How to Choose Best WordPress Plugins

Plugins are only the way to make the wordpress site better and functional as per our demand. It means the plugins are the mandatory elements for our wordpress platform site. In fact, the use of plugins makes it easy to function and manage our site. In fact, the bitter reality is that it slows down our site or may harm too. For this reason, we need to consider how to choose the best wordpress plugins before installing them.

Okay, let me clear you, the plugins are the addons or secondary CSS elements that assist in making our site complete. It is sure that wordpress is no more expected without plugins. Likewise, plugins are necessary not only for customizing the site but also to add features and make it workable.

Coming to the point we have got a lot of confusion and in dilemma due to the thousands of plugins for wordpress on the internet. Finally, we are going to clear your doubt by giving some wise tips to find the best wordpress plugins.

Why Plugins in WordPress?

Before taking you to the tips to find the best wordpress plugins I want to give you some basic reason for using the plugins in our wordpress sites. Well, definitely you may know the reason and uses of plugins in our wordpress site. Again, for the idea here I am listing some of them,

  • Manage Site Data
  • Customization and Page Building
  • Clearing the cookies and cache
  • Handling the some automatic process
  • Backup and Restoring Purpose
  • For Easy Operate and Demand based, etc.

6 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Plugins

Now it’s time to choose a clear and wise decision before installing any plugins on your wordpress site. Plugins fulfil the need of your demand to handle and make changes over your site. When we look normally then we got the plugins as helpful but it’s not totally as you think.

From the deep research, we can find a lot of errors, bugs and other issues like security, etc. This is why you need to think once before installing the plugins.

Well, on other hand, plugins are mandatory for a wordpress site. In absence of a plugin, we can’t able to edit, customize and find the features. In fact, the wordpress site will be worst than Blogger .com platform from Google. It means, very simple (no more customization).

  • Find the Needs of Plugins
  • Check the Verification Status of Plugin by WordPress
  • It’s Review, Popularity and Downloads
  • Updates and Compatibility with your WordPress
  • Bugs and Security Status
  • Check the changelog and Support

1. Find the Needs of Plugins

Finding the plugins is an easy task for all of us. With the thousands of plugins in the wordpress directory definitely, it’s easy to find the plugins but here you need to find the needs of that plugins. It means you have to consider the proper use of those plugins before installing them.

At first, you need to trace out all the needs that you want to get from that plugin. For example, if I need the plugin for page builder then I have enough option on it.

Elementor, Tagdiv, Divi, Wp Baker Page Builder, etc. Are the most used wordpress page builder. So, here I mean that you need to choose a that plugin that meets the need of your site.

2. Its Review, Popularity and Downloads

Rating is one of the functional marking of the grades as per the personal experience on that products or services. In today’s date rating plays an important role to decide whether to go for it or not.

As like the review is also important as like Rating. When we got a positive review for any products then definitely we wish to buy and get the service from it.

Both Review and rating are important these days. So, I mean before choosing the best wordpress plugins you need to check the review and ratings of that plugins. Well, sometimes the review done by some users may not be true. But anyway, it’s one step to get the real information of that plugins.

Besides this, we need to focus our head and eyes on the popularity of the plugins. Yes, as per normal theory the popularity and a sufficient number of downloads and installs prove it as trusted and best plugins.

Overall, you need to check the review & ratings done by the previous users. Also, check the popularity, number of downloads and active installs of that plugins.

3. Bugs and Security Status

When going to the discussion on how to choose the best wordpress plugins you need to check out the bugs and security status of any plugins. We have got a lot of bugs and errors on the plugins that definitely degrade the quality of your site.

The main demerits of such plugins are, it makes our site experience worst. That’s the reason you need to find plugins that are free from bugs and errors. In my personal experience, I have got many plugins that overlap and stops working automatically due to automatic critical errors on them. So, find such plugins and stay far from them.

Here I want to add the security also. Security is the most important for everyone. All the plugins available on the wordpress directory are not 100% secure to install. The best idea to find out the security status and features of the plugins that you are desired to install it from review.

Yes, you can find out the all problems and bugs ideas from the reviews and ratings. That’s the point that you need to consider while choosing the wordpress plugins.

4. Check the changelog

The changelog is the indexed report that shows all the updated history of the plugins. It is one of the best ways to check out the actual security status of any plugins. Basically, it helps to find the updated history of the plugins.

It’s the guidebook, you can easily find out all the changes made to it. With the assistance of it, you can find all the features added and removed in each update including the status of bugs. Mainly, the changelog indicates the new improved features and removed bugs from that plugins.

That’s the best idea to read the current update status of the plugins. It clears you with the list of improved features in each update and removed bugs. I recommend you check the changelog of every plugin before installing the plugins.

5. About Developer and Speed

One of the ways on how to choose the best wordpress plugins is also dependent upon the developer. It’s very important to find out the status of the developer before going to the plugin. The sound profile and status of the developer makes you give peace of mind.

It is recommended to go for that developer who is already marked as trusted in the field. We can expect better plugins from a Good reputation and well-known developer.

As a technical part, you need to find out the impact of the plugins on your site. When we talk to technical SEO then the page speed comes at the top. There is no doubt in saying the page speed and performance of the site after and before installing the plugins.

The page speed is the major factors for ranking. So, make sure you are not using that plugin that slowdowns your site performance.

6. Support

After finding the needs, installing and using the plugins you may have to get the support for various reason in the upcoming days. Wait wait, before installing any plugins read this last point too.

Basically, in terms of premium or paid version, we can find support from the developer. Yes, we can’t neglect and skip this point. At last, if you are ready to install the plugin you need to check the support status from the developer.

I have seen many developers are not giving better future support to thier subscribers. As good support, the subscribers are free to ask and get any assistance at any cost from the developer or provider.

Similarly, all the premium users must get free updates until the subscription ends. Also, they are eligible to get help at any time from the developer. Well, in the free version of the plugin it may not be possible to get any further support from the developer. But still, you have to check the forum for that plugin.

No doubt, it is not possible to get future support on the free membership. So, if you are planning to get the free membership plugin then you have to find some trusted website and forum from where you can easily find the solutions to any problems regarding that plugins.

For premium membership, you need to make sure you are getting all technical support from the developer.  


Installing and using the plugins is not a big deal. Due to the large number of plugins we are getting enough option to choose the best among the best. But still, we are in confusion about choosing the best and healthy plugins.

For this, we have prepared the shortlist and discussion on the topic of how to choose the best wordpress plugins. Installing the best plugins not only makes your site healthy, fast, responsive but also makes your site to be ranked in search engines. So, focus on the best plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find the best WordPress plugins?

The easy way to find out the best wordpress plugin is by finding out the demand of plugins on your site. Suppose, if you are in search of the best backup plugin then you can simply type the “best wordpress backup plugin” in the search bar

Which plugin is best for WordPress

Giving a specific plugin-based answer is not enough for this. If you are willing to make sure some as the best plugin then you need to choose it as per your need.

How do I use a plugin in WordPress?

Plugins are an additional app or addons that make it possible to handle your wordpress site. To use the plugins in any wordpress site we must have to find and install the plugins on our wordpress site.

After installing the plugin you need to find the plugins from your dashboard and start using them. The using process of all the plugins may different

How do I add a plugin to my WordPress site?

Adding plugins on your wordpress site can be done with 2 methods. To add plugins to your wordpress site you need to go to the dashboard of your site and click on the plugins section. From the plugins section, you have to click on Add New and find or upload the plugins.

What are the top 5 plugins you typically use with WordPress ?

Maybe the top 5 plugins used by all the wordpress users not be the same. When we talk about my site then I am using.

Top 5 Most Used WordPress Plugins ?

1:-Yoast SEO (SEO Plugin)
2:-Updraftplus (Backup Plugin)
3:-Classic Editor (Block Editor)
4:-Jetpack (Css and Image Optimization)
5:-Elementor (Page Builder)

How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

Installing the number of plugins is definitely not a good decision in terms of the speed of the site. Although, it’s not better to make the site good in absence of a number of plugins. Basically, the use of 10-15 plugins is okay for the normal wordpress site.

Are all WordPress plugins free ?

Almost all the plugins available for wordpress are free to use. With the limitation on features and support, a major number of plugins can be used for free in wordpress.
Talking about the word Free as free to modify then it’s also possible. WordPress plugins are not only free in terms of price but also free to modify and make changes. As being an open-source platform we are free to modify, and use the plugins either its free version or GP


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