What is Shared Hosting Plans & And How Much does it Cost?

Hosting is such an essential place on the internet and without that, you can’t imagine the existence of your website. Several types of hosting plans you can easily find in the online market but find a good host is a tough task. In this Web hosting guide for beginners, you will get to know all the details about shared hosting plans.

Before going with the best web hosting for beginners, it is important to know all the pros, cons, and other factors for you related to a shared hosting service.

If you do not know anything about Web hosting, or want to know in-depth details about Web Hosting Types, Price & other things, then read our Best Website Hosting For Beginners guide. It will clear all the basic concepts about hosting services.

What is Shared Hosting Plans & And How Much does it Cost?

What Is Linux Shared Hosting ?

Linux is an open-source operating system and the programs embedded inside the shared hosting plans are compatible with this OS. That’s why a cPanel of the Linux-based hosting gives user-friendly navigation to manage all of your website-related tasks inside

Linux hosting is compatible with MySQL, Perl & PHP that can easily support the scripting languages like phpBB, WP, Zen Cart & more.

Due to the simplicity and flexibility, people prefer to purchase Linux Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting

What Is Windows Shared Hosting ?

When a physical server is using the Windows Operating System to perform the webserver tasks, it is known as Windows Hosting. Since Windows is compatible with Microsoft’s software only like MS SQL, .NET, ASP & more, it is a bit complicated for users to understand the navigation panel and all with Windows Shared Hosting Plans.

So, when you are purchasing Windows Hosting under the shared plan, you can call it Windows Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting gives you the power to host any type of custom website whereas, WordPress hosting is only supported to host your WP site. The benefit of using WP hosting is, you do not need to additionally install WordPress setup tool, themes, and other essential plugins. You can build your website by installing the necessary tools in a few clicks only.

Difference between Shared Hosting & VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS hosting is embedded with additional security that does not affect the server speed and your website performance. Most small business owners or medium-traffic websites prefer to go with VPS hosting. On the other hand, as the shared hosting plan is rented out a dedicated web server space to too many users so sometimes, it can affect the speed of your site.

Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

In today’s era, protecting your online data from hackers and malware attacks, you need to create several back-ups. The same thing does Cloud hosting on your behalf, also it speeds up the website page load time due to serving the content from the nearest server of the user’s location.

Several Cloud hosts sell the shared hosting plans at an affordable cost to host your website. You can do basic research and then go with the best-performing hosting company

Can I get free unlimited hosting for my site ?

Yes! Out of these competitive hosting plans, several hosts are providing a free hosting plan for beginners and small websites. With these Free Website Hosting Plans, you might not get the full functionalities but it would be enough to manage your new website to experiment and learn something.

Name Of A Few Free Web Hosting For Beginners ?


Can I create a website without spending any amount ?

Yes, you can! To create your online profile or start blogging, you can with some free website creation platforms like Wix, Blogspot, Weebly, WordPress, and more.

But the disadvantages of Free hosting plans are; you need to carry their subdomain with your selected domain name. And that does not look professional, that is why people go with a custom domain name and paid hosting services.

Advantage Of Shared Hosting Plans

-Cost-effective options for beginners
-Quick and simple configurations
-Not required the knowledge of web server management
-Automatic or manual MySQL database creation
-24*7 Customer support
-Affordable for learning and experiment purpose

Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting Plans

-Due to server loads, your site may crash
-You can experience slow page load time
-You may face, a frequent Server uptime problem
-It is less secure than VPS or other hosting plans
-Limited server resources
-Not safe from hackers
-You are not authorized to install any custom programs on the server
-A limited data storage space on a web server

However, the above-given disadvantages of Shared hosting plans do not apply to all the hosts. If you are buying the plan from a reputed hosting service provider, you can get 99% uptime server response time along with enough storage space and free domains.

Which hosting should I buy for my WordPress website ?

Hosting a WP site by purchasing a reliable shared hosting plan would be the best option if you aren’t expecting huge traffic within a year. The name of a few popular shared hosting providers is GoDaddy, Hostinger, SiteGround, Hostgator & Bluehost.

How much traffic can a shared hosting handle ?

To handle the traffic, your web server used the resources like RAM, cache memory, and other technical things. On average, the best-shared hosting providers can easily handle around 5 thousand traffic every day on your website.

However, the traffic range may vary depends on the weight of your website. If your overall web pages are lighter then fewer resources will be used and can handle more traffic

Why Is Shared Hosting Cheap ?

On a single physical server, the web host companies provide spaces to multiple users. Likewise, their webserver management costs are distributed to several users, and that’s not a burden for anyone. This is why the Shared Hosting Plans are always cheaper than any other type of web hosting plan.

Why Is VPS Better Than Shared Hosting ?

As VPS hosting provides you with a dedicated space on their web hosting server, there is no interruption with other hosting users like you face the problem with shared hosting. For instance, shared hosting for an eCommerce website is not a good choice but the VPS hosting is

Because e-commerce websites have thousands of product pages, that means, it needs more space and resources over the server. And it is possible only with the VPS plans. Likewise, to manage a huge website or a small business over the internet, VPS is the best option to go with

Is WordPress Hosting Free ?

WordPress provides both, free and paid WP hostings. To learn how to create a WP website, you can go with the free hosting plans. However, if you want to give a professional look to your site or want to add too many other features, then you must go with the Paid WP hosting plans.

Why Is My Hosting So Slow ?

The reasons for facing the slow performance of a website is not solely depending on the hosting service provider. But sometimes, it can hamper your site performance and SEO ranking if you have purchased the plan from unknown sources or the cheapest shared hosting plan.

But if you have bought the best hosting plan from an authentic source and still facing slow website speed then you need to optimize your site structure, content, graphics, coding files, and more. It will help you to make your site perform faster.

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