How to Choose the Best WordPress Themes – Guide With Definitions & and FAQs

Creating a WordPress website is not a big task but choosing the responsive and best WP theme is. Because a selected theme will be the foundation of your entire site and help you to compete on the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Many beginners make this unavoidable mistake at the beginning of starting their WordPress website creation phase as they don’t know “How to Choose the Best WordPress Themes?”.

Even, some of the established bloggers and site owners are unaware that they need to replace their existing WP theme with the Best WordPress Theme that is responsive and worth installing on their blogging or WooCommerce site.

Here, you will get to know, why people prefer to go with the Most Popular WordPress Theme. And what makes a WP theme favorite for most website developers.

Also, you will know, why should you choose the Best WP Responsive Themes for creating your website. On-off chance, if you don’t know the process of creating a WP site, you can go through our Beginners Guide to Create Free WordPress website from Scratch.

So let’s start knowing about what is a website theme and how can you choose the Best WP Themes for Beginners.

What is the WordPress Theme or a Website Theme?

A nice Website theme is a combination of colors, typography, spacing, layout, animation, design elements, and more. The same applies to WordPress Themes where you can easily get these all things embedded inside a file.

A WordPress (WP) Theme is a complete package of website layout, design, and functionalities. The Best WP Responsive Themes include font’s family, color combination, animation, responsive sliders, footers, sidebars, comment section, categories, and all. A theme can be designed using the combination of available web development programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.

Who creates a WordPress Theme?

Theme designing is a skill that does not need any certification but the knowledge to play with colors and designs. Mostly, professional website developers build WP themes for several requirements. Professionals can easily do this because they have enough knowledge about programming language.

Nowadays, youth are taking an interest to learn building Best WordPress Themes so that they can stable a profitable career in this field. Many of the professionals either take contracts directly to the companies to design a unique WordPress or other responsive themes for them. Whereas Freelance theme developers are also getting exposure to cash their skills.

But it never means that you and we can’t create the Best Theme for WordPress. We can do it even without knowing a single line of code.

Yeah! You heard it right! It is possible because of hundreds of available Website theme creation tools over the internet and WP Theme Builder is one of them.

How to choose the best WordPress Theme?

Choosing the best WP plugins or themes needs some skill or basic knowledge. If you are going with the best WP theme, it will give you a better site-building experience along with the user’s perspective. Let’s see the basic guides to choose the best performing and reliable WordPress theme for your requirements.

Top 12 Things To Consider Before Choosing the Best WordPress Theme

Theme Weight

The weight of the theme is directly proportional to your website page load. The lighter the theme will be, the faster your web pages will load. A standard WordPress theme weight must not exceed a maximum of 1-2 MB. For instance, the Generate Press WP theme is one of the lightest weighted themes with a file size of 15 KB only.

So before considering any WordPress theme for your site, whether it is free or a Premium WP Theme, you must check the size of it.

Look for Simplicity

Simplicity does not mean to compromise with the designs, functionality, and layout. A WordPress Theme simplicity means, it has enough white space with proper coding lines. A theme having loads of animation and javascript can make it slower in performance. So go wisely with the neat and clean designed WordPress Themes for your blog or business website.


Nowadays, people do not want to compromise with the design of a particular website that they are browsing. And theme responsiveness keeps them out of this trouble.

Responsiveness means, the layout and design of your website elements automatically adjust on any screen size like mobile, tablet, or desktop. And it is one of the major factors you need to check because an unresponsive WordPress theme can bring down your SEO ranking as well.

Check Mobile-Friendliness

Earlier, most people were accessing the internet over the computer or laptop. But now with fast-changing technology, people prefer to browse on mobile and tablet devices. More than 50% of internet users are accessing the internet from only their smartphones.

So, it is wise to choose a Mobile-Friendly WordPress theme to give fast web page loading to your users.

You can use the free Google Mobile Friendliness checker Tool to get the mobile responsive score of your selected WP theme.

SEO Friendliness

If you are starting your blogging career or want to create a business website, your prime aim is to bring more and more traffic to your pages. And for that, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only technique that will help to get higher traffic free of cost.

To make your site user and SEO-friendly, it is necessary to use a neat and cleanly written WP theme. Otherwise, if you have installed an impressive WordPress theme loaded with too many graphics, colorful layout, and animation, it will directly affect your page loading speed and navigation. Further, due to this problem, you may lose tons of potential traffic that could come to your site.

So selecting a lite weight, responsive, and fast loading WordPress theme is recommended from the SEO point of view.

Supports Essential Plugins

A randomly selected theme might not be compatible with all the essential WordPress plugins. You can check the list of Essential WordPress Plugins on this guide. Before installing any WP themes, you need to thoroughly check its document about plugins compatibility.

Otherwise, after putting a lot of effort into the process to complete your WP site, you may face plugin problems midway. So to avoid that annoying situation, you must clear all the doubts as to the initial phase and choose the Best Theme for WordPress.

Customization Options

Based on your website design requirement, you may need to customize several settings. For instance, if your logo color is green or red, then obviously you would like to design your overall site related to that icon color. Likewise, there are several other settings you may need after installing a WordPress theme for food, photography, health, portfolio, or another website.

In such a case, you must check the theme customization flexibility very well. Otherwise, after reaching halfway, you may end up with the only option to change the WP theme for getting the required options to change the design, color, or layout.

By default, the entire WordPress plugins do not provide customization options. Especially when you are choosing a free WordPress theme, you must check the available customization options.

Readability Check

A better readability theme is embedded in the neatly placed menu, element blocks, typography, icons, and more. This way, it gives proper navigation to the user without collapsing any section of your website design.

Nowadays, people used to access websites on multiple devices starting from mobile phones to the smart TV. In that case, it is important to choose the Best WP Responsive Themes with better readability to give a worth visiting site experience to the users.

Popularity & User’s Feedback

Another important thing to consider while choosing a Free or Paid WordPress Theme for building your website is to see what the users say. Authentic user ratings and feedback give you an idea about the popularity of a particular WP theme.

Based on written Code Quality, compatibility, responsiveness, number of downloads, user ratings, and other key factors, people used to share their opinion as feedback for the themes. You can find such information before finalizing an SEO-friendly and user-friendly WordPress theme.

Last Update Status

When you are installing a WP theme directly from the WP library accessing your WP dashboard, you can see the date of the last update. However, if you are Purchasing Premium WP Theme from any theme marketplace, you can also see the theme update status over there.

Knowing the last update of a theme is essential because if you are downloading any outdated theme, you can get the compatibility issue in the coming days. Also, there are chances that the selected theme is missing the latest technique to give a better site performance.

Browser Compatibility

As you look for other things when choosing a WP theme for your website, checking the browser compatibility is also essential.

More than 10 browsers are providing internet accessing facilities around the globe. But you never know that what browser your potential reader is using. So in that case, better to choose only those responsive WordPress themes that are compatible with almost every internet browser.

Page Builder Compatibility

If in case, you want to create a few custom-designed pages, you need to install the WordPress Page Builder Tool. But if your installed WP theme is not compatible with it, you may face some technical glitches while creating your design.

So it is important to check the page builder compatibility if you are planning to create some custom-designed pages. However, it is an optional parameter to judge the best WP theme if you don’t want to install the WP theme builder or page builder tool.

What Do We Recommend?

After testing too many most downloaded & Popular WordPress Themes and going through their documentation, we have analyzed the following WordPress themes that are worth installing if you are a beginner or a blogger. Or if you want to replace your existing WordPress theme for an established business website, you can go with any of the below-recommended themes as per your choice.

Can I build a WordPress website without coding ?

Yes of course! There are two methods to do that; either you install free or premium WordPress themes and then do the required configuration to complete your WP site. Or you can install the best WordPress Site Builder tool and then create a customized theme by using the drag and drop blocks.

Are all WordPress themes free ?

No! But if you are downloading the WP themes from the WordPress library inside your WP dashboard, you can get access to tons of Free WordPress Themes. Alternatively, you can manually download Free WordPress Themes from the community.

Apart from that, hundreds of platforms sell Premium WordPress Themes. You can search for those sites, find out your favorite WP theme and then pay the asked amount. After that, you have a genuine WP theme license to use on your WordPress site.

What Is A Premium Theme ?

For your convenience to build a stunning DIY WordPress Website, many developers are working in the background. So that, you can just choose ready to install WP themes and then use them on your website.

For doing this work on behalf of you, they used to sell it over the internet. However, a Premium WordPress theme has near to zero glitches. Apart from that, you get full accessibility to design your website by customizing the premium WP themes. During the process, if you face any problem, then 24×7 available customer supports are there for you to provide the solutions.

Is it essential to buy a WordPress theme for building a WP site ?

Absolutely not! If you know the website coding language like HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and others then you can design your customized WordPress theme and then install it for your WP site. Alternatively, if you don’t know to code then either you can go with Free WordPress Themes or install the theme builder or WP page builder tool to give a unique design to your site.

Where do I buy Premium WordPress themes ?

There are several platforms available in the internet marketers who are providing premium WP Themes for multiple requirements. The 5 most popular premium WordPress theme sellers are; ThemeForest, WordPress, Themify, Elegant Themes, and My Theme Shop.

Is it worth paying for a WordPress theme ?

For a beginner WordPress Website Developer, buying a premium theme after purchasing hosting services & Domains names would seem a bit costly. But if you are a skilled WP web developer and working for your clients or even want to give a professional look to your website, you must go with a premium WP theme.

In a free WP theme, you need to hunt for changing the existing design, color, layout, or other things. But the premium themes are loaded with all the required features where you can make the changes in a few clicks only. So, if you neither have enough time nor you want to spend time on making the basic changes then it is worth buying Premium WordPress themes by paying the affordable cost.

How long does it take to build a WordPress theme ?

Building a new and unique WordPress theme required long lines of codings. To give a custom design to each section, a web developer needs to create separate WordPress Templates. To complete the process, a skilled WordPress theme developer can take anywhere around 2-3 weeks.

Moreover, it is not a fixed duration and depends on the types and number of functionalities you need on a website. If there is a heavy theme that is loaded with features, it may increase the duration of creating a WP theme. However, to create a lite WordPress theme with limited features and layout changes, a WP theme developer may take less time to complete.

How do I edit a WordPress theme without coding ?

Generally, you can make all the required changes inside the theme from the theme customization option. But in case you are not getting enough customization options, then you can enhance the accessibility by installing the supported WordPress plugins. If you want to know, What is WP plugin is and how does it work, then read our beginner WordPress Plugin guide.

Moreover, if you have installed a premium WordPress theme on your site, you can contact customer support and ask for the solutions. Alternatively, you can see their available documentation to fix the basic changes.

Can Elementor edit any theme ?

Elementor is known as one of the most used WP themes and page builder tools because it is compatible with most of the online available themes. But to be assured, you need to check the Elementor compatibility with your theme. If it is compatible with your installed WP theme, you can easily customize any section of your Website layout including header, footer, individual pages, and more

What is the difference between a page builder and a theme ?

WordPress Page Builder is a customized way to create a unique webpage layout for your site. Whereas the themes are a compilation of several templates that are ready to use.

In other words, a theme is a complete package of all the necessary designs for the overall website. On the other hand, a Page builder tool gives you the flexibility to create your custom theme by choosing drag and drop features. With the best WP Page builder plugin, you can design the footer, menu, sidebar, headers, and other layouts as per your requirement.

What is the difference between WordPress theme and template?

A WP theme contains several templates to give a complete look to a website. Whereas, a template is a file of code created to give specific design and functionality to a page or section on your website.

For instance, to design the home page, footer section, comment box, single page, menu items, separate templates are required. And once, all the required templates are created, it compiles everything and makes a theme.

Final Verdict

Hope this guide written on the Best WordPress Themes has cleared your all doubts related to WO themes. You knew what a theme is and how to choose the Best WP Responsive Themes to give a better site browsing experience to your users. Let us know in the comment section below if still, you have any unsolved queries related to WP themes. We will try our best to come with the proper information for you.

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