9 Tips On How To Choose Domain Name For Your Blog ?

Your domain name is the identity of your blog or website, and choosing the right domain name is not an easy task. If you want to start blogging, you need to know everything necessary in the process of how to select a domain name. Here, we are going to tell you how to choose domain name for your blog.

This guide is especially for beginners who are just stepping into online blogging to establish a career through blogging or want to create a website from scratch to bring their business into the digital world.

So, without taking enough time, let’s start knowing what is a domain name, what are popular domain extensions, Tips to choose the best domain name, where to buy a perfect domain, and a lot more things.

What is a Domain Name?

In a layman term, a domain name is a name you give to your online store or site. It can be your brand’s name, your name, service names, or whatever the things you want to publish or update on your website, you can choose a relevant name for your online presence.

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To choose the best name for a site, you have to do a lot of domain name searches, and at the same time, you have to choose a domain name that no one has taken yet.

Later on, this domain name can become a brand in the future, so be conscious and take a wise decision while going to purchase a name for your domain.

What is Domain Extension?

The term after the dot (.) at the end of any website or blog is called Domain Extension. Like wordpresstiger.com here, .com is the domain extension of WordPressTiger Domain Name.

Initially, only 6 domain extensions were created. Like

  1. .com – Commercial Sites
  2. .org – Non-Profit Organization
  3. .net – Networking Technology
  4. .edu – Educational Sites
  5. .gov – Government Sites
  6. .mil – Military Sites

Their use was valid only for certain types of websites. And the rules for their use were very strict. But with time, as new domain extensions came, their rules also relaxed to a great extent.

By the year 2008, 28 different types of domain extensions had arrived, and the number is continuously increasing. Today such extensions have come that it is surprising. Like .tv, agency, club, .io and so on.

Which domain extension should be chosen?

Domain Extension is divided into several parts by the Domain Name System (DNS).

How To Select Domain Name

Top-Level Domain (TLD)

Comes under it like com, .org, .net etc.

Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

Under this, extensions related to a nation or country come such as – .us, .uk, .in, .co, etc.

Sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD)

Under this, extensions related to a community or community come such as – .mil, .gov, etc.

How to choose domain name completely depends on the choice of domain extension based on the type of website or blog. Still, if you are creating a blog, then TLD or ccTLD Popular Domain Extension should be chosen. For example – .com, .org, .net or .in will be the best option for India.

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9 Tips On How To Choose Best Domain Name

1] Try to take Top Level Extension

The top-level extension is the first and foremost important point of how to choose domain name. This means like .com, .net, .org, .uk all these are top-level domains. All these extensions are good, but you should first try to get a .com domain. Because these domains are TLD and their ranking in Google is also fast.

You can estimate the popularity of the .com domain in such a way that if you have told the name of your website to anyone, then he/she will first search by putting .com. But if you have thought about the name of the domain and .com is not available, then you can also go with .in, .net, .org. But always give priority to .com only.

2] Take only the domain name similar to your topic

While choosing your domain name, one thing that must be kept in mind is that your domain name should be related to the topic on which you are creating your blog or website. Like I share things related to WordPress Tips & Tricks in the blog, then my domain name should be like wordpresstiger.com.

Similarly, you should also know how to choose domain name related to your niche. This is because people will remember that these websites share information related to technology. If your niche is related to education, then you can take a domain name related to education or related to study like educationhub.com.

3] Do not copy the famous domain name

Some people think that the website has grown when we also take a domain name similar to an already grown website, but it does not happen. You can grow your blog only when your content is the most unique. Also, depends on various factors like the theme you installed on your site, the plugins, images, your site speed, and countless other things.

4] Choose a small domain name

Try to choose your domain name as short as possible. If you use the internet daily, then you must have noticed one thing that people keep their website name very short.

Do you know why?

That’s because the smaller the domain name, the easier it will be for people to remember. That’s why choosing a small domain name will be right for your branding and the users to find you.

You can take a domain name in a maximum of 2-3 words. But do not go over it and make your domain name very easy to pronounce.

5] Try to put your keyword in your domain

You must also try that your main keyword comes in your domain name as if your website is above car repairing, then you can choose the related domain from car repairing. This is beneficial for your blog from an SEO point of view as well.

Use KW in your domain name

By using the keyword, we would have the advantage that when people search related to car repairing in google, they can easily find your website and bring it up. Ranking at the top of the website increases your traffic. So, try to get your keyword in your domain name.

6] Your Domain Name should be easy to remember

Whichever domain name you have chosen, it should be easy to remember because visitors will come to your blog. You will be recognized by your domain name, and if your domain name is easy to remember, then it will be easy for visitors to search in Google to come to the blog.

Choosing an easy-to-remember domain name also helps you to bring returning traffic to your site.

7] Check Domain Name Availability

Whatever domain name you are thinking to buy, do good research or check domain availability on it once and everywhere, whether the domain you have chosen is not a copyright or trademark of any other company.

Or the domain name you have chosen has not been used by any other company because if this happens, you may get trapped in any legal dispute, and your domain name may also be in danger. So, research it very carefully and buy a domain name only after checking the availability in real-time.

8] Secure your domain name and brand

As we discussed earlier, whatever domain name you have chosen can become a brand in the future, so you need to secure it. If it is needed, you must choose all the extensions of your domain name to prevent yourself from any future dispute.

For instance, if you have taken your domain like .com, then keep it related to .uk, .net, .org, etc.

Along with this, you should also take the extension of the country in which you live, like if it is in India, then take .in, and if it is in the United Kingdom, then choose .uk also.

With this, your competitor will not be able to buy another extension related to your domain in the future. Once you get success to bring enough traffic to your site, you will analyze that most of the users are visiting directly to your site because they remember your brand name or blog URL. So these are some of the main advantages of securing your domain.

9] Do not delay in buying the best domain

If you have selected the domain name, then do not delay in buying it because many other people might also be looking for the same name. And as the domain buying and selling businesses are growing up on the internet, you may miss the chance to book for yourself.

Best Domain Registrar

Therefore, after choosing the best domain name, try to not delay in buying it.

Where to buy a domain name?

Today, there is countless best domain registrar are available on the internet such as Domain.com, Godaddy, NameCheap, Name.com, Hostinger, Register.com, etc. So, you can check the required domain name and renewal plans and book one or multiple domains wisely based on your requirements.

As soon as you buy a new domain name, your domain becomes yours till the renewal.

If it is not renewed before the time expires, then the Domain name registrar can sell it to someone else. Then you will not have any right to that domain name.

Its time limit is Yearly Count. The domain name will be yours for as many years as you pay.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To How To Choose Domain Name

How do you buy a domain name in the UK?

To do this, you need to visit the best domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy domain search, Namecheap domain, Hostinger, etc. After that, you can search and buy a domain name that is not already registered by another person or business, with a valid domain suffix. You can pay for a few months, or even a year or more to the domain name registration to book or purchase your desired domain name.

What is the procedure to transfer the domain to GoDaddy?

How To Choose Domain Name - Transfer Domain To GoDaddy

> First, you need to log in to the GoDaddy panel.
> Go inside the product dashboard and choose the domain(s) you want to > transfer with a different domain name service provider.
> Select Ownership > Move to Another GoDaddy Account.
> Now enter and confirm your new account details

What are the domain name suggestion tools?

If you do not have any clue regarding the selection of the best domain name, you can take the help of some tools. The domain suggestions tools work based on the keyword of your relevant business, service, or blog.
There are many domain name suggestions tools available like Lean Domain Search, Shopify Business Name Generator, name boy, etc. You can try that to get some ideas to select the best domain name for creating your first website.


We hope you found this how to choose domain name article helpful and that it provided you with all the essential information related to how to choose best domain name.

Just to recall, we must choose a domain name that is related to our niche, and it is easy for the user to remember. Apart from this, we have learned in this article what are the other ways that we can get a better domain name how to choose, and in the future, there will be no threat to the chosen domain.

So, let’s share your thoughts and queries in the comment section below. Also, share this best domain buying guide and tips on social media sites with whom you care.


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