Best WordPress Sports Plugins

Someone fully customized sports blog or website with live updates. We got to see the scoreboards, live match progress, countdown timer, etc. On the different sides. WordPress is one of the biggest and well-designed platform for your blogging sites. If you are the one planning to create the blog site in the sports niche, then the sports plugins will make it possible to customize your site well.

Sports are one of the loved interest of almost all individuals. Nowadays, running a blog or website is easier with a platform like WordPress. Not only that but also to make ease and better for your site we can find the bundle of plugins.

With the help of the best wordpress sports plugins, you can create a handsome and attractive blog that definitely grabs an audience.

Sadly, for this narrow decision, we feel confused to choose the best sports plugins that are definitely better to choose from the plugins hub.

Are you the one to find the best sports plugins for wordpress? If yes then here we are going to give you the best suggestion list including its features, uses, merits, price and review.

What are Sports Plugins – Uses, and Merits

Before getting to the list of best sports wordpress plugins let me clear about the sports plugins. Sports plugins are the similar plugins or add-ons use for additional features to the site. It is one add-on app for customizing the structure of any site.

You may have noticed the live status of the match, countdown timer, etc. On the sidebar of the website. So, these all are possible because of the help of plugins. It means, using the plugins we can add such elements to our site to make it more attractive and features fully.

Sports plugins are the same plugins as other plugins. It is the same as Yoast SEO, DIVI, Elementor, Block Editor, etc. That helps in making the site easier by providing customization, adding features, etc.

In short, plugins are those tools used in the wordpress site for getting the required functionality.

Using the sports plugins you can add the timer of the upcoming match, live match scores, other scoreboards, etc.

10 Best WordPress Sports Plugins,

Before reading this top 10 list I highly recommend you to choose the perfect sports plugins as per the need of site and reviews. So, check out the list with its features and review it once.

1. Sports Bench

Want to get the premium looks to your sports website? If yes, then the Sports Bench plugin is for you. It is one of the best sports plugins for your site. With these plugins, you can get a bundle of features to customize your site with attractive scoreboard panels and many more.

Its flat big interstitial banner for the live matches on the side looks really impressive. Over this banner, you can easily place the live updates of the matches, scoreboard and many more.

Because of its customizable nature, you can get more freedom to customize any wordpress sports site. Mainly, its quick recap features on the sidebar look impressive. Here we got the better updates with the custom CSS codes too.

  • Easy live updates display on all pages of the site. Possible to display the updates and scores up to 10 teams at once.
  • Easy to use for every user
  • Quick recap features for the easy catching of the missed updates
  • It is easy to add different widgets like Scoreboard, Live match updates, Leaderboard, etc.
  • More customizable, easy to customize with CSS & Short Codes.
Pricing and Planning

If you are going to own the premium features, then the subscription is only the way. The regular license of the Sports Bench plugin is $25. $25 is an initial price for its premium version. By adding a $41 (total= $65) you can extend its premium service for the next 6 months.

Similarly, for the yearly subscription, pay an additional $7.88.

2. SportsPress,

The most downloaded sports plugins for wordpress is not other than SportsPress. SportsPress is one of the perfect and powerful plugins for customizing your sports related site. Because of its easy interface and useful features, it holds top-level trust in the crowd of sports plugins.

Using this plugin one can get the perfect solution for their sport related website. SportsPress make it possible to add live match updates with its advanced league management features.

It features multiple solutions for every type of sports. Either you are creating football, basketball, cricket, volleyball or baseball it’s the perfect plugin to flash the live updates on the site’s page.

  • Compatible with the WPML Supports multiple languages.
  • Easy customization of the colours, themes and shades of the status panel.
  • Easy to use and set up with drag-and-drop features.
  • Better data management system. It stores all data of the matches, including recent statistics.
  • Club profiles, including the list of the player with their statistics
  • League and Agency license for pro-level sites.
  • Supports shortcodes
Pricing and Planning

Along with the premium version we can use this plugin in its free version too. By luck, it is enough to get the number of features and editing options for the status panel on our website.

Talking about the premium membership, then you can go for it at $99. The $99 costs for the Club license. You can upgrade the plan to either League or Agency as per the needs of the features in your site.

Price: $99/y for Club license with year support and updates

$199/y for League License ……

$499/y for Agency License……

30-day money-back for the subscribed users

3. League Table

Flashing the latest updates of the premier league on your wordpress site is possible with this league table sports plugin. League table plugin mainly works for giving the banner or stick ranking of the live matches.

Personally, I impressed when I see the use of this plugin on my friend’s site. This plugin makes it possible to keep on updating the latest scores of the live match in simple steps.

You can get an option to store the league data in the CSV (Excel/ Spreadseed) so you can easily get and edit that data. So, to update the latest rankings simply import the CSV data with the help of this plugin.

With its responsive nature, you can easily get full access to the mobile device too. With it’s nature of mobile-friendly sports plugins your site full of live updates of the match.

  • League Table comes with 106 customization options.
  • Easy to import the live data from the CSV files.
  • Mobile friendly works perfectly with every wordpress themes.
  • Easy to tabulate the live scoreboard of the different teams at once.
  • Features the cell properties to customize and highlights the scores.
Pricing and Planning

League Table manage all the sports updated data and flash it on your site. Publishing the statistics of the match on your wordpress site in attractive tabular form is possible with this best wordpress sports plugin.

To enjoy all the 106 customization settings from this plugin, you just need to go for the premium license of this plugin. The initial license price starts from $39 for single users.

4. Soccer Engine

The simple way to manage your sports niche wordpress site is using Soccer Engine. This plugin helps to make the proper management of the match with the customizable features. We can able to display the latest updates of the match with this plugin on the site within a time.

Coming to its major features, we can add the floating bar with the full details of the match. Also, the features of using the shortcodes and CSS definitely make it perfect for any wordpress themes.

Similarly, it’s an easy interface with several customization menus like customizing the floating bar, updating live scores, adding custom texts, etc. Perfect to see on it.

  • Easy and light extension, no more effect on page speed.
  • More and easy customization.
  • Enough customization options like a floating bar, top leaderboard, etc. For live updates.
  • Features an option to create the custom rules, creating the teams with the custom option.
  • Possible to import the live updates from the original servers.
Pricing and Planning

Soccer engine is one of the premium sports plugins that is enough cheaper than other alternatives. We can get this plugin at an initial price of $20. We can upgrade or extend the license up to a year by adding the $100 to it.

Coming to the updates and support then you can get the updates for the next year by just paying the $6 for regular and $30 for an extended license.

5. AnWP Football League

Football formation is another highly rated sports plugins for your wordpress site. From its name, you may get simple information about this plugin. Yes, this plugin made for the football blog site only.

It’s one of the micro niche-based plugins that are perfect for your site to update the football match contents. As main this plugin works by adding the meta box on your block editor to make it easy for adding the additional details of the match like scores and leaderboard.

Personally, this plugin is perfect for your football and volleyball niche site. From my personal expectation, I find this plugin better although they limited its features with simple shortcodes.

  • Makes an attractive and professional football niche site.
  • Cheap and best plugin for the sports niche blog
  • The simple user interface, with simple shortcodes
  • Easy to add live updates with the simple meta box
  • Easy to edit, customize and format the placement of the banner on site.
  • Features in importing and exporting the schedules
  • Attractive leaderboard option for the knockout, round-ribbon, etc.
  • Multilingual support the 13 languages
  • Custom option for the ranking, rules, calendar, with short code support.
Pricing and Planning

To unlock all the premium features like the live scores, timeline of the match, custom layout builder, with the support of image scoreboard, etc. You need to subscribe it’s the premium plan.

You can get the premium license for $10 per month. For better, you can go for the yearly based plan of $79. As more paying the $219 for the lifetime may be an excellent decision for the long term blogging in a football niche blog. Including the premium features, you can get updates, premium support with themes as a bonus.

6. JoomSport

We rarely see the wide support of this plugin. JoomSport is one of the most popular and best sports plugins for Joomla sites. It works fine on any Joomla site to make it professional sports blog. Don’t worry, it can also work in wordpress.

Well, it’s a powerful plugin that I got from the wide list of best wordpress sports plugins. Using this JoomSport plugin you can easily flash the banner and updates the live match. To do this, you just need to create the match by organizing the team and players.

With its premium version, we can easily create the profile of each player, including the profile photos and personal information. Besides, the advanced league management features improve your site to look for visitors.

  • Best wordpress and Joomla sports plugins,
  • Easy to manage league and tournaments
  • Personal profile management of the players
  • Easy to create the team and league
  • Easy to create and publish the live updates of the match
  • Simple and attractive user interface
  • Comes with an in-built map features
Pricing and Planning

JoomSport is one of the premium tool for the wordpress and joomla site that make it possible to mange the live tournaments and league. With the premium features you are able to unlock additional features like radio button, text box, etc.

The premium plans of the plugin starts from $10/ month.

7. WP Club Manager

It’s the free best wordpress sports plugin to convert your normal wordpress site to a professional sports site. It’s one of the simple but powerful plugins that work effectively to make any wordpress site user friendly.

Creating multiple games at a time is possible with this free plugin. As more, you can create multiple teams with the live updates of the match.

As Pros, it supports the shortcodes features. Yes, to customize the site as your wish you can simply use the shortcodes that make it possible for additional free customization.

  • Free, best and light sports plugins for wordpress
  • Powerful table for the live leagues and tournament
  • Easy to create the team and multiple games list
  • Built-in maps features for location-based match report
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Supports the shortcodes for additional customization
  • Features the profile creation of the player and teams.
Pricing and Planning

Wp Club Manager is the free wordpress sports plugins. Because of its free pricing, we can’t expect the top-level features but still okay for the intermediate blog for managing the multi leagues and teams.

Just go to the site and download this plugin for free. As my personal expectation, it’s the perfect plugin for the infant and intermediate sports blogs only.

8. Fan Victor

One of my favourite sports plugins for wordpress is Fan Victor. This sports plugin is fully customizeable and made ready to boost up your WordPress site. Really, using this plugin I am sure that you are going to give a fantasy and attractive look to your site.

Its pro-level features with flexible customization features make it better. As more this plugin is powerful and able to work easily with the crypto as the way of payment in fantasy games.

The support of player units, additional customization, live scoreboard, etc. Are the major features of this plugin. Either you are targeting football, golf, volleyball, or any other matches this plugin is all one solution.

  • Simple to use with easy design and customization
  • Works on the crypto-based wallet for fantasy games
  • Supports shortcodes
  • Works on every niche sports blogs either football, basketball, etc.
  • Easy to build professional sports blog site.
  • Premium level features
Pricing and Planning

Fan Victor is the professional and all in one solution for every sports niche blog. This is one of the powerful wordpress plugins to customize the wordpress site with all the CSS features. It’s one of the premium plugins where we can able to create the league, collect the entry fee, etc.

As more, we can get the payment support of crypto, including the flexible option for customization. You can subscribe to its lifetime premium plugin at $297 with free updates and support.

9. Football Pool

Searching for the free sports plugins for wordpress? Yes, free, if you are the one on finding the best free wordpress sports plugins then definitely the Football Pool is for you. It is great to see the plenty of features under its free license.

By installing this plugin you can add an option like match predictions, custom text, live scores and many more. As with our previous AnWP Football League plugin this plugin is also fully based on a minor niche.

At all, Football Pool is the free and best alternative to the Football Formation plugin. This plugin is better for adding the beat panel, live scores, adding the custom question, auto pool ranking, etc. That’s great.

  • Best sports plugin for a football niche site
  • Easy to set up and edit the features
  • Custom text and questions options for pool and feedback
  • Auto and live updates of the match
  • Simple short-codes, lighter plugin
Pricing and Planning

Football Pool is one of the completely free plugins made for your football niche blog and site. Using this free plugin you can add the auto pool with custom questions. Also, possible to create a schedule menu for updating the scores and many more.

10. Team Rosters

The last plugin for your sports niche from our list is Team Rosters. This plugin is perfect for managing the live team scoreboards. With this plugin, you can keep on updating the latest scores made by the team.

As more, it features a better league management system on your site. Its automatic management of the table after updating the scores is very impressive. Similarly, the support of live CSS and shortcodes make this plugin more friendly for the developer in terms of customization.

For more, we can get all the top-level features like embedding the live matches video to premiere the live matches on your site.

  • Easy to manage the leagues and live games
  • Features embedding the player for the live matches
  • Features the shortcodes with the auto table generation
  • Powerful and lightweight plugin
  • Easy team management
Pricing and Planning

It’s one of the free wordpress sports plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sports Plugins?

It made sports plugins for customizing and adding additional features to the site. Using the sports plugins you can add the features to your site to make it more powerful and professional.

How to use Sports Plugins?

Like other normal plugins for wordpress, you can use any sports plugins. For that just download, install and activate the plugin to get used.

Can SportPress Plugin Add Teams?

Using the SportPress Sports plugin you can easily add the number of teams and league on the standard banner. To add a team and member in the league, simply go to the dashboard and edit or add.

Final Words

Publishing your sports niche site on a wordpress platform is not a complete solution. As we all know, the sports sites are fully customized and made attractive to live scores, leaderboard, etc. So, to configure all the live updates, pop-up and live sidebar league updates we need to take the help of sports plugins. For this, we need to find out the best wordpress sports plugins.

Here we have tried our best to find out the list of the best plugin for your sports site. Overall, all the sports plugins are best for making your site professional.

As a choice, if you are preferring to make multiple based sports blogs then Fan victor is the best premium plugins. In terms of a particular football niche, I recommend you to go for the AnWP Football League plugin. At last, SportPress Premium is the powerful solution for your sports site.

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