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The internet depended world is getting more features to make their business popular towards the customers. Not only in the particular country but all over the world it is possible to publish our business portfolio with this internet. When we talk about Google, then its ranking for the services is always top. With an aim of making the free promotion of their business, Google is providing the Google My Business as free marketing tools.

Let me explain, if you are targeting to grab an audience from the internet and web platform then I don’t think any alternatives to it. Well, it’s one of the best and cheap idea get to promote the business online. Sadly, because of excessive popularity, we can find heavy competition on it too.

This is the reason the term SERP came into practice. In fact, SERP is the key factor for getting online rankings. For better, we must need to go for the Google my business sign up.

We can also clear it as the way of marketing via the internet. Okay, let’s come here to get introduced to what is google my business, features, advantages, sign up, verification, process and SEO it.

Google My Business – An Online Business Solution

Google my Business is an online way to monitor and grab the customers for the services. In simple, it is the way of marketing to allow the audience to know more about your business. This works with your Google app and web of Google.

This free platform allows the business owner to create a business profile so a business person can add the desired information to show the features and services of their business. You may have noticed the power of Google my business to grow the business virtually.

With these features of Google, you can simply find the details of the companies and business that have registered on it. As an example, just search for the “Balaji Hotel”, Google automatically shows the top and nearest Balaji Hotel of your area based on location.

Well, it’s really powerful feature provided by Google to make easier for business owner to get information about their business easily. It means both sides benefit.

Using these free features of Google you may get the location of the business including their business details like phone number, address, objectives, etc. As an additional feature we can get the reviews and ratings of that business too, which makes it possible to find the service and trust of the business.

That’s why it is the power source for any business to optimize their ranking over internet users. With this one can get more engagement and lead for their business.

At all, Google My Business is one of the marketing platform by Google to optimize the search and authority of the business with the basic details like maps, location, address, objectives, contact info., etc. About the business or service.

Purpose of Google My Business

Google my business website is made to provide the free marketing injection for the all business owner by Google. As being the free marketing tool you can have time to show up your business towards the audience locally or globally.

While talking about what is the purpose of Google my business then it’s clear and limited. Yes, the primary purpose to get Google my business sign up is to get free online publicity by providing the basic business information.

Advantages of Google my Business App or Website

Google my Business listing is one of the growing tips followed by almost all the business owners to create an identity in the internet world. After an invention of this free marketing features by Google, both the business owner and customer (normal internet users) are being benefited.

As was the world’s topmost search engine, Google always used to optimize the SERP to show out the best search query. For this Google is working with the Featured Snippet and other similar algorithm.

In business services google has given top priority. Because of this Google always used to show the listed business details in search result at top than the blog site links. These all are possible with the Google my Business website.

Well, we can find a bundle of advantages of Google my business. I mention here some of the major Pros.

The simple way to rank the business in Google search result.

With the basic details of your business it’s more easy to get engagement to the consumers.

Easy to show the information about the business towards the online users.

Around 90% users click on the top results of 1st page so it’s better to rank the business easily.

Best for providing the location and contact details to the customers.

Google my business verification is a free business service, no need to pay.

To get Google business website or app verification the business is unnecessary to have website.

It’s easy and best way to find out the details of any listed business and services for any online searchers.

Creates more engagement to the business and leads maximum profit.

It creates a good exposure towards your business.

Simple way to get feedback and ratings of the business or service. It helps in finding out the service level and quality of the business. In another hand, it’s an opportunity to fix all the issues of the business with the weakness points.

Google My Business Website or App?

Let me clear you, Google my business is a service or tool provided by the Google to make easier in finding the business and services near to us. Using this tool both the business holder and customer are equally benefited. For the working platform then some may have confusion either it’s app or website?

One can access this feature either via app or website. It means you have both options to get integrate with this. So, if you are the business holder and willing for Google my business sign up then you can simply choose the web method from any browser and device. While the app is only available for Android and iOS.

Google My Business Sign up Process

After reading the topic, what is google my business with its pros here we are with you to show the complete step to create an account with Google my Business.

(Recommend: Use PC method or Mobile Browser)

1. Go to Listing Page

At first visit an official site of Google my Business. If you are new here, then just simply sign up using the Gmail address (Google ID). Google automatically takes the details of your Gmail address while getting sign up. Just you need to have logged in any services of google in that browser.

2. Enter the Business Name

After signing up, its time to give the name to your business. As per your business name, you can simply name it. It means, here we need to create a business profile.

As an example, you are the owner of Mobile phone shop then you need to to enter your Shop Name. As like, “Annapurna Mobile House” is my Mobile phone shop. So, simply give the name as it.

Remember, it is better to give the same name as your business name. Also, if you have already own that business or had been created before then you can simply click on “Suggest an Edit” to edit the name of the business.

Note: This listing is not only for your mobile shops but listing is available for many business and services.

3. Add Category

As an example, we are taking the Annapurna Mobile House. It’s one of the mobile phone shop. This shop works on providing the mobile phone services. That’s the category should be specific.

Here we need to choose the specific category of the business. We can find the customers search the business with the category rather than name of the business. That’s the category is important.

For Mobile phone shop we may can choose the category like, Mobile & Gadgets, Electronics , etc.

4. Add Location with Google Map

Is your business started at a specific location? If you are owning the business physically, then it’s better to add the location of your business. So, don’t forget to add the service location, headquarter, etc. Of your business organization.

Also, for exact point out it is better to choose the location from your GPS. With this you can exactly set the location map of your business. Simply, go to the Next and confirm the position on the Google Map.

5. Fill the Contact and other Details

After confirming the map and location of your business you need to add the contact and other details of your business. In this section you can add the contact number, address, email, website, etc.

To add an email address to get notifications about the query of your business, you can use your email too. Similarly, don’t forget to add the images, logos, and services images in it.

6. Wait for the Verification Code (Google My Business Verification)

After managing and filling all the details about your business it’s time to verify your business with Google. For Google My Business Verification you need to wait for some days.

The team of Google will send you the confirmation code with the postal air way. It takes a few days to receive this letter from Google.

To receive this Letter, you need to go for the nearest postal code of your area. So, remember while placing the shipping details give the correct and nearest postal address.

Types of Google My Business Posts

Before getting the steps on optimizing your Google my business account, let me point out some major types of post or list that you can add on it.

Events and Plan

Offer and Promos

Product Description

Pictures and Videos 

How to Optimize Google My Business Listing

Listing the business on Google is not everything. As we have mentioned that the users used to search for any business with the category and its services. For this reason we need to focus on different points to boost the search result of our business.

Regarding the optimization of Google my Business we need to follow out the different points.

1. Active on Service

After Google my business verification we need to focus on the service. It means, as per my personal experience I got, it is good to be active on the own business page. For that you can keep on updating the post regularly.

Although the setup process is straightforward with the desktop PC, after process are easy with the Mobile App. With this you need to have download the App.

2. Set the Business Hour Correctly

Now you need to set the timing of the business. As per your business service time you need to set the time. It means, if your business provides the service from 10:00 – 05:00, then mention it clearly. To set this just go to the hour section and set the time.

In another hand, if your business used to provide the service for 24hours then set it as always open. Beside this you can also set the service days in a week.

3. Keep on Updating the Business Details & Contents

One of the major mistake used to be done by many business owners is not updating the business details and contents. If your business location get changed, then don’t forget to update with the new location.

Similarly, keep on updating and creating the latest contents about your service, products, etc. This process makes your customer to get updated. It’s one of the secret tips for you. Don’t forget to update Google my business customer care number on business details.

4. Add Graphics and Photos for Attraction

To make content and service features is not a perfect solution for your business. Just to add the details is still incomplete steps to optimize your Google my business. Here i mean attract the customer is the best solution for the better leads.

Therefore, to attract customer and gives a real services to your business you need to add the graphics and some images of your company. Here you can add some pictures that look attractive from your service gallery. You can also add the images of your business room, workplace, some images, etc.

5. Ask customers for Review and Ratings

In competition and decision on choosing the best service the customer always used to read the review once. For this reason nowadays Google is also giving extra preference to the reviews and ratings by visitors.

Review and ratings shows the quality line of the service that provides by your business. That’s the number of positive review and high ratings shows the better service. Reviews and ratings decide the ranking signal of your content.

At all, try to encourage your customer and people to add a natural review about your business after providing them service.

6. Focus on SEO and Keywords Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the fundamental factor to be considered while we are on search engine. Every search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Needs keywords to show out the result. It means they required the specific or target keywords to get the target results.

As like its importance in blog and website, we can find equally importance in Google my Business too. In fact, the main motto to focus on SEO is to make possible improvement in maintaining the result to deliver the reach.

You can focus your Google my Business listing by the specific keywords. The main SEO for business listing is just to use the exact keyword of your business name. As example, give the same keywords for your business name, “Annapurna Mobile Shop” is your business name. So, your target keyword will be “Annapurna mobile shop”. Also, the category should be correct, i.e. Electronics & Gadgets in our case.

7. Adding the Products and Services

Either your business provides the physical goods or non physical services you need to mention some top of them. Mentioning the products gives the simple idea to the Google and customer to decide whether or not to go to your business.

From your business you can add the all products, and services to give clear services from your business. It’s also one of the ranking factor in Google search engine.

As an example, if you are running freelancing business then you are providing here non physical services (not physical services and goods). therefore, you need to add the services may be like, Article writing, content writing, Graphic designing, SEO, Domain and Hosting, etc.

8. Responding the Reviews and Q&A

Getting a lot of positive is one of the pure ranking factor in terms of SEO. Also, Google my business reviews is for better engagements and leads. But it’s not enough for top level optimization of your listing.

Here you need to keep on responding the reviews made by the customers. Also, you can give the reply of answer from the Q&A section. This process will also shows that your business is active in service.

People Also Search for (FAQ)

How do I use Google for my Business ?

To make easy on getting more leads and engagements Google has launched the free business listing for every business owners. With this you can easily list your business and get profit for free.

For using Google my business all the business owner must need to get sign up and verify it.

Is Google my business worth it ?

Google my Business dashboard allows all the business owner to add the service list, contact details, reviews, location and photos. Giving the identity to the public is enough to get more engagements.

Either your business is local, national or international you can easily list it and get free promotion from the side of Google. So, it definitely worth for every business holder.

Is Google my business worth it ?

Google my Business dashboard allows all the business owner to add the service list, contact details, reviews, location and photos. Giving the identity to the public is enough to get more engagements.

Either your business is local, national or international you can easily list it and get free promotion from the side of Google. So, it definitely worth for every business holder.

Is Google my business only for local businesses ?

We made google my business for listing the proper business. The non-business owner cannot create this listing. Also, for this you need to have own the physical place.

Either you are running the business from a particular area or in many places you are eligible to create Google my business. At priority they focus it for your local business.

Why is Google my business so attractive to local businesses ?

When we search for the nearest mobile shop with the keywords like “Mobile shop to me”, “mobile shop near me”, “mobile shop in..” then Google will shows the list near to your area or as per the location you paste in keywords.

After Google my business sign up you are eligible to attract the local and specific audience easily.

How much does it cost to put my business on Google ?

Almost all the services provided publicly by Google are free on use. So, listing your business with Google my business verification doesn’t charge you a single amount.

Instead of charging you Google used to pay some money for your task. Yes, Google pays the service charge for sending the physical mail (letter) for verification code.

What should I post on Google my business ?

From Google my business dashboard you can post the latest offers, details, events, promos, product lists, images and videos to attract the customers.

What are the two key benefits of Google my business ?

Google my Business helps to list out any physical business for free and it creates all details of your business to grab audience.

How do I maximize my business on Google ?

To maximize your business listing in Google you need to follow the complete optimization steps. Keywords optimization, SEO, Target keywords, Setting business hours, responding the reviews, etc. Are the salient ways to grow your business

How can I get leads on Google my business ?

To get lead from GMB you must need to rank your list on the top position. For this you need to follow the optimization steps. Similarly, to get lead you must have traffic.

You can check the leads and statistics by connecting your Google my business with Google Analytics for free.


An inquiry based on what is Google my business ends here. Regarding Google my business, we have mentioned detailed headings to clear you on each topic. We are sure that you are eligible to understand the uses of Google my business app and website, it’s verification process with advantages for every businessperson.

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