Best WordPress live streaming plugins

When we are planning to give something new for our blog or website visitors, then I think online streaming is not other than that. Whether you are running your online course or providing the streaming services of the videos, movies or any courses, you need to think about such streaming kits. Here we have targeted the WordPress platform with these 7 best WordPress live streaming plugins.

Live streaming is now becoming one of the trending ways to explore ideas, webinars or anything over the different platforms. When we talk about WordPress, then the ratio is increasing day to day as like other streaming platforms.

After COVID-19 and its Lockdown decision makes the popularity and usage of such plugins in WordPress. Not only to WordPress. After the pandemic, streaming becomes one of the single ways to connect with a large audience virtually.

With all of this, we are targeting those Word press users and bloggers who are in search of the best live streaming WordPress plugin to engage with their audience.

Live streaming is now becoming one of the trending ways to explore ideas, webinars or anything over the different platforms. When we talk about WordPress, then the ratio is increasing day to day as like other streaming platforms.

After COVID-19 and its Lockdown decision makes the popularity and usage of such plugins in WordPress. Not only to WordPress. After the pandemic, streaming becomes one of the single ways to connect with a large audience virtually.

With all of this, we are targeting those Word press users and bloggers who are in search of the best live streaming WordPress plugin to engage with their audience.

Why Live Streaming in WordPress?

If you are still a beginner and unaware of the benefits, objectives of live streaming including the plugins for WordPress then just give your 2 minutes to read these.

Let me clear that live streaming is not a new term. Although the practice of live streaming rises with the Lockdown all over the world, its practice was before this.

These days you can easily perform live streaming from your social media account like Facebook. If you are on YouTube, then there is also an option to do it.

We can say live streaming is a process that helps to broadcast live updates with your viewers and audience. One can easily broadcast live events like sports, seminars, webinars, meeting, etc.

Okay, let’s come to WordPress, it’s one of the popular blogging platforms. These days the audience is not only limited to the established streaming platform like YouTube and Facebook.

This is the reason it’s the best way to attract viewers from social platform to your site to get more engagement. With the mentioned WordPress Live Streaming Video Plugin you are going to make it possible to handle your business or service rightly.

Uses and Merits of Live Video Streaming Plugin for WordPress

At first, we have to mention the infield uses of such streaming plugins in your WordPress site.

If you are running live video games, live webinars, live classes, live news, online movies, etc. Then you need the help of such streaming plugins.

If we go through the web then we can find the number of websites offering the live course, live chat, session and movies for streaming. Did you know how they stream? The answer is with the help of such streaming plugins.

Okay, if you are planning to get direct engagement, webinars, online services, session, product demonstrations, etc. Then you need it.

Advantages of Live Streaming in Website

Live streaming is the same as video chat but it’s a professional term. Oh, hurry! Check this some merits of live streaming on the website.

  • More engagements and leads.
  • Direct niche based traffic
  • SEO Ranking, Helps in ranking
  • Easy to access the links, affiliate income
  • Easy connection with the audience

Best WordPress Live Streaming Plugin

Now it’s time to find and choose the Best WordPress Live Streaming Video Plugin. We have tried our best to give this list based on deep research and practical use.

1. WebinarPress

WebinarPress is one of the professional wordpress live streaming plugins I got. If you are performing the live web seminars on your wordpress site, then I don’t think that there are other best wordpress live streaming plugins.

Using this WebinarPress wordpress plugin you can host the live videos and webinars in just a minute. To get with the WebinarPress wordpress plugin you just need to have basic knowledge about how the extension works.

With respect to its streaming performance then it’s great as YouTube Live. It means, it’s one of the fully-featured plugins that delivers responsive pages with no buffering issues.

If you are the one performing the live class, session or webinars, then it may be the best among the best. Using this live streaming plugin you can easily interact with your audience and viewers.

When we go towards the research then a lot of wordpress site that providing webinars, session and online tutorial classes are using this plugin for interacting with the audience.

I had tried once this plugin for live streaming on my wordpress site. As per my review, I like this plugin much. Mainly its responsive nature with additional customization on the style makes me go for it. Further, the before confirmation while sign in, countdown timer on-page, discussion and reply on live, different external live streaming source like Hangouts on Air, YouTube Live, etc. Make it possible to stream successfully.


  • Additional customization on the webinar page
  • Responsive and mobile site friendly
  • Webinar countdown
  • Auto collection of email and users’ names
  • Master nature, friendly in almost all wordpress themes
  • Worry-free webinars
  • Q&A Services, Give away features
  • Live users, email reminders

l Pro: Auto webinar records, member webinars, Live discussion, recurring webinars, paid webinars, etc.

Price: Free and Premium Both

2. WpStream

One of the highly-rated, as well as best live streaming wordpress plugin that I got after research, is WpStream. Here the name clearly suggests the work of this plugin. As with its name, the features are also exceptional.

It’s fully designed for effortless and zero-buffering live streaming. If it based your website on streaming, then it’s a great option. Not only wordpress many movie streaming sites prepared under wordpress are using this plugin.

We can say it as the professional level wordpress streaming plugin where we can perform the Pay Per View, Video On Demand, etc. With no errors.

As with the WebinarPress plugin for wordpress this plugin also works fine in any browsers and OS platforms. Regarding its responsiveness, there is no need to think more. Similarly, its master features of performing live streaming directly from OBS, Wirecast, Larix, etc. From RTMP Software makes you install this plugin once in your WordPress.

To get the features of compatibility you can easily add a pre-made video player to the webpage using the shortcodes. It’s easy to add the number of channels, videos on your WordPress with this plugin.

On the point of security, I think you don’t need to worry. With its encrypted nature, you can enjoy worry-free streaming with zero risks. WpStream encrypts your data and delivers the best security layer to your streaming contents.


  • Works with a popular streaming platform like YouTube Live
  • Handy streaming plugin for wordpress
  • Mobile friendly can stream via smartphones
  • Custom post for video, unlimited channels, videos on the site page
  • Easy to Embed with Shortcodes
  • Video On Demand & Pay Per View
  • WooCommerce Plugin for Monetizing

Pro: Fully Data Encryption, Content’s Security, More Storage and Bandwidth, Ads Free Experience, etc.

Price: Free and Premium Both

3. Embed Plus for YouTube – Best WordPress Live Streaming Plugin

One of the handiest live video streaming plugins for wordpress for me is Embed Plus for YouTube. They fully packed this plugin with a lot of customization features. As more, its defer critical and non-critical JavaScript features make it possible to boost the loading time to deliver bufferless and latency-free streaming.

If we go for its details on, then it’s clearly mentioned this plugin is friendly to all blocks for your wordpress either its block editor or classic editor.

As per my personal use, I feel easy to place the live streaming on my site with just simple steps. It’s easy to embed the videos, and also live stream in your site with simple shortcodes that work on every theme.

Similarly, getting the YouTube gallery compatibility is another plus point. It means you can easily add unlimited channels, videos and playlists on your wordpress site page with easy shortcodes.

Besides this, if your mission is to premiere the live YouTube Videos then it is also possible on it. As with a YouTube Live stream you can also premiere the videos in easy steps.

Mainly, its accessibility features are also good. As like this its auto SSL certification on your video URL make it possible to protect and maintain the proper security. This plugin helps to convert the non-HTTPS videos to HTTPS that make it possible to secure your site, also impact SERP.


  • Fast, Light and best wordpress live streaming plugin
  • Compatible for every block, themes and page builder
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly
  • Improved privacy and Consent with GDPR Compliance
  • Unlimited channels, videos and playlists
  • Auto SSL configuration for the Embedded Videos

Pro: Full Visual embedding wizard, auto caching, YouTube Live chat, Priority support, etc.

Price: Free and Premium Both

4. Magic Embeds

Many wordpress users who will perform live streaming have an option for going to the Magic Embeds. It’s another best wordpress live streaming video plugin through which we can embed the live videos from Facebook.

This plugin helps to embed every content from Facebook so which your visitors will get more engagement that leads to quality traffic generation, positive in SERP and income. 

Live streaming on social media is in practice for many years. These days you can easily perform live streaming from your social media account like Facebook. If you are on YouTube, then there is also an option to do it.

Actually, this plugin embeds the Facebook videos whether it’s live or uploaded. Positively, I like its comment section removed. This plugin removes the wordpress comments with Facebook comments for the desired post.

Still, I’m using this plugin for live streaming on my wordpress site. Personally, I got this plugin more handy and lite. With this, I can easily stream the videos on WordPress with simple shortcodes.

Here you need to keep in mind, this streaming plugin works with the help of Facebook Live. You must set the Facebook API key to get live streaming in your wordpress with the Facebook live videos.


  • Facebook Live Videos
  • Shortcodes for easy invoking the like, share and save
  • Embeds 9 elements from Facebook live:
  • Responsive and customizable
  • Simple, light and great plugin for live streaming

Pro: 9+1 Events features, Full-Screen features with captions

Price: Free and Premium Both

5. Free Livestream – Live Video Streaming with Hapity

Searching for the one-click live streaming plugin for wordpress for free? Free Livestream is the best live video streaming plugin for wordpress through which you can easily perform the live session, or stream with your visitors.

This plugin lets you make proper engagements with the visitors and audience with just easy steps. Its free hosting features are really impressive.

Hapity Free Livestream provides free video hosting for all the users. It means you don’t need to worry about upgrading your hosting plan to store that streamed files.

As social shares, we can find the default Facebook and Twitter for sharing your live streaming to gather more visitors to your site. In the point of SEO, this plugin plays an important role.

We all know the visitors time on our site is one factor for SERP. Also, it’s about video streaming to your site in simple steps that may make you love these free products.


  • One-click streaming, easy to set up
  • Direct streaming from WordPress site
  • Easy social share
  • Auto inbound links from social site to an original wordpress site (your site)
  • Free video hosting included worry-free video streaming

Price: Free

Some Live Streaming Software for WordPress

6. Wirecast

Well, after getting the top 5 list of best wordpress live streaming plugin here now with some professional software for live streaming. If you are planning to share your story, session and content, grow your audience and build your community then Wirecast is for you.

It’s one of the pro-level streaming software that can use even in your wordpress. In fact, it does not limit the field usage of this live streaming software to wordpress but it’s wider than that.

Personally, I haven’t tried this software but as per my research and study, I can claim it as best for your streaming. With this software, you can start your streaming within minutes. It means it’s fast and time-saving.

Wirecast helps to stream from different streaming platforms either from YouTube or Facebook. Here you can find the multiple features to make your streaming even better.

Its master features like video capture, audio capture, shots, overlays make it possible to boost your live streaming. To stream this live streaming in your wordpress, you need to embed the code in any best wordpress live streaming plugins like Embed Plus for Youtube or WpStream.


  • Works on all PCs and Mac devices
  • Multiple streaming features, record, shoot, etc.
  • Features the multiple output options
  • Easy to stream in wordpress with free plugins

Price: Premium

7. YouTube Live – Free & Best WordPress Live Streaming

Youtube is a well-known platform for everyone. Also, you may know it’s one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world with millions of users. So, at last, we have listed Youtube as that plugin and platform through which you can meet the requirements of the best live streaming wordpress plugin at free.

YouTube is an open-source platform owned by Google. As with another majority of products from the company, it’s also that free platform for streaming the videos for free.

Yes, it may be the best platform for going to the live stream free of cost and an optimized user experience. Simply you can perform the Live stream for your youtube site/ app and copy the embed code. After you need to paste that live embed code in your wordpress site or post.

Boom! It’s the free and the best wordpress live streaming software that I got for you. Just go back to the third position from our list (Embed plus for Youtube), it’s better than that.

Note, to get live streaming with Youtube you must need to create the Youtube channel at first. Also, it may not be worthy of your YouTube channel has a good number of subscribers.


  • Worry-free Video storage
  • User-friendly experience
  • Easy to embed and use, can embed on non-wordpress site too
  • Software free platform for live streaming

Price: Free

Final Mission

If you are willing to perform the live streaming on your wordpress site, then you may get plenty of software and plugins that make it possible. When we go through the top 7 list of best wordpress live streaming plugin then I think Youtube Live is best for free. Its user-friendly experience and worry-free video storage and easy embedding features make many of us go for it.

Sadly, it needs a Youtube channel. Just to have youtube access is not possible it. You must need to have a youtube channel for this process.

Overall, all the mentioned plugins and software are well researched and good. Personally, if I need to go for one then I highly recommend you to go for WpStream.

WpStream is fully optimized for your wordpress and works in every theme as well as block. Similarly, its easy embedding features with the support of live streaming from Youtube, Facebook make me go for it.

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