How To Make Money From Blogging

How To Make Money From Blogging-If you have ever sought for the ways with the help of which you can earn money online by doing some simple task and without any headache, you may have come across thousands of ways.

But today we are going to discuss a very popular way to make money online and believe or not this can make you ultimately very rich.

Millions of people are using this way to earn money online and their earning a sufficient amount of money everyday.

If you are wondering about what’s the way and how can you to earn money online just read the posts below and I am pretty sure that by the end of this post you can understand how you can earn money through this way and I will also cover this post in a lucid language that you can understand every point where I am going to discuss about.

So Let’s Start:

To test the power of the process that I am going to discuss now you can search in Google for how to make money online – this term. And for every website you can find this keyword – how to make money with blog to get appeared on one of the first 5 headings. So what’s the way, let’s talk now-

The way we are going to discuss now is called blogging. If you keep up with the news of the internet, if you are a little bit familiar with the internet family you must hear the term blogging.

Now let’s understand what blogging is:

Blogging is the way in which you write some content and viewers read them.

This is the primary definition which makes sense and gives the primary concept of blogging. But if you are not satisfied with the primary definition of blogging and want to listen to the standard definition of Blogging, here is the quoted version of what blogging is from Google.

“Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online.”

If you don’t know much about the internet or if you are in that age of newspapers and magazines, you may understand it in the following way –

We all know that in newspapers or in magazines authors submit their content and if it has been selected as a good content then it is published in the newspaper or inor in the magazine. Blogging isBlogging is pretty much similar to this.

Just like writing in magazines / newspapers in Blogging you have to write on anything.

Blogging is spreading and in future it will spread more.

Now that you have understood what blogging is, you may ask yourself what are the topics to start blogging.

What Are The Topic To Start Blogging With:-

There are many topics on which you can write on a blog. If you have found any topic that you like you can start blogging with it.

I always recommend you to start blogging with the topic that you like the most. It may be a topic which is not that much popular among people in your area or in your country.

But there are many people across the globe who love that very topic and you can start blogging on that particular topic.

No topic is bad in blogging because the topic that is popular now was very unpopular at the time.

For an example, once upon a time how to start blogging for topics related to blogging was very unpopular but the demand on these types of queries has grown eventually and how to start blogging or topics related to blogging is very popular now and millions of people are writing their blog on this topic and they are earning a lot of rupees from it.

There was a time when cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ethereum was very unpopular but people who had written about those topics at that time and had written really good and valuable contents on those topics have grown much popular in that and this content alone has made them very popular in that very particular field.

It has also happened that people start writing on a particular topic,  though has been writing or working on a different topic, but whenever the topic, in which they have recently started working, becomes popular, they even leaves the topics in which they were writing in for years.

And as blogging is growing and every person is getting connected with the internet so the queries are rising and that’s why the questions on different topics are rising.

We were discussing the topics to start blogging, from my words you probably have understood that you can start your blogging journey with any topic but if you still want a small list of the topics that you may use for starting your blogging journey you may choose from the following options.

  1. One of the most popular blogging topics is health and fitness. Nowadays everyone is concerned about his / her health. And that’s why this topic is very popular. You can write articles on how to stay healthy or on the ways to stay healthy or anything you wish related to health and fitness.
  1. Another popular topic of blogging is how to. It maybe a commonly and popularly used phrase but there are still some chances that you may not know exactly how to do is. Let me tell you that how to blog is the blogger which lets you tell the ways to do something. Basically it may be based on a particular topic like the very post you are reading now – how to make money from blogging.

Things To make Sure Before You Write A Blog Post On Any Topic:

But always make sure that you have enough knowledge about the topic and about related things before you start writing on that very topic. Because without knowledge you cannot properly write any article.

If you don’t have any proper knowledge about that will topic but still someone is forcing you to write contents on the topic or to get it a huge amount of money from blogging you are are convinced to write on this topic, the articles that you will write in your blog will not be helpful at all and if you continue to solve the wrong information to your readers your readers will turn away from your blog, they will never visit your blog and you will end up by losing all the viewers just for the the false promise that one has made regarding that you can make much money on writing for that topic.

An Example Which Describes How Dangerous It Can Be If You Are Right On Topics That You Are Not Familiar With:

For example, if you want to write on health and fitness topics, you must gain knowledge about medicines and stuff like that. If you are studying biology or if you are a medical student your formal education will help you a great deal in this case.

Suppose you have written an article on what to do when you feel stress – in this article you have to mention the name of some medicines that can be taken when someone feels stress.

Now this is the field where you must provide the original and true information if you don’t have any prior knowledge to to the medicines it will be immensely dangerous.

What To Do If I Still Want To Write On The Topics In Which I Don’t Have Any Knowledge:

If you still want to write on a topic that you are not familiar with you must research on the topic all through the internet, you me watch youtube videos or you may even read what others have written on their website

You may even ask someone who is an expert on that topic which will make your article full of informations that are really valuable to the visitors.

Blogging is a very popular thing to do and you can do it on your own will – there is no person in the world to force you to write content on their wish.

In your blog you are the creator, you are the manager and you are the founder and CEO of your blog. Just think about it, what can be more satisfying than these kinds of jobs?

Platforms For Blogging:

We were discussing the best topics to choose for blogging. I think you have a clear idea about the topics that you can choose to blog about. It’s time to you about the platforms for blogging.

Whenever you want to perform any action you must know about the platforms that support the action. In one previous post we have discussed how to make money from Youtube, in that post we discussed that you can earn money from Youtube by uploading videos on YouTube. 

So YouTube what’s the platform where you can upload videos and earn money from it. Similar to this to earn money from blogging you meet to publish your blog on a certain platform. There are 2 most popular blogging platform which every flower use to publish their blog :

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress


Blogger is a very old platform for blogging. The best fact about blogger is that blogger is owned by Google and it is fully managed by Google.

Blogger first came to the internet in the year 2003 and it has been widely used since then (it was initially released in the year 1999).

Most of the new, intermediates or even advanced bloggers choose blogger as their primary blogging platform.

There are many reasons why people choose bloggers as their primary blogging platform.

The first reason is that blogging is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any money to make your blog on blogger. This makes it even acceptable for new bloggers do to start their journey without any investment.

The second reason for choosing blogger as their primary default platform is that blogger is very easy to use. No matter whether you are new blogger or a blogger who has been blogging for years, everyone can use blogger.

Setting up your blog in blogger is very easy compared to any other service or platform.

Blogger do not have any complicated settings that a new user cannot understand.

This birthday wishes for which blogger is very popular among all the users.


What is one of the most used platforms to build various types of websites including blogs.

To create a website or blog in WordPress you don’t need any special investment. But to make your blog life on the internet and make it accessible for billions of user across the internet you have to invest a  little bit of money.

There are two types of things that you have to purchase if you want to make your website live on the internet.

The first one is called Domain.

Now you may ask what a domain is ?

Is the primary concept of domain –

Basically, domain means any property. As we are talking about things on internet so the domain hair must be related to any property that is available on the internet. We all know that to access Google in any web browser we have to go to This is the link of Google. To access YouTube we have to go to to access Facebook we have to go to

All this are called domains. Adore meaning which is open referred to as link or URL in various places is a property on the internet which tells you that this link or URL is owned by someone.

In our case of Google,  YouTube and Facebook – those domains those domains property of Google YouTube and Facebook respectively.

If any user anywhere in the internet types those appointments and urls then he or she will go to the particular web page.

It is much similar to the address of our house that we used to write on the letters. The addresses were the location where the  letters had to go.

Doing is basically the address of any page on the internet.

So to live your web page on the internet you have to buy a domain.

There are plenty of types of domains found on the internet because of its suffix.

You have obviously the name of .com, .in,

All the aforementioned words are the types of domains.

The most popular domain of them which ends with .com. However, .in is also popular. But the price of the .com domain is higher than .in.

We don’t want to give into the subject anymore. As this is the article we shall discuss about ways to earn money online we are stopping in the matter here.

The second thing that you will need to have to live your website and earn money from it is hosting.

Simple question that will come to your mind is what hosting is?

A hosting is a place where all the data of your website is stored. Usually, light mainframe computers which have a lot of power are used for hosting services.

The price of our hosting is higher than the price of a domain. are hosting usually prices times more than a domain.

But one thing that we keep saying in our posts is that, you should never compromise with your hosting.

If you compromise with your hosting power and choose a low price hosting, it may cause great damage to your website.

suppose your website is getting very low page views when it has just been published but there are potentials in your website and your website making a lot of visitors someday.

If you use the low quality hosting that does not have the power to bear the load of thousands and millions of visitors at a time, your website will start to slow and may crash.

If your website gifts crashed someday you will end up losing all the files on your website as well as access to your website in the worst scenario.

Nobody will ever want that and that’s why we always encourage you to choose a posting that is capable enough to a load of at least a thousand visitors at a time.

Now we have understood their different calculators and the power of blogger and WordPress. Now we are going to understand what is better among them is it wordpress or is it blogger?

Blogger V/s WordPress:

  1. As we discussed here in the article, it is totally free of cost to share your post and earn money from it. There is no need to purchase any kind of domain and web hosting for your website on blogger.
  2. As your blogger site is hosted on Google server, there is no fear that your website will crash even if millions of visitors visit your website at a time.
  3. Though you don’t have to purchase any domain at the initial stage of blogging in blogger, but you may need to purchase a custom domain when you are earning a which amount of money from blogger everyday, it is all because the doing that you will get with every blogger website is the sub domain of the blogger and it is not a custom domain. A subdomain is like that you are staying in other people’s house on a rent.
  4. The main feature of wordpress is in its customisation

In WordPress you can customise your website according to your wish and will. If you want you can make a website with different sections in the website including a blog.

What I mean to say is that your website will not be just a simple blog it would be a great website where a lot of queries will be solved.

There are many plugins in WordPress which can be used for mini functionalities. In blogger, there is no type of this plugin. 

But if you have ever used wordpress plugin you will surely understand what is the power of wordpress plugins.

If you want to use more functionalities in your blogger blog you will need a good amount of knowledge in web developing languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Which means you have to learn coding top to bottom to make an excellent website as a blogger.

If you know languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can make your website on your old and you don’t have to use platforms like blogger or wordpress.

Still you must need domain and hosting to make your website live.

Till now we have discussed the very basic things that you must know before you start blogging, now we are going to discuss the main objective of this post, which is – how to make money from blogging.

The process to make money from blogging are are given in a very simple list below :

Running Ads On Your Blog:

Running ads on your blog and generating revenue from it is one of the best ways to make money online with your blog. Currently and in past it has been the greatest way to make money through blogging. In this process, whenever a visitor visits your blog for solving his questions and queries, some ads will be shown to them and if they get interest in the ads or if they merely just watch the ads on the screen you can earn revenue from it.

If they click on the ad it will cause you to gain about 2 – 3 times more revenue.

Get Money From Sponsored Contents:

Making money from sponsored content on your blog is one of the best ways to make money from blog and it is mostly used by every big and popular blogger.

In this process, a company contacts the respective blogger to promote or to sponsor their products or contains or services in his or her blog. If the company makes revenue from the advertisement that they had given in others’ blogs, the company pays the blogger a certain amount of money.

Also many ways with the help of which a blogger can earn money through sponsored content. For more information we encourage you to visit the post – how to make money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

(This is a very big topic and it is so popular that we have already made a separate post for it. Click on the link that follows to visit the post.) 

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

Basically affiliate marketing is the process in which you can earn money by promoting other products at your own will. You can choose any product from popular e-commerce stores such as Amazon and promote it in your Blog by writing something about the products and giving some valuable information. When visitors get attracted by your presentation on your blog, move to purchase the product and successfully purchase a product you will and a certain amount of commission for every purchase that has been made with your link.

Affiliate marketing is a great source of earning money through blogging and it can make you really rich.

Quick tip : If you are making a blog for affiliate marketing, we recommend you not to use Google ads on your webpage as visitors get distracted from the ads and may even run away from your website without making any purchase.

These are the processes with which you can earn money from blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I make money from blogging ?

Yes. You can make money from blogging and millions of people just like you are already making money from it.

How much money I can make from blogging ?

We had already answered it in our previous post that there is no certain amount of money that can be earned from blogging. You can earn as much money as you want from blogging and no one is to forbid you.

Can I start blogging for free ?

Yes, you can start blogging without any investment. If you choose Blogger to do blogging, can make your website life and earn money from blogging without purchasing a domain or hosting and without making any kind of investment. Only investment that you have to make is that you have to invest your time to do blogging.
The more time you will invest everyday for blogging the more money you can earn from it.

Which is better, blogger or wordpress ?

Blogger and WordPress, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Blogger is the absolute choice if you are a beginner in your blogging and what is the the choice of you if you are a professional and one to design your website according to your desire.

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