Top 15 Best WordPress Themes For Fashion Bloggers

A WordPress theme is a technique to modify the layout and design of a particular website.  WordPress themes usually convert the appearance of a website consisting of color, designs, elements, and many more. You can adopt any WordPress theme according to the subject of the website but in the modern era, the best WordPress themes for fashion are favored by individuals available on various search engines.

Furthermore, Fashion Bloggers are passionate followers and avid lovers of the fashion world. According to trend, fashion bloggers often shares and express their ideas, experiences sometimes they even recommend through various social websites. They play a crucial part in this fashion scenario.

Nowadays, anyone can get a profession of fashion blogger by using their skills, talents, and knowledge. Also, the fashion niche is considered as one of the most eminent topics among citizens, especially among youngers. And to give them a better online business visibility platform, how the WordPress can be behind. They have provided umpteen amazing WordPress themes that are the most suitable track for fashion bloggers to create any website or magazine site with less effort.

The popularity of WordPress Themes

In this technological era, there are varieties of WordPress themes that have been created so far for several website requirements. There are tons of WP Free & Premium themes available for Portfolio Creation Website, affiliate marketing, food blogging, and more. But here, we are going to share the most popular and most downloaded WP themes for beginners as well as for expert web developers.

So let’s see the list of some popular WP Themes for Creating Fashion Sites for yourself. It includes the Pros and cons of the shortlisted themes that will give you a better idea to choose one of the best WP themes out of this list.

Meanwhile, if you are a novice to WordPress themes then read our article, What is WP Theme in detail. Also, you can see another topic that is briefly described the step-by-step guide to create a WP website for a beginner.

List of 15 Most Popular & the Best WP Themes for Fashion Sites

Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom fashion pro is one of the best WordPress themes for fashion websites on this list. This theme not only provides an image-centric design but also pays attention to building an online store.

Blossom Fashion Pros

  1. It includes fun customization features, like color selection, font option, and many choices for layout design.
  2. Blossom Fashion Pro consists of an excellent Instagram selection to show off your social media posts by which you can raise your social media followers.
  3. Blossom WP theme is a fully responsive & mobile-friendly theme for all screens.
  4. Paramountly the main feature of the blossom fashion pro is that you can create a multi-language blog or business website as it provides WPML and Polylang.
  5. Good for promoting affiliate fashion commodities using advertisement widgets.

Blossom Cons

  1. Least number of WordPress plugins.
  2. You can not get a refund policy on club subscriptions, which may impact fashion bloggers.

2. Elipsa-Creative Magazine

Elipsa is another most popular WP theme for creating a fashion website. WordPress themes are very fruitful factors on your journey to fashion blog land! Elipsa comes with millions of WordPress accessories so that you can form a miraculous fashion blog with ease. You can change a lot of things like colors, layout, and fonts to impress fashion lovers.

Pros of Elipsa

  1. It offers a bespoke blog slider.
  2. This name gives a stunning subscription which leads to an increase in your newsletter audience.
  3. Elipsa is compatible with WooCommerce, it not only helps to write but you can also sell your magazine online.

Elipsa Cons

  1. It needs a lot of plugins for additional features. If you want to add any Instagram feedback on the website, users have to download the install widget.
  2. It requires frequent theme and plugin updates. In other words, the agency would have to constantly log on to your site to review the homepage for watching if your theme or plugins need to be updated.

3.     Eona-Fashion

The Eona-Fashion WP theme reflects the mastery of your fashion designer work. Eona is the WordPress theme for fashion sites that have been created to supply fashion lovers with a suitable and unique place to showcase tips and tricks and recommendations regarding fashion.

 Pros of Eona-Fashion

  1. It is packed with 13 breath-taking homepages as well as it provides a sequence of shop layouts for creating a modern store so that your clients will adore and love.
  2. It does not require any physical effort as it is compatible with WooCommerce.
  3. It has various portfolio single layouts where you can display photos of your work in gallery mode.
  4. Even you can create a slider to bring transition for online presentation.

Cons of Eona-Fashion theme

  1. The embedded images in this theme are only used for presentational purposes. You need to purchase the license from the stock image to show these photos on your website.
  2. You can not obtain the copyright for the images featured in this theme.

4. Astra

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes andhas beeninstalled to create various types of websites. It is a very stable and lightweight WP theme. Astra, often cleanly beat the competition. It is greatly recommended to all customers for effective work.

Astra Pros

  1. It is technically a fast WP theme and provides ease for all kinds of development needs.
  2. Astra theme is greatly customizable and flexible so that you can manage what you need to.
  3. It comes with various header options like the pro addon extends the possibilities and adds more excellent features.

Astra Cons

  1. No comment layout and styling options.
  2. Astra theme bit lacks in the WooCommerce point as compared to other WP themes.
  3. You might get a little fewer styling options for fashion blogs.

5. Ocean WP

Ocean WP theme is considered the classic WordPress Multipurpose Theme for creating any type of website. It is the perfect theme for the project like fashion site, portfolio creation & more. Ocean WP supports third-party plugins and drag-and-drop page builders.

Ocean WP Pros

  1. The free version of Ocean WP is activated on more than thirty thousand websites and it has achieved a five-star rating on
  2. It is highly responsive and supports many multiple languages.

Cons of Ocean WP

  1. These theme Demos require premium extensions to function properly.
  2. It has a poorly organized options panel.
  3. Too many advertisements in the free version of the Ocean WP WordPress theme.


Divi is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes for beginners and is defined as the powerful WordPress theme designed to authorize your fashion blog. It is a completely new website building platform that changes or alters the standard WordPress post editor with a superior visual editor.

Pros of Divi fashion theme

  1. It has dropped and down buildings. To elaborate, you can add, delete and move the elements around the front end of your website. It has no coding and no confusing back-end options.
  2. Divi works like a modern software application where you can easily redo, undoes, and travels through your entire post-editing history.
  3. It makes the website faster and more efficient. It has amazing adorable.

Divi Cons

  1. It has longer pages for working and tend to be slow.
  2. Divi does not provide a popup builder.
  3. The inline editing option can be better on the Divi WordPress theme.

7. Audrey-Charming Fashion Theme

Audrey is a perfect theme for emphasizing the great facts and qualities of a particular brand. It is demonstrated as the modern and sophisticated WP theme for a fashion blog that will be productive to do. Audrey consists of many shop features which help to sell the creation online in an easy way.

Pros of an Audrey fashion theme

  1. Included a slider revolution responsive WP plugin.
  2. Audrey-Charming fashion theme gives different animated types of infographics.
  3. Three dropdown menus are available.

Audrey fashion Cons

  1. This theme offers limited characteristics and qualities. Most of the themes support WordPress features like creating buttons, using shortcodes, etc.
  2. Audrey is not obliged to reply to support queries.


Didi is introduced for a luxurious fashion blog. It is one of the most popular WP themes in every nook and corner of the world. This is the best minimalistic fashion theme for avid fashions who want to gain an amazing reading experience. DIDI WP theme has many fashion blog layouts that work for fashion-related topics.

Pros of DIDI

  1. It has a clean elegant layout which proves it is the best fashion blog WordPress theme.
  2. Optimized new WordPress editor.
  3. This responsive WP theme supports element or page builder and deals with WooCommerce.


  1. For making millions of sales every day, DIDI might not be the right choice.
  2. In this theme, you have to look for a professional to alter after some level of customization.

9. Kloe-Fashion and lifestyle multi-purpose theme

Kloe will be a perfect fit for creating a fashion-based website or blog if you want to represent an adequate platform to make a breakthrough in the fashion industry. Furthermore, Kloe has an extensive collection of brilliant blog templates for quickly building a blog. As a result, you can start your fashion blogging experience by styling with Kloe!

Kloe theme Pros

  1. It separates normal, sticky, and mobile header logo versions.
  2. It provides 600 + Google fonts.
  3. A full-screen slider is provided with parallax functionality.

 Cons of Kloe

  1. Large images and a lot of wording can put an impact on website speed.
  2. Pagespeed plays a very significant role in the website.

10. Makao-Fashion Shop

If you want to choose a modern stylish WordPress theme for a fashion blog, then Makao makes the perfect and stunning combination. It supplies umpteen beautiful typography and screams sophisticated fashion. Makao’s online shop incorporates filters and tags that help the clients to find the items in their ease, which they want.

Pros of Makao

  1. It provides five types of the header for a fashion blog websites.
  2. With the Makao-Fashion Shop WP theme, you can customize the Mega Menu.
  3. It provides a wide assortment of premade templates for single products.

Makao Cons

  1. This theme has a similar design, but it’s no unique.
  2. It provides limited support options for free themes.

11. Allure Fashion Blog Theme

Allure is a preferred WordPress theme for fashion blogs, among the fashion blog community. Allure provides a lot of home page sets and block styles that can be suitable for all requirements.  Overall, by its attractive interface, a plethora of useful customizable options will help to move fastly on the way of fashion blogs catwalk!

Allure Pros

  1. It shares social functionality and some powerful and intuitive options.
  2. Allure includes the visual composer of WordPress.
  3. This theme floats background images in logo areas.
  4. It highlights the stylish fashion pieces to form three blog sliders.

Cons of Allure

  1. In this theme, you have to manage and update the plugins.
  2. Sometimes, it creates glitches and errors due to technological advancements.

12. Street Style

For a strong, professional platform that covers all the blogging needs and to enjoy your favorite hobbies with anxiety feelings, then street style is the strongest point. Street Style WP Theme has a custom look book post format. This theme provides the possibility of presenting the latest posts from some specific categories in the sidebar.

Street Style Pros

  1.  It gives 10+ Blogspot styles.
  2.  All kinds of theme options at a place.
  3. Street style comes with Mailchimp integration and an Instagram feed.

Cons of Street Style

  1. This theme slows down the page speed because of oversaturated databases, and codebases.
  2. It offers limited SEO optimizing features.

13. Lounge: Clean Elegant WP Theme

The lounge is chased as a professional WordPress theme with minimalistic and some design for modern business and creative purposes. This framework is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Lounge WordPress theme Pros

  1. It gives an unlimited possibility of adding and creating sliders and parallax pages.
  2. The Lounge has given an option of translation ready.
  3. Three dropdown menus.
  4. Simply easy to use a suitable admin interface.

Cons of Lounge WordPress theme

  1. In this theme, you should have plenty of keywords as it just provides little references so it can put an impact on the ranking of search engines.
  2. There are some chances of getting hacked and spammed into the websites.

14. Rango-Modern Fashion WooCommerce Theme

It is an interesting WP Woo-Commerce theme for avid of fashion such as bloggers, influencers, retail stores, custom brand shops. It is the most powerful theme for perfection in fashion and it provides the satisfaction of any sort of vision that can be suitable for websites.

Rango Pros

  1. Rango provides a clean modern design that will give fashion blogs and unique look.
  2. It provides multiple shortcodes.
  3. Rango-Modern has a font awesome icons.
  4. Rango is a useful addition to the Ajax cart plugin.
  5. You can access 15+ modern fashion predefine Demos.

Cons of Rango WP Theme

  1. The vulnerability of any website can lead to a bad effect on credibility.
  2. As this theme is an open-source engine so it can become the target of possible hackers.

15. Chandelier theme for custom brands

This is the last theme in this list of the Best WordPress Themes for Fashion. It is particularly designed for modify brands who want to expand their fashion business online in a productive way.  Chandelier theme is great for fashion bloggers and any kind of retail store. It is one of the most imperative facts to showcase their amazing exclusively tailored pieces in a deserving way.

Chandelier theme Pros

  1. It gives extensive typography options.
  2. Umpteen portfolio single layouts.
  3. It has various variants in the dark and light logos.
  4. Integration of WooCommerce.

Cons of Chandelier theme

  1. For functioning properly, you have to download many themes and plugins.
  2. It lacks a lot of customizability in premium fashionable themes.


Overall, the traditional WordPress themes are designed for many purposes like business, personal, and fashion blogs. Various top-notch brands use popular WordPress themes in fashion blogging by seeing its ease of use and flexibility. WordPress themes are specially tailored to adjust every requirement of upcoming fashion lovers. Therefore, it is an excellent way for becoming the most successful blogger on the internet by choosing the design of effective WordPress themes.

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