Why You Should Use Sitecountry Cloud Hosting in 2021

Sitecountry Cloud HostingWhat is Cloud hosting: When it comes to hosting many options may come into the minds of any individual namely shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

In the present era, it’s really not worth it to use Shared hosting or VPS for hosting your next project.

It’s the Cloud age and cloud hosting is gaining popularity more than any other server alternatives.

Whether it’s running code securely or running the web applications faster; the cloud will never disappoint you.

What differentiates cloud hosting from other hosting is the Uptime guarantee attached with it and the extremely high availability of resources.

In cloud hosting, if any one server goes down then the next server picks up the routine and starts working on the node thus ensuring the website hosted on the respective cloud environment is 100% up.
Additionally using Enhancements like Load-balancers on your cloud instances certainly reduces the failure rates of the application.

Types of Cloud Hosting Providers

Now we have discussed cloud hosting let’s discuss cloud providers.

There are two types of cloud providers namely Unmanaged Cloud providers and Managed cloud providers.

Managed cloud providers are most suited for most of us and developers, Small businesses, and Medium Enterprises while Unmanaged cloud providers are suited for Large enterprises that have the capability to maintain and constantly perform the maintenance of the server.

In Unmanaged Hosting providers we have Amazon Web services on Top (50%+ market share) followed by Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode, Alibaba Cloud, Azure, and many more; not necessarily in order.

However when it comes to managed cloud hosting then we have a limited that options that provide quality hosting at a good price. When it comes to Managed cloud providers One can trust Companies like Sitecountry (100% cloud), Siteground (Partially Cloud) , Cloudways (100% cloud) , etc.

Sitecountry Cloud Hosting

However, my recommendations to everyone would be to go with Sitecountry if you really want To test drive cloud hosting.

In this blog, I shall be comparing site country with other cloud hosting providers on the parameters that matter most to any user.


Before buying any services online what mid-sized businesses consider is the pricing the commodity is being available to the end-user.

When it comes to Pricing then Sitecountry is a clear winner with no competition. Site country cloud hosting plans starts from just $0.75 a month.

Yeah! You read that right. Sitecountry’s cloud hosting plan costs 1/1000 the price of your coffee.

Never think that site country would be providing you a Hosting with A low quality.

Site country is an extremely premium cloud hosting provider and uses only and only Amazon Webservices to power its cloud infrastructure.

Yes, that’s what makes it unique and that’s the reason I am extremely impressed with Site country.

While other companies’ plans for example Siteground’s Plan start from Prices like $40-50 a month and Cloudways plans to start from $10/mo for the digital ocean and up to $30/mo for  AWS server; Sitecountry is a clear winner.

Winner in Pricing: Sitecountry


The next thing that web-owners consider for their website is none other than the website speed.

Everybody likes a fast website and from the new Google’s Page-eX policy The demand for high speed has been drastically increased.

This field has extreme competition as all the three providers have a very Drastically high level of Speeds.

However, the Main competition resides between Sitecountry and Siteground the two similarly sounding Names with different goals, aims, and target audiences.

While Siteground has closed its services in India recently owing to the losses it was incurring in India, Sitecountry’s main target audience seems to be from India.

We aren’t considering cloudways in the spotlight since each server has its own configurations(there is too much confusion and complexity in Cloudways owing to a huge choice).

To conclude For this aspect I personally performed a Speed test on Sitecountry’s Free trial account Vs Siteground Starter Plan.

I did the tests from Mumbai (India) location and the results were extremely astonishing.
Honestly writing that Sitecountry’s Free trial account over-performed Siteground.

The average ping for my domain hosted on Siteground from Mumbai India was 189ms while in the case of Sitecountry it was just 2ms.

The main reason for this result is the fact that the site country has the power of AWS’s global network and has its server everywhere wherever AWS exists.

Thus site country must have a cloud server in India as well while Siteground Doesn’t have the same advantage

Winner in the Speed aspect: Siteground and Sitecountry


Now, having discussed speed let’s dive into the Performance aspect for site country.

You must note that site country does take performance and has the ability to handle the load better than Siteground when compared on the same product price level.

In this aspect What competes with Sitecountry is Cloudways.

Cloudways has A robust load handling capacity that competes and is sometimes even better than Site country.
However, As discussed earlier the minimum price for Cloudways is $10 a month while at Sitecountry if you pay the same price and get yourself a frequency cloud hosting plan you can handle even more load at the same price.

This blog is not biased and has been written after experimental testing done on the hosting providers. I am sharing the true experience from what I experienced.

Along with the higher load handling, with site country, you will also get the capacity to handle high peak traffic in real-time.

This is what differentiates Sitecountry from Other cloud providers drastically and that’s the reason why I haven’t included any Bubbled companies like Hostinger which offer attractive prices but come to knees when it comes to handling high traffic.

Clear winner: Sitecountry

4. Support :

This is the area that matters as important as Others and is generally neglected by some users.

Among all the cloud providers Siteground is supposed to have the best support experience followed by Cloudways and Site country.

Site country is a relatively budding company with a small support team while the former ones are internationally focussed Webhosting companies.

While taking support from Sitecountry the average response time for Public cloud was around 5 minutes while for Frequency cloud it was 2 minutes( Quite competitive though).

Site country needs some improvements on Support features and in support, Siteground is currently able to overtake Site country.

However, this blog will be updated regularly and I will keep you notified whenever site country improves their support services.

Winner: Siteground

5. Datacenter location

Serving your content from the data center that is nearest to your target audience decreases your loading time and has a very good effect on your website’s page experience and thus directly affects your website SEO and organic ranking.

In terms of Datacenter, Locations Siteground is lagging behind Sitecountry and Cloudways.

Siteground has very few data centers while Cloudways and Sitecountry have more than 14.

Again inlining with the pricing Sitecountry defeats the Other cloud providers easily.

Winner: Sitecountry


In this blog, I tried my best to compare Siteground, Sitecountry, and Cloudways.
I compared and tested each service without writing the blog.

If your requirement is Good and flexible pricing with Friendly features and extremely cooperative support then you should blindly go with site country.

However, if you can deal with the complexities and burdens of server management (not hyper but minute-level server management is needed), then Cloudways might be good for you.

I am always  open to suggestions so let me know what you think about my article
an help me improve it.

Thanks for reading!

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