WordPress For Beginners – Perfect Guide On How To Create WordPress Website 2021

How To Create WordPress Website: WordPress is one of the most used website development tools & platforms across the world.Every day, 500+ websites are getting created on the WP platform. If you are also eager to create your blog but don’t know “how to make a WordPress website” then no worries.

Because here, we have described everything in baby steps that you need to know to build a website using WordPress.

You will get in-depth information related to the popularity and reasons to choose WP over any other CMS tools along with the step-by-step guide for WordPress installation and creating a WordPress website for beginners.

So, starting with understanding the popularity of WordPress (WP) and then will move to further information towards building a website using WP.

WordPress Statistics – Why Is WP So Popular?

  • More than 500 websites are being created every day using WordPress.
  • Around 17 blog articles get published around the globe in each second on WordPress.
  • Around 14% of the world’s top websites have been created on WordPress only.
  • WordPress owns more than 60% of the total CMS market shares.
  • There are more than 55 thousand free plugins available on WP Plugin Directory.
  • In a month, around 37 Million searches are being done for the term “WordPress” on several Search Engines.

Benefits Of Learning How To Build A WordPress Website From Scratch

There are many benefits if you learn the skill of developing websites by yourself.

It won’t help you only to create your blogging sites and save the money of website development cost, but also you can build WP websites for others and take your career to a new height.

Let’s See Quick Benefits Of Learning WordPress Web Development By Yourself

  • Learning WordPress website development helps you to experiment with your site to give a fresh look to your users for a certain period.
  • You can save thousands of dollars by asking a developer to create a website for you or to make any small or big changes to an existing site.
  • If you know how to create a website using WordPress, No need to depend on a website developer to regularly update your products, articles, or other information on the site.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by making required changes on your website from the admin panel, anytime.
  • You can easily embed any features without knowing any programming language or coding.
  • Easy to do on-page optimization where you do not need to hire a Search Engine Optimization expert to rank your site on search engines.

Why Should You Choose WordPress As Your Website Platform Over Other Web Development Platforms?

WordPress is an open-source website-building platform that allows you to create a catchy blog or commercial site without even knowing the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database, or other programming languages.

Also, WordPress installation is just a job of clicking a few buttons and you get a live website.

To embed any special features, you only need to install a dedicated plugin and do a quick setup.

No need to write a thousand lines of code to add pop-up, subscription form, animation, or other features.

Another case, where you need to change your website layout after a year or two to give the fresh look to your users.

If you are opting for any programming language like PHP, then you need to hire a professional web developer to redesign your website.

And that almost takes a couple of months to change the look. But WordPress gives you the facility to perform this job in a few clicks only and that even within an hour.

So, isn’t it an amazing, time-saving, and money-saving platform to build a website with WordPress?

What Are The Limitations Of WordPress Website Builders?

I don’t think any other platform than WordPress will give you limitless features to build a stunning website for multiple niches.

My expertise after creating 100s of WordPress websites is, there isn’t any limitation with the WP.

You can experiment with as many plugins and themes as you can.

Also, there are no limitations to installing a WP theme or WP Plugins on several websites.

What Kind Of Websites Can You Create With WP?

The categories might be beyond your imaginations. Yes, it is a fact. Because with WordPress, you can create from a simple portfolio website to a 1000 pages eCommerce site.

A Few Major Niche Websites You Can Create Using WordPress Are;

  • Blogging Site
  • News or Magazine Website
  • Video Gallery Site
  • Membership Registration
  • Directory Submission Site
  • Free or Paid Couple Code Availability site
  • Review Submission Platform
  • Job Listing Website
  • Image Gallery Platform
  • Q&A or Forum Community
  • Your Service or Product Selling Platform
  • A website like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia & more
  • eCommerce Store

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What are the differences

Beginners and professionals are using both platforms to create websites.

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of the WordPress community and they are providing WordPress.com hosting services under the brand name Automattic.

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is a website, featured with tons of free and paid WordPress plugins and themes.

You can also download an open-source WordPress free website development tool where you get the flexibility to design the required blog or eCommerce store as per your desire.

And to use these all things, you need to purchase your domain and hosting services and then either install the WordPress setup from hosting cPanel or do it manually by downloading the WP setup from the WordPress.org website.

That is why this site is also known as a self-hosted WP platform.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is another website offered by the same community where you can create a free website without even buying a separate domain.

If you are looking for; “how to create a free WordPress blog”, then WordPress.com is the best option for you.

But it comes with limited features in the free plan. However, you can buy a dedicated domain name along with WordPress hosting plan to access all the available WP tools and features.

Cons of using Free WordPress.com plan

  1. You cannot create an eCommerce store with free WP plans
  2. A limited number of themes & plugins to explore
  3. With a free WordPress.com plan, you are allowed to store a maximum of 3GB of data.
  4. If there are less than 25K monthly page views, you can’t sell any ads on your site.

Another cons is, you need to carry their domain extension with your chosen domain name. E.g. If you want to create a site on WordPress.com, you can choose your custom domain name like “WordPressTiger” and then after proceeding further, your final domain name would be “wordpresstiger.wordpress.com”.

If you want to remove their subdomain from your URL, you can either purchase your required domain name e.g. “wordpresstiger.com” from any third-party website or you can purchase inside the wordPress.com panel

And then host it with their premium hosting plan and then start creating your website using their allowed tools.

I hope, so far you have got a very clear idea about WordPress. So now, let’s move on to learn “how to create a WordPress website for beginners from scratch”.

Essential Requirements to make a WordPress website

Before starting the journey to build a WP site, you need to get ready with a laptop or computer along with good internet connectivity.

It is better if you can create your website layout on paper and accordingly, you prepare some quality content for that before starting the steps.

This way, you can save a lot of time and make the WP site-building process easy.

Step By Step Quick Process On How To Create WordPress Website

  1. Firstly, purchase a good and memorable Domain Name.
  2. Then buy the best hosting plan that promises to give high server uptime.
  3. Now link your domain and hosting by updating the nameserver in your domain panel and domain name inside your hosting panel.
  4. Be there inside the hosting panel and navigate to WordPress. Click that and install it by selecting your required domain.
  5. You will get a username and password, use that to log in to the WordPress dashboard of your website.
  6. Further, select and Install a required theme based on your business/ blog niche.
  7. Install all the essential Plugins to leverage your blog or site with additional features.
  8. Do all the basic setups including URL structure and plugin setups.
  9. Now create the number of required Pages, Categories, Tags & Posts.
  10. Embed Google Analytics and other tracking codes on your website.
  11. Remove unwanted stuff like additional plugins, themes, images, and more after the final website setup.
  12. That’s all! You can keep updating your site with the latest posts regularly.

Click to know all these steps in detail with a screenshot.

FAQ Related To How To Create WordPress Blog or Website

Is there WordPress for Dummies?

A big No! WP is not created for dummies but helps you to build a DIY website.
WP is one of the most favorite platforms for web development professionals, freelancers, and bloggers.
Because it provides the utmost features of CMS (Content Management System).
To get more clear ideas about why WordPress is so popular, you can read the WP Statistics section, given above in this article.

Is Using WordPress easy for beginners?

Yes, Absolutely! Because it allows you to access tons of free and premium tools to explore your creativity to create a stunning website.

Does WordPress require coding?

Knowing to code like simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript would be an added advantage.
However, if you don’t know any of these things, still you can create a dynamic website with the help of available WP themes and WP Plugins inside

How quickly can I learn WordPress?

It depends on your dedication. However, a beginner can easily learn to make a WordPress website within a day or today.
Provided that, they are following authentic sources to learn

How many hours does it take to build a WordPress website?

If you are a beginner then first you need to spend some time on learning to make a WP website and then based on your learning capability, you can build a website from scratch in a couple of hours.
On the other hand, if you have done your homework like creating content and graphics, and know-how to build a WP website, you can easily finish this job within an hour.

What Is The Best Practice To Start Learning WordPress?

If you want to create a limited number of websites for your personal use only, then it would be better to start learning with a free wordpress.com plan.
Moreover, if you want to create a career in the WordPress website development stream, it would be better to start learning some programming languages like PHP, HTML, JS, etc.
That will help you design customized plugins and themes to meet any requirements.

Are there any disadvantages of using WordPress?

There aren’t any such disadvantages if you are used to the tool.
But sometimes, it may be annoying for you to install a lot of required plugins, update everything frequently and do the technical SEO to your site to minimize page load time.

Is Wix or PHP easier than WordPress?

Creating a website with Wix can be easy if you have in-depth knowledge.
Because compared to WordPress, Wix has a limited resource of flexible plugins and themes.
On the other hand, learning PHP means you must be good at logical thinking and keen interest to play with code.

Why learn HTML when there is WordPress?

As we discussed earlier, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) helps you to customize the code wherever required.
Sometimes, you may experience that a few sections of a selected WordPress theme need to change the design, font size, or other things.
In that case, either you can replace the theme with another one or if you know HTML, you can manage the changes with your skill instead of replacing it entirely.

How much does a WordPress website cost?

The WordPress website development cost depends on various factors. For instance, if you know, “how to build a WordPress website”, your only investment would be in purchasing the domain and hosting. And then you can design the entire site without paying anything to anyone.

But if you do not know how to create a free WordPress website, you need to hire a professional and pay them the development cost along with domain and hosting charges.
In the open market, a website development agency can charge you anywhere between 10K to 3 Lakh INR.

Where can I learn WordPress for free?

There are uncountable sources available on the internet to learn about WordPress website creation without paying a rupee to anyone.
One such platform is wordpresstiger.com where you can learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch.
Other sources are Udemy, YouTube, and hundreds of other blogs that regularly post series of WP website-building tutorials for beginners.


Hope you have learned the basics of how to create a free WordPress blog but this is not enough for you, we keep publishing WP guides for beginners within a simple method to quickly learn WP website development.

So, keep visiting this site and explore other articles to enhance your knowledge for establishing a profitable career in web development.

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