Website Hosting Guide For Beginners, Especially for WordPress

Website Hosting Guide For Beginners: A website is a kind of online presence where you showcase your business profile. And to store all the information or data on your site, you need to buy an online space so that anyone over the internet, can access your website. Purchasing the required space on the internet is called Hosting.

If you are a beginner and learning how to create a WordPress website, you must know about the best web hosting for WordPress. Here at WordPress Tiger, you will get in-depth knowledge about several web Hosting plans along with all the Hosting FAQs.

Website Hosting Guide For Beginners

Creating a website is not as much as hard you seem, one need to just focus on the fundamentals of the core process and related aspects.

So far it seems harder to project a new website when you are a beginner, but a proper guidance and mentorship enable you to create the website in the easiest way and share the journey until the success.

How does Website Hosting Works?

When you design a website on your local computer and want to make it public so that people can access it from anywhere in the world. In that case, you need to host your website on a web server.

Website Hosting Guide For Beginners - WPTiger

A web server is a mechanism or a tool that accepts the user’s request for a particular web address and then provides the available information based on that and this process can only be completed with the help of hosting services.

In a nutshell, the hosts put their investments into creating a globally accessible web server house.

It consists of a hard disk, RAM, motherboard, and other equipment that you use to operate a computer.

Now, through the web hosting services, the hosts rent out those physical servers to the needful customers by charging different amounts based on the required space on their web server.

Types of Hosting Services?

There are mainly five types of hosting services provided by the companies:

Shared Hosting

As its name says, it is the place on a web server that is rented out to several users. Let’s understand with an easy example.

Suppose there is a computer-created with a good configuration. And inside that, there are several drives whereas each drive may contain several folders.

So, a folder inside a drive out of all the available space on the computer is known as shared hosting. Means, several people are paying to get folders on rent inside a drive.

Likewise, on a web server, the hosts are renting out small space on a single computer or server to multiple users under the shared hosting plan.

Who should go with Shared Hosting Plans?

If you are a beginner in website development or want to do some experiments by creating a new website, then nothing would be a better option than a shared hosting plan.

Due to the capability of handling limited traffic to your site, Shared Hosting may take time to load a website or you can face server down issues.

VPS Hosting

Concerning the above-given example, VPS hosting is like buying a separate drive on a server.

However, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is also a kind of shared hosting but you get a huge space along with the entire required configuration to keep running your site around the clock.

Unlike shared hosting, you can purchase the VPS hosting plan to manage your small to medium-sized website.

As the hosts will allocate a separate space to you, there won’t be any limitation of managing high traffic on a website.

Who should go with VPS Hosting Plans?

If you want to buy a bit secured hosting plan then VPS would be the best option.

Also, if you have already an existing website and you are getting enough monthly traffic, then you can plan to move for VPS.

Because you get a lot of resources, it will make your website faster and give a better user experience to your audience.

Dedicated Server/ Hosting

In a simple line, a Dedicated Server is a kind of hiring a physical web server on rent.

It gives full flexibility to customize the server and other settings as per your requirements.

However, as the hosts allocate you an entire physical server, so obviously the charge would be a bit higher than any other type of hosting plan.

Who should go with Dedicated Hosting Plans?

Big companies or website owners who are getting millions of traffic to their site, mostly use Dedicated hosting.

It also gives them more security and flexibility to make the changes and share the data at their convenience.

WordPress Hosting

Nowadays, due to increasing the demand for WordPress web development, the hosting companies are providing a separate hosting plan to live the WordPress websites over the internet.

WP hosting plans are embedded in all the essential WordPress features like one-click WP installation, website builder tools, themes & plugin collections.

Who should go with WordPress Hosting Plans?

If you are a beginner and started to learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch, you can go with a dedicated WordPress hosting plan.

Also, if you are starting your blogging journey and learning side by side, then it is better to start with minimum investment in hosting.

So, WP hosting is best to manage small traffic or newly created website.

Cloud Hosting

As the technology is continuously upgrading itself, cloud storage has been taken the place to safely store all your important files and website data.

So, Cloud Hosting is also the part of making your site live over the cloud that gives the features of almost zero server downtime.

Cloud Hosting makes copies of your website on several storage devices.

In this way, when a person is requesting your web address, it fetches the data from the nearest stored server and then provides information to the user.

Likewise, Cloud Storage gives more security from losing your site data; also helps you to increase the performance of your site SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Who should go with Cloud Hosting Plans?

If you do not want to take the risk of downtime on your website, then you must prefer to host your site on the cloud.

Also, it gives a super-fast page loading time that is good for your users and search engine bots.

Reseller Hosting

If you want to start a business in reselling the hosting plans to your local clients, you can register for reseller hosting.

And then after purchasing the huge space from the parent hosts companies, you can resell the same space to your clients.

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider?

To buy any type of hosting plan, whether it is shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting, you need to take care of a few essential features.

  • They must provide 99% server uptime.
  • The page load speed must not go beyond 3-4 seconds.
  • You must see the number of websites allowed to host.
  • Check the available SSD storage.
  • The hosting plans must provide enough bandwidth.
  • Included SSL certificate would be an added feature.
  • You must check the existing customer’s feedback about the selected hosting provider.

Shared Hosting Plans – Rate Comparison for Single Website Hosting

Most beginners and new bloggers prefer to invest in shared hosting. So, here, we are listing the name of top hosting service providers along with their prices in ascending order.

Please note, the below given monthly price is applied only if you are planning to buy at least a 1-year hosting plan for a single domain.

SNHosting Service ProvidersBasic Plans (Monthly Fee) 1 Site
5Flywheel WP Hosting$13
10WP Engine$25
14Kinsta WP Hosting$30
17A2 Hosting$5.99

Shared Hosting Plans – Rate Comparison for Multiple Website Hosting

All the below given monthly prices of yearly hosting plans allow you to host multiple websites.

A few of them can give you a limit of 30, 50, or 80 domain hosting. However, other plans at the given rate allow you to host up to 100 websites.

SNHosting Service ProvidersBasic Plans (Monthly Fee) for Multiple Sites
6WP Engine$241
7Flywheel WP Hosting$242
15A2 Hosting$7.99
18Kinsta WP Hosting$900

Can I make my website live without hosting ?

Technically yes if you have a super-computer or you want to server for Tor or other dark web search engines. But for a regular site, you need to buy hosting plans from any one of the popular and reliable hosts.

Which country’s give the fastest hosting server?

Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands are the top countries that provide super fast hosting servers

Does bad hosting affect the SEO ranking?

Yes! A bad hosting plan means you are getting slow page load speed, a bad runtime server, and other problems.
That means, your users will be upset when they want to access your site. And SEO is directly proportional to the site responsiveness and the user experience.

What is a WordPress Hosting Cost?

If you are buying WordPress Hosting Plans from a reputed service provider, it will cost you around $15 per year for a single domain.Likewise,you can calculate the required number of WordPress Hosting Sites and can check and compare the available WordPress Hosting Prices on different servers.

What are some Best Free Hosting Plans For a Website?

WordPress .com, Wix,, and Weebly are the top most Free Web Hosting WordPress service providers.

Are there any Free WordPress Hosting Plans?

Yes, if you want to launch your site for learning purposes, you can create it on WordPress .com. It is the Best Free Hosting For WordPress to start your blogging journey.

What are some Best WordPress Hosting Plans?

Hostinger, HostGator, and BlueHost are the most reliable and Best Web Hosting For WordPress that gives up to 99% server uptime, enough storage, and minimum page load time.

What are some Cheap WordPress Hosting Plans?

NameCheap, DomainRacer, Hostinger, Square Space, and FlyWheel could be WordPress hosting plans for small websites.

Will changing my website host affect SEO?

Yes, it can harm your SEO ranking if you are not migrating your website properly. To prevent any kind of traffic loss, first, you need to take the backup of your site and then migrate it with the help of your hosting service provider.

Can I move my website from Bluehost WordPress Hosting to another host?

Yes, you can! Also, you can move your website from any other hosting provider to another and vice versa.

Can I buy a domain from one platform and host it on another one ?

Yes, it is possible! You can purchase your domain at the best deal from any domain registrar and then buy the hosting plans from other hosts. With just a basic configuration, you can finally make your site live without any problem.

Why is web hosting so expensive?

Hosting service providers need to take care of their web server and to do that, they invest a huge amount to keep it safe from any physical or technical damages. Due to that routine maintenance, the hosting plans cost you higher.

What is the best hosting company?

It depends on your budget and requirements. However, the best hosting service provider is one that gives you enough storage space and maximum uptime server for hosting your site. A few names of the best hosting companies worldwide are; HostGator, SiteCountry Hostinger, BlueHost, and GoDaddy.

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