Top 4 Best Table of Content WordPress Plugin with Explanation 2021

Table of Content Plugin: What if you are going somewhere and you do not have the map of that way, you will have to ask the people for the way again and again, right?

Why do you need a map?

You need the map for the navigation of the which will carry you to your destination and the navigation map helps you to decide the way, it informs you about where the hotel is, where the petrol pump is, where the turning, etc.., isn’t it?

In the blog, the table of content works like the navigation map.

A blogger person does not work for himself, he works for his users and is always in search of providing the values to his users.

There are many aspects by following that you can add value in your user’s experience but in this article, we are going explore one module of that and it is the Table of Content.

What is the Table of Content?

You can say that the table of content is the navigation of your article which indicates at the starting of the article what you have written the article about.

The table of content gives an overview of what is in the blog or page at the starting, and users can jump directly on that topic.

You can see how the Table of Content appears.

Table of Content

Let’s understand it by example!

Suppose you have created a blog regarding how to make money online, and in that blog, you have mentioned the various ways to make money online.

Let’s suppose you have included the below topics in your article or blog post.

  • Make Money online Concept
  • Why you should make money online
  • Ways to make money online
  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Photo Uploading on sites
  • Virtual Assistance work
  • Scribing

Now, a user lands on your blog and he will see the Title and your starting meta description and all the things which are at the starting of your blog.

He does not know what is in your blog till the end, and he has to scroll down until the end of the blog to check the content of the blog.

So, to provide ease, what we do that we give our users the info about the content of the blog in one table by just heading off the topics included in our blog, it is called the Table of Content.

By reading the table of content at the starting of the blog, he gets the idea that is there any information regarding his requirement available or not.

Let’s suppose he is interested to know about how to earn money by YouTube, so what will he do that he will click on the link for YouTube given in the table of content and will jump directly on that topic.

This thing enables our users to save time and gives them a better user experience.

Official Definition of Table of Content: Table of content is the group of hyperlinks which are directly connected with the content and topics of the same blog which redirect the user on that topic directly without scrolling.

Why Table of Content is Necessary?

Webloggers do not work for us, we work for the users of Google, and they are also our readers so if we want to be kept in the ranking, we must provide value and ease to our readers.

In the earlier of this article, you have properly understood what is the table of content and how it works.

So, here you can clearly see that the Table of Content saves the time of our users, it provides the user ease of reading and reduce unnecessary efforts and irritation.

Make the User Experience Better

You just imaging that you are searching for something on Google, you placed the keyword in the Google search engine and it redirected you to the relevant blog.

The blog on which you have been redirected is too long and many topics around your searches are included in it, but you do not want to read all the things.

You just want information for your purpose, then what you will have to do?

You will have to scroll slowly until you get the topic that you are looking for right?

You have to get an overview of the whole blog which can consume your valuable time and energy, plus if the blog is very long, you may feel irritation and may get exit from that blog and start looking on the other blog.

But, if there is a table of content in that blog, you can easily find in just 5-10 seconds that is your information available in the blog or not, if available, then you do not have to scroll, you just click on that link and it will redirect on that content directly without wasting a single second, right?

Decrease the Bounce Rate of Blog

As long as the user will get his required information easily, he will not get irritated and will spend the time on our blog to collect it and there are many chances that he click on the relevant internal links of our blog also.

If we would not have inserted the Table of Content in our blog, there are many chances that he gets confused and leave the blog to get the information more easily from another blog.

And being a blogger, you know very well that the escape of the user in few seconds without spending the time on our blog is the root cause of Bounce Rate Hike.

Thus, the Table of Content decreases the bounce rate of our blog and which helps in ranking indirectly.

How to Insert Table of Content in Blog

Hence there are two ways by which you can add the table of content on your blog but it depends that which platform for the blogging you are using.

  • Coding
  • Inserting the plugin of table of content

If you are using the blogger platform of Google, then you have added the table of content by coding only, but if you are using the WordPress platform for blogging, then you can add the table of content very easily by installing the Plugin of Table of Content.

In WordPress, there are many free and paid plugins available for the Table of Content.

The benefit of having WordPress is that you will not have to do coding for inserting the table of content in your blog’s starting portion or anywhere else.

You can enable the Table of content plugin by just inserting and activating the plugin.

Is Table of Content WordPress Plugin Free or Paid?

There are both versions available, Free and Paid, and both are recommendable for the blogger, it depends on the requirements of the blogger.

If you are a new blogger or in a starting phase of blogging, then the free plugin is good and recommendable for you, you do not need to invest in the paid plugin for a table of content.

But if you have reached a certain level of blogging and are pretty much sure about investing to have better quality and services, you can definitely buy the premium plugin of the table of content.

Let’s explore some very best Table of Content Plugin which will provide your reader the full value for reading.

1. Easy Table of ContentsBest Free Plugin

Easy Table of Contents plugin is very simple to use and customize, you do not need to add any API key or any secret code to activate and modify it.

You have to just install it from the WordPress plugin’s module or from the site and activate it.

  • Version: 2.0.17
  • Author: Steven A. Zahm
  • Last Updated: 3 months ago
  • Requires WordPress Version: 5.3 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 5.7.2
  • Requires PHP Version: 5.6.20 or higher
  • Active Installations: 200,000+

If you want a simple and good interface of your table content in your blog, you should install this plugin without thinking twice as this is a free plugin that anyone can use.

This plugin is only for WordPress users, not compatible with the blogger platform.


  • Background Color Customization
  • Font Color Customization
  • The place of Table Content customization
  • Pre-installed themes and customizable themes available
  • Customizable Height and width of TOC
  • Link colors and hover link color customization
  • Auto insert feature
  • Automictically detection of where to insert the TOC feature
  • Hierarchy view feature
  • Toggle Feature
  • Editable the Header Label

2. Table of Contents Plus

If you are looking for a very powerful and user-friendly free plugin for a table of content that creates the table of content automatically, you should check out this one and this is absolutely free of cost.

Table of Content
  • Version: 2002
  • Author: Michael Tran
  • Last Updated: 4 months ago
  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.2 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 5.7.2
  • Active Installations: 300,000+

This one also provides you the good and multiple user-friendly interfaces which make the experience of your reader better.

The Table of Content Plus plugin is compatible with the Guttenberg block editor and classic editor both.


  • Auto Insert table of content in posts and pages
  • Hierarchical view feature
  • Sitemap pages shortcode feature
  • Background Color Customization
  • Font Color Customization
  • The place of Table Content customization
  • Pre-installed themes and customizable themes available
  • Customizable Height and width of TOC
  • Link colors and hover link color customization
  • Auto insert feature
  • Automictically detection of where to insert the TOC feature
  • Hierarchy view feature
  • Toggle Feature
  • Editable the Header Label

3. LuckyWP Table of Contents – Best Free Plugin for Advanced Bloggers

The LuckyWP Table of Content Plugin has a very nice appearance which is customizable and it creates the SEO-friendly table of contents for your blog post and page.

Hence, it is free of cost you can download it from the official site of WordPress which is, and make your page more user-friendly.

Table of Content
  • Version:2.1.4
  • Last updated:11 months ago
  • Active installations:70,000+
  • WordPress Version:4.7 or higher
  • Tested up to:5.5.5
  • PHP Version:5.6.20 or higher

In addition, it is fully compatible with the Guttenberg Block editor and the classic editor, in the classic editor if you want to insert the table of content manually anywhere in the blog post, you can insert it by the shortcode.


  • Automatically insertion of a table of contents
  • SEO-friendly: table of contents code is ready to use by Google for snippets on the result page.
  • Insert by shortcode, Gutenberg block, or widget.
  • Button on the toolbar of the classic editor.
  • Gutenberg block into “Common Blocks”.
  • Setting the minimum number of headings to display a table of contents.
  • Setting the depth of headings for the table of contents.
  • Skip headings by level or text.
  • Hierarchical or linear view.
  • Numeration items: decimal or roman numbers in order or nested.
  • Customizable appearance: width, float, title font size and weight, items font size, colors.
  • Color schemes (dark, light, white, transparent, inherit from theme) and the ability to override colors.
  • Toggle Show/Hide (optionally)
  • Customizable labels.
  • Smooth scroll
  • Highly compatible with WordPress themes and plugins.

4 . Heroic Table of Contents – New Experience

The Heroic Table of Contents is a newly introduced Table of Content Plugin which is a new experience for all of us, and I have personally used it.

According to my experience, this plugin can give you a better experience as it is customizable after inserting it in your blog post by the custom bar located on the right side.

It has many new and advanced features that make your user more comfortable reading your blog with a nice experience.

Table of content
  • Version:1.1.2
  • Last updated:4 months ago
  • Active installations:2,000+
  • WordPress Version:5.4 or higher
  • Tested up to:5.6.4
  • PHP Version:7.0 or higher


  • Add a contents section to pages in seconds.
  • Choose from 4 pre-made Table of Contents styles.
  • Hide and relabel headings without altering the original content.
  • Choose which headings to display in the Table of Contents.
  • Expand and collapse the content section.
  • Place the contents section anywhere.
  • Choose bulleted, numbered, or plain lists
  • Use multiple Table of Contents blocks to break up and sub-index lengthy content.
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly

The Heroic Table of contents plugin detects all types of headings automatically and inserts them in the post if you have set the auto insert mode on.

If you do not want to auto-insert, then you can add the table of content manually in your post or page and customize it with pre-installed themes and features.

As the main intense is to insert the table of content to make the navigation easy for the blog for the user, the recommendable insertion is an auto insert of the table of content in your blog post or page.

5 . Joli Table Of Contents

This Joli Table of Contents is also a newly launched plugin for a table of content and it is really a great plugin.

Hence it is not tested by me yet, but with the experience of 2+ years, I am damn sure about its features and for the beginner blogger, it is one the best option of paid plugins for the table of content.

Table of content
  • Version:1.3.8
  • Last updated:3 months ago
  • Active installations:1,000+
  • WordPress Version:4.0 or higher
  • Tested up to:5.7.2
  • PHP Version:5.6 or higher


  • Auto-insert table of contents
  • Manual insert table of contents by shortcode.
  • Customizable Table of Contents Title.
  • Show headings by custom depth (From H2 to H4).
  • Customizable CSS Icons for expanding/collapse buttons
  • Show TOC only if a minimum of headings has been found in the content.
  • Disable headings per text/class
  • Hierarchical or Flat View.
  • Optional Numbering Prefix
  • Customizable Numbering Prefix Separator
  • Customizable Padding.
  • Customizable Headings Height which makes the TOC look more or less dense
  • 6 Auto-insert positions available
  • Auto-insert to posts and/or pages.
  • Fully responsive.
  • 3 Visibility Options on page load
  • Hide or Show Overflowing Headings when viewport cannot fit the whole title length.
  • Smooth scrolling available.
  • Customizable TOC Title alignment
  • Customizable TOC Toggle button position
  • 2 Themes included
  • Customizable Font Size, Font Weight.
  • Optional Shadow.
  • Custom CSS available.
  • E10+ Compatible

As this is a new plugin, has not more reviews, reviews are generated by the users by experiencing the product of the object.

You can surely install and use this plugin without heisting, as it is having all the awesome features.


What should be included in a table of contents?

In the table of content, the quick navigation is supposed to be included by which the user can jump directly on the topic which he is looking for.
The description and the arrangement of heading must be in a good manner that can be easy to read, user must not waste the time and energy to find his relevant content.

Can a table of contents be 2 pages

Yes, it can be, but it is not recommended, the real meaning and purpose of the table of content is to provide ease of navigation to the user, if your TOC is consuming 2 pages, how could a user find his topic?
If he would have to find one by one, then the existence of a table of content is meaningless.
So the table of content must be meaningful.


It is not necessary to buy the premium or paid plugin for the better result and experience, as at the starting of an article I mentioned that if you are a beginner or your blogpost is not so long, then you don’t need to buy the premium version.

Second thing, in the premium version, you need just extra customization, otherwise the main purpose of giving the ease of navigation of the blog to user is fulfilled by each plugin’s free version.

Now, if you are thinking, which one of mentioned above all you should download and install with activation, then I can say that you can download any of the above.

Because all plugins are fulfilling the major intense of installing the table of content plugin.

I have used also the paid plugins of the table of content, no doubt, the paid version gives more benefit, but I can invest because I need and I can fetch the worth from it for the money I invest.

In the starting phase, I strongly recommend you to go with the free versions of this plugin.

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