, we can find the downloadable file on google drive allocated with that Gmail.
  • Click on Restore & Save changes.
  • Finally Done.

It’s one of the simple steps to restore your wordpress site data. Besides this you have still an option to restore the backup from other methods, it’s cloud drive.

For that, you need to configure the cloud settings as above “Steps to Configure the Drive for Backup” topic mentioned above. After that click on “Rescan remote storage” and find the latest backup data to restore.

Updraftplus Pricing

Updraftplus wordpress is the most used plugins for creating a backup and restoring the backup files in the wordpress platform. It’s great to see such plugins that really make it easy to complete the process in an easy and secure way.

If we check the latest downloads then we can find more than 3Million active installation of this plugin for backup purpose. When we talk about its cost then we can find it for free for the normal task.

Although the free plugin is responsible for the backup and restoring we miss tons of pro features that we need to make easier while processing the site.

It’s worry-free storage for backup, data encryption, language translation, cloning the site, WP-CLI, backup of non-Wp files, etc. Are premium features. Sadly, we miss all of this in its free plan. That’s why I also recommend you to go for the premium plan. It’s not expensive.

The updraftplus pro plugin price starts from $70 per year. After paying $70 you are able to unlock all the restrictions on features from Updraftplus. Let me know, the premium plan of this plugin is reasonable as compared to other alternatives like BackupBuddy, BlogVault, VaultPress, etc.

Price: $70/year Personal Single Site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)ALTE

What is the best backup plugin for WordPress?

Besides updraftplus pro, we can find many other best plugins for creating the backup of our site. BackupBuddy, BlogVault, VaultPress, etc. Are other best backup plugin for wordpress.

Does Updraftplus perform a daily automatic backup?

Updraftplus wordpress plugin helps you to perform automatic backup of your site in a scheduled way. You can set the backup interval either it’s after every 4 hours, 6 hours, every day, weekly, etc. as your need.

How do I use the UpdraftPlus backup plugin in WordPress?

To use this backup plugin in your wordpress site you need to install it from the wordpress plugin section. Just go to the add new plugin, install and active it to use.

Is UpdraftPlus free?

Updraft is one of the free as well as premium plugin for wordpress. We can use this plugin for free as well with limited features. In another hand, we have its premium version for full access to the features.

Is UpdraftPlus premium worth?

Updraft premium is fully packed with top-level features. In this plan, we can able to get worry-free access to the cloud drive for storing the backup data.

Also, its easy cloning features and advanced encryption in terms of security make it worth it for every wordpress owner.

Is Updraftplus Safe?

Updraftplus wordpress is one of the most downloaded backup plugins by wordpress users. Also, we can find enough positive reviews about this plugin. Overall, it’s a safe plugin to use for backup purpose.

Final Words

From the long list of the best wordpress plugin for backup, we have taken updraftplus wordpress as the best. The main reason behind choosing it as the best backup plugin from our site is due to its features, and reasonable price.

As per my personal review, I want to claim it as the best. At first, it’s one of the most downloaded backup plugins for wordpress. Similarly, it’s advanced reporting with full data encryption features make sure to protect your backup data.

The backup process is one of the best ways to save the database of our site for future reference. It’s one of the healthy steps to safeguard our data that can be restored again after losing.

The main reason to complete this article on the complete tutorial for wordpress backup plugin updratfplus is to recommend you the best product. Before going, we recommend you to go for the premium plan for better and worryfree services.

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