Absolute Beginners Guide On How To Create A WordPress Blog From Scratch 2021 – 2022

WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms to create a responsive website for blogs, eCommerce, portfolios, image galleries, membership platforms, and more. WP is a fully customized and open source website building platform that hardly takes a few hours to make a dynamic website. If you are an absolute beginner and don’t have any ideas about WP, you can check our quick guide on creating a WordPress website and all the basic details.

And here, we are explaining a step-by-step guide on how to make a WordPress website even if you don’t know anything about WP.

How To Create A WordPress Blog From Scratch

In the other blogs or videos, you might come to know the process of blogging after setting up the hosting and domain integration, which might not be completely helpful for all people who are beginners in blogging.

In this article, we are going to show you How To Create A WordPress Blog From Scratch.

Basic Requirements to create stunning WordPress Website

  • To begin the setup, you must be ready with a purchased domain. You can see our beginner’s guide on How to choose & purchase the best domain name.
  • Buy a trustworthy hosting plan that can give you maximum server response time. For more ideas like how and where to buy a domain, you can follow the guidelines given here.
  • Link and Integrate your domain with the hosting server by updating the DNS (Domain Name Server) address inside your domain purchased panel.

That’s enough homework towards starting your journey to installing WordPress inside your website. So, let’s see the further process for learning WordPress site-building in detail.

Baby Steps on how to build a website using WordPress from scratch

To begin the setup, first, you need to install WordPress from your hosting cPanel. And then you need to install themes, plugins, and other required tools to create a free WordPress website. Let’s start with the WordPress Installation inside the hosting panel.

How to start a WordPress website installation?

Step 1: Log in to your hosting panel, choose the preferred domain if in case you have hosted multiple domains, and then go inside the Manage section.

Note: Here we are referring hostinger platform to demonstrate to you. Based on your hosting provider, the navigation might be different.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step2: After going inside, you need to scroll down and then click on Auto Installer. In other hosting providers, sometimes you can directly get the option of WordPress or inside the Softaculous section. So, you can click there.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 3: Now click on the Select option given below WordPress and you will get a popup window.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 4: Do the basic setups thereby providing the required information and then click on the Install button. It will take a few seconds to complete the WordPress installation process and along with that, you can receive an email to login into your WordPress dashboard.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 5: Further, check your mail and click on the login URL that is ending with wp-admin.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 6: Now enter your given user name and password to log in inside the WordPress dashboard.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Now you have successfully learned how to install WordPress like a pro. In the next section, we will learn to install a theme and plugins.

How to install a WordPress theme for Beginners?

WordPress theme is technically a bunch of coding pages that helps to give a beautiful look to your site. A WP theme is another name of your website layout, design, typography, colors, navigations, and all other settings. A chosen free or premium WordPress theme gives an overall look to your blog or eCommerce website.

Now let’s move to understand the technicalities of WP themes and their setup process.

Step 1: By default, you will land into the Dashboard section each time you log in to WordPress. And to install a theme, first, you need to navigate Themes from the Appearance section.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 2: Inside the WP Theme panel, there might be several already installed themes available. But if you want to explore more, then click on the Add New theme button.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 3: Once you go inside, you get several options. If you have already downloaded any WordPress Theme on your local computer, then you can install it followed by the Upload button. However, if you want to do it online, then use the filter options given inside the panel to search for any type of theme.

Once you found a perfect theme that meets your requirements, then click on the install button and then activate the same so that the new design would reflect on your created website.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 4: Now the final step is to replace the dummy contents with your real information inside that installed theme. And to do that, click on the customize button on your active theme.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 5: Finally you will land on the theme editing section. Now explore the options given at the left sidebar and then make the changes one by one. Finally, click on the Publish button to apply all the changes to your WP website.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

How to install the plugin on WordPress for beginners?

A plugin is a kind of small tool that is designed using website programming language to give a ready-to-use solution to add the functionalities you need on a site. There are tons of several plugins available online. Most of them are Free WP Plugins provided by the WordPress community. However, you can also buy and install Premium Plugins on your blog to get some advanced features.

Step 1: To add, remove or update any plugins, first, you need to go inside the plugin section that is featured on the left sidebar. From here, you can see the list of already installed plugins, inactive ones, required updates, and other things. Simply click on the Add New button if you want to install or uploads new plugins.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 2: Inside the panel, you can click on the Upload Plugin option if you have already download the required plugins from other sources. Otherwise, you can search for the relevant ones using the available filters. And then click to Install Now button on whatever plugins you want to use.

Step 3: After installing, it will be added to the plugin list but you need to manually activate it one by one for all the number of plugins you have just installed. To do this job, either you can activate the plugins from the current window, or you can go inside the Installed Plugin section and then activate the required plugins.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

You can read our separate article that is compiled of the list of Essential WordPress Plugins you must install on your WordPress website. If you are facing any problem with the plugin selection for your website, then quickly share your query in the comment section below. We will try to provide you with the best available solutions.

How do I manually install WordPress?

In this guide on how to build a WordPress website from scratch, we are also covering the manual WordPress installation process. If in case you are unable to find the proper navigation for automatic WP installation, then you can follow this manual process to build your site with WordPress.

Step 1: Go to WP official website to download the WordPress installation file. After downloading the WP setup tool, unzip the files into your local computer.

Step 2: Further, you can either upload the unzipped WordPress installation files using third-party file manager tools like FileZilla, WAMP, etc. Or you can directly upload the WP files manually inside the root folder also known as the public_html folder through the hosting control panel.

We are following here the manual process to upload the WP installation file through the hosting panel. And to do that, you need to go inside your domain file manager.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 3: Inside the public_html, you need to upload the unzipped WP installation file. You can also directly upload the Zip file and then extract that here.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 4: Now it is time to create a database file so that every data of your website can be stored in a managed way. To do that, navigate and open MySQL Databases.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 5: A new window will be opened and there you need to assign an SQL database name along with username and other details and then click on the Create button.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 6: In the further step, you need to make some changes to a configuration file. Because by default it is set with other credentials and so you can’t access your site.

To do that, open the wp-config-sample.php file available inside your root folder. First, you need to rename it by removing the word sample. So, the final file name would be wp-config.php. Now right-click on it and choose to edit.

Replace the database name, username, and password with your created one.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Step 7: Finally, you need to run the WP configuration wizard and for that, just open a new browser window and put your domain URL there. Automatically it will fetch the WordPress installation path. Then it will ask you to complete a few basic setups like language, user ID, password, and all. Just complete the essential configuration and you are ready to enjoy your newly created WP website.

Is WordPress free?

Yes, WordPress is a free and open-source site buildup tool.
wordpress.com is a source that provides hosting and website building tools as well, which is free and paid.
You need a custom domain to make your site personal or professional, if you do not have a domain, you can take the subdomain of WordPress and your domain name will be xyz.wordpess.com.
But in the free version, you will be getting very limited access, like you will not be able to insert any html code, image optimization restrictions, and many more restrictions.
If you have a good budget, then you can purchase a plan of wordpress.com in which you will be able to customize your site according to your requirement.
wordpress.org is a CMS (Content Management System) in which you must have your custom domain and hosting.
wordpress.org is an open-source for the site-building and it’s totally free, you can install it free of cost from anywhere and start to build the website according to your imagination.

Can I install WordPress on my local computer and access offline?

Yes, you can access or install all the required WordPress tools on your local computer to access offline. And that is possible with the help of third-party file manager tools like FileZilla, LAMP, WAMP, and others.

What is the installation path for WordPress?

By default, when you install the WP, all the files are saved inside the public_html folder. However, you can change the location by giving another location of the subfolder inside the root path.

What is the 8 most popular free & Responsive WordPress theme?

Twenty Twenty-one, Astra, Divi, NewsMag, ColorMag, OceanWP, Neve, GeneratePress.

What are the differences between WordPress Templates & WordPress Theme?

A template is created to give a design and functionalities to individual pages, categories, tags, and other parts of the website. After creating several WordPress templates, it’s compiled and make a theme that you install inside your WordPress dashboard.

How many templates WordPress theme may contain?

There is no limitation to have several templates inside any WP theme. Based on the category of the themes, like shopping, business, portfolio, and all, there maybe 10 to 15 or hundreds of templates inside.

Where can I get a free WordPress theme?

There are several sources available online to download responsive and stunning themes. However, WordPress.org is the most authentic place to Download Free WordPress Themes & Free WP Plugins.

Where can I ask questions about WordPress?

If you are facing any problem in using themes, plugins, website builders, or other things at WordPress, you can join free WordPress Support forums. You can ask your query there and wait for the solution provided by the other community members around the globe.
Additionally, you can write your query in the comment section below and we can revert you with quick solutions as soon as possible.


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