Top 30+ Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners and Experts

A plugin is a compilation of code that gives ready-to-use functionalities to your website. There can be hundreds of requirements where you need to install the Best WordPress Plugins on your website. However, if someone has the skill of coding, they can make any changes inside the website without installing a ready-to-use WP plugin. Let’s see the types of Essential WordPress Plugins and when should you use that.

There are no limitations of functionalities you can achieve using WP plugins. And these are available free of cost as well as paid ones.

Best 12 Essential WordPress Plugins You Must Install On Your Website

Updraft Plus

Taking manual backup of your WordPress website is really a headache. However, the website hosting service providers sell additional plans at an expansive rate to take care of your daily site backup.

But with Updraft Plus, you can schedule or take a manual backup of your entire website and store the files on Google Drive, DropBox, or other cloud storage platforms. And then you can reinstall the taken backup files with a few clicks only to any of your websites.

Table Press

Creating tables in MS Excel is quite easy but it seems hard work while you try to create inside the WordPress platform. If you know the coding then making the needful tables in WP is easy but if in case, you don’t know HTML or other website development language then WordPress Table Press would be a handy plugin for you.

Really Simple SSL

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and gives additional security to your website. Also, after an update in Google Algorithm, they give priority to those sites that are running on HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

You can also impose HTTPS with your domain name instead of a simple HTTP by purchasing the premium SSL certificate. Or you can save a few dollars by installing it free of cost on your WP site using the Really Simple SSL plugin.

Enable Media Replace

If you are an experienced WordPress developer, you might have experienced that how annoying it is to replace any existing and performing media file in your WP media library. In any circumstances, if you need to do that, then a regular process is; first to note down the file name and details. Then delete the existing media file and clear the cache memory. And then upload the new file with the same name.

Likewise, replacing an existing media file is a multi-layer process that will be fine if you need to play with a few images only. But what if you want to work on bulk image replacements?

In that case, the WP Enable Media Replace plugin will be a handy option for you to save time and additional effort.


Either you want to clone an entire website or want to copy an existing post or pages to create a new one with the same formats and other settings then Duplicator is one of the Best Free WordPress Plugins. It will help you to make copies of several pages or posts with a click only.

Social Media Share Buttons Popup

Social sharing plays a huge role to divert referral traffic to your website. There are several social sharing plugins are available at and the premium WP Plugins marketplace. But Social Media Share Buttons Popup is the Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs. And you can use it in several ways, like inside individual blog posts, or floating icons.

Contact Form 7

If you are providing any services or selling products then people might take interest to write you for asking further details. In such a case, you need to install a plugin where you can customize the contact form in your way.

Contact Form 7 gives the same flexibility to you and it is one of the Top WordPress Plugins freely available on the WordPress platform.

Disqus Comment System

Once your newly created website starts getting some traffic, several users start spamming your site through the comment. They try to create SEO backlinks through robots and other mediums.

To prevent those unethical users from commenting on your site, you can install Disqus Comment System. In this way, only those people can comment on your site who have already registered on Disqus with their real information.

Tidio – Live Chatbots

If you are a blogger, you might not need to install a chatbot or live chat WP plugin. But it is helpful to those who are selling something on their site. In such case, before buying the services or even the products, several users have some questions that they want to be clear about before placing the order.

Tidio is a WordPress Plugins Free that helps you to answer your user’s query through live chat. You can also create the email database using Tidio Live Chatbots Free WP Plugin and then use it for your future marketing purpose.

Akismet Spam Protection

To save your site from spam commenting, you can install the Akismet Anti Spam that one of the most used WP Plugins around the globe.

It also gives you protection against spam contact form submission. If your goal is to generate quality leads from your site then this plugin must be on the list of your essential WP plugins.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence gives you an additional layer of security to prevent your WordPress website from hackers. It blocks the firewalls and automatic bots that repeatedly come to your website and do the activities that are count as spam.

Using this most popular Free WordPress Plugin, you can also protect your site from malware and block the particular IP addresses that are frequently visiting your WP site to leave spam comments or doing other harmful activities.

WordPress Membership Plugins

If you have created a dating website or it is related to courses and other membership facilities, then you can install any of the available free WP membership plugins. A few most used names of such WP Plugins are YouZify, iThemes WordPress Membership Plugin, Ultimate Member, and Restrict User Access.

3 Best & Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugins

Images or other media files take a lot of space on your server. Also, if you are using high-quality images inside your website, it will be a bit annoying for the users to wait for loading the media file. In such a case, it is recommended to opt for the technique for serving the media files to your users without any inconvenience.

Fortunately, there are a few most used and popular WP plugins that can help you to optimize your images. It is also the part of Seo Plugins that helps you to minimize your site’s bounce rate.

Image optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole

This image optimization WP plugin is provided by Optimole and you can download it directly from the WordPress store. It automatically compresses all the uploaded media files like jpeg, png, gif, and more without decreasing the image quality by a higher scale.

Using this free WordPress Plugin to optimize images, you can convert your files in WebP format and serve them directly from CDN (Content Delivery Network).


It is another Free WordPress Image Optimization tool, you can install on your site. Smush is designed to enable the lazy load features hence, your overall site page load time will be decreased.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel, a free WordPress Plugin is used to optimize all types of media file sizes uploaded in your panel. It works on PNG, JPEG, PDFs, and other major file types. You can also convert all the new and old images to AVIF or WebP format at once after installing this free 5image optimization plugin.

Top 5 Best & Free WordPress SEO Plugins

WP Super Cache & W3 Total Cache

If you are on the journey to optimize your website and give a fast page loading experience to your readers then enabling website catching is a must. To make your site load faster, you can install either WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

Both the WordPress Plugins are freely available on the WordPress platform and need less time to complete the setup.

Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth

Jetpack is developed by Automattic and is freely available for WordPress users. It is a kind of combo WP plugin used for multiple purposes. Using Jetpack, you can protect your WP Site from spamming. Also, the plugin allows you to enhance the overall site performance due to the embedded features of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page), CDN, Contact Form, Social Search, and more.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Plug In is one of the world’s most used WordPress plugins to take care of On-Page website optimization. It helps to achieve maximum score to optimize user-friendly and SEO-friendly. If you install Yoast Plugin and optimize your posts and pages properly, then it will finish half of the Search Engine Optimization work.

Like Yoast, there are two other popular plugins available for SEO and these are Rank Math & All in One SEO. Both have unique features, and you can try any of these WordPress SEO Plugins based on your comfort.

Custom 404 Page

It happens many times that a user is searching for something on your website but there is no information available. In that case, it shows a 404 error.

To resolve this problem, you can move the traffic that is coming on such unavailable pages to your other working pages. You can update these settings either from your hosting control panel or by installing the 404 Page Plugin to redirect or customize the settings.

Google Analytics

To track all the coming traffic of your website, there are several Google Analytics WP Plugins are available online. You can install GA Google Analytics, Site Kit by google, or Monster Insights. All these plugins will give you a quick dashboard inside the WordPress panel. Therefore, using these Analytics plugins, you can directly see the performance from your WP panel instead of going inside the Google analytics login.

Other Most Popular WP Plugins 2021

Free Page Builder Plugins

Either to customize a complete WP site or to design a few pages, you can install the WordPress page builder plugins that have free as well as paid versions.

The name of a few famous and free WP page builder plugins are;

  • Elementor Website Builder
  • Beaver Builder
  • SiteOrigin
  • SeedProd
  • Gutentor
  • Nimble
  • PageLayer

Free WordPress Plugins for Blog Monetization

If you are a blogger then obviously your goal would be doing affiliate marketing to monetize your website. And a few of you might have already opted for the technique of site monetization.

As a blogger, you must know, how difficult is it to manage all the affiliate links and track the performance. So, to overcome the problem, there are a few convenient affiliate program management plugins are available for WordPress users.

You can install Easy Google AdSense Plugin, Thirsty Affiliates, AdSanity, Slice WP, or other relevant plugins from

Final Thoughts

These were the most used and the Best Free WordPress Plugins that you can easily get on the WP platform. It is not mandatory to install all the given plugins on your WP Site. But you can choose the required WP Plugins based on the types of your website and the features you want. The list of these Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs is created after deep research and used data. We have seen that most bloggers and beginners are getting benefits in managing their WP site using these plugins.

So, go with one by one and experiment with what is needful to you. However, if you are an absolute beginner and start a blogging journey then you can also read out another guide created on how to build a WordPress website from scratch. The article includes all the basic and advances information that you need to know about WordPress, domain, hosting, Plugins & themes.

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