All You Need To Know About Best Plugin for SEO: Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math is believed to be the best WordPress SEO plugin that makes it simple for anybody to improve their content using built-in recommendations based on widely recognized standard practices. And with Structured data, you can easily adjust critical SEO parameters, such as which pages are indexable and how your site should appear in search.

What Rank Math does is, it assists you in improving your ranking by making your website SEO-friendly and your content worthy of being highlighted.

Top YouTuber Ray Robin says, ‘Rank Math is seriously THE BEST SEO plugin that I have ever installed and tried out in my 6 years of Blogging! It is hands-down one of the most mind-blowing, helpful & FREE SEO WordPress plugins’.

How Rank Math is Different From Other SEO Plugins?

There are several SEO plugins for WordPress that have a lot of features and are well-built, but they all lack one or more elements that leave you feeling unsatisfied, similar to having sweets without sweetness. This unsatisfactory feeling made developers determined to resolve the problem once and for all.

They set out to build the perfect WordPress SEO plugin that would outperform every other SEO plugin in terms of functionality, usability, and speed, and that’s how Rank Math was created. Currently, Rank Math is honed into the ideal SEO plugin.

Rank Math’s Most Notable Benefits

  • Rank Math is a more complex, feature-rich, and powerful SEO plugin than any other.
  • Rank Math helps you overcome SEO issues you didn’t even realise you had.
  • The built-in keyword rank tracker in Rank Math keeps track of your post’s position in the SERPs.
  • It provides you with an unrivalled edge when it comes to optimising your content for new keywords.
  • Rank Math will send you an email when your content appears in the search results for the first time.
  • Switching from previous SEO plugins to Rank Math is very straightforward.
  • Rank Math may copy all of the critical settings from your existing plugin with a single click.
  • You may start reaping the advantages of Rank Math’s power in only a few minutes after installation.

You will understand the power of Rank Math once you see how it’s better than most of the SEO plugins. So let’s see how Rank Math stacks up against some of the more popular alternatives.

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO

The very first and most popular one on our list is Yoast SEO Plugin. You’ve probably heard about this plugin a lot because it’s a strong competitor to Rank Math.

When compared to Yoast, Rank Math is a newcomer to the market, and it might be tough for a new WordPress SEO plugin to get traction. Rank Math, on the other hand, has accomplished all of this and more.

Both Rank Math and Yoast SEO provide a comparable set of tools for optimising your sites for keywords. When comparing Rank Math and Yoast, the former has an advantage in various aspects, including:

  • Automated Image SEO.
  • Better implementation of schema markup (Book Schema, Course Schema, Event Schema, Job Posting Schema, Local Business Schema, Music Schema, Person Schema, Product Schema, Recipe Schema, Restaurant Schema, Review Schema, Service Schema, Software/App Schema, and Video Schema).
  • Multiple focus keywords can be selected.
  • On-demand SEO assessments over the entire site.
  • Monitoring for 404 errors and installation of automated redirection.
  • You may pick and choose the Rank Math features you wish to employ using the modular approach.
  • Adding overlay icons on social media images.
  • Rank Math also has an improved User Interface (UI), which makes setting the plugin a more pleasant experience.
  • And whatnot….

Overall, the free edition of Rank Math has more functionality than the paid version. You’ll receive various keyword analysis, 404 detection, a redirect manager, local SEO tools, internal link ideas, and more, for example. All of these features are either paid or unavailable with Yoast SEO.

Rank Math vs SEOPress

SEOPress is a high-quality SEO plugin that is an all-in-one solution with a lot of features! With SEOPress, you can get post and page analysis, as well as recommendations on how to improve your content from an SEO aspect and a terrific straightforward interface, along with other things! Beginners will find this simple to use, and it is considered user-friendly.

However, SEOPress has some considerable features:

  • Titles and descriptions for SEO.
  • Metadata may be controlled.
  • Sitemap in XML format.
  • Information about social media.
  • Google Analytics may be integrated.
  • Analyzing keywords.
  • It also features Google Knowledge Graph.

Rank Math wins everything here! Because Rank Math has a more sophisticated setup, and the user interface is comparatively better. Google Search Console and breadcrumbs are two more features of Rank Math that makes it blow away its peers.

Rank Math vs All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

One of the top SEO plugins for WordPress is All in One SEO (5). As a result, it is one of the most widely used SEO plugins. And in terms of popularity and active installation, All In One SEO (AIOSEO) is only second to Yoast.

You may use AIOSEO to obtain a keyword optimization solution that is comparable to Yoast and Rank Math. The plugin, on the other hand, has a number of unique features, including:

  • Integration with Google My Business for local SEO.
  • Multiple webmaster tools, such as Google Search Console, Yandex Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools, can be integrated.
  • The ability to link your website to various social media profiles.
  • AIOSEO also offers a modular system that allows you to pick which tools to utilise.
  • AIOSEO, like Rank Math, will give you an ultimate SEO score for your website.

In terms of functionality, Rank Math and All In One SEO are nearly identical. As a result, depending on your particular preferences and cost, you may choose whatever tool to utilise.

How Rank Math is Different From Other SEO Plugins

Rank Math vs SmartCrawl

SmartCrawl is last on our list, SmartCrawl isn’t as well-known as the other SEO plugins for WordPress that we’ve discussed. That isn’t to suggest it isn’t a viable alternative. Things to consider:

  • In terms of user interfaces, SmartCrawl blows the competition away.
  • SmartCrawl also allows you to do site-wide SEO audits or checks. It gives you a score and tells you which parts of your site you should work on.
Rank Math vs SmartCrawl

When comparing the sheer amount of functionality offered by, the Rank Math SEO plugin comes out on top. You get a lot more flexibility over how you approach SEO using Rank Math, as well as a larger selection of tools to help you enhance your ranks.

If you want to utilise a plugin that is extremely user-friendly and gives you a more simplified SEO experience, SmartCrawl might be a good choice. When it comes to individual page optimization, this is also a top SEO plugin.

You can know more about the comparison of top SEO WordPress Plugins over the internet or YouTube, the more you know, the more you will love Rank Math.

A Sneak Peek Inside Rank Math’s Features

Here’s a rundown of Rank Math’s Top 12 best features.

1. Advanced SEO Analysis and Testing: Rank Math is a tool for advanced SEO analysis and testing.  This tool runs over 20 SEO tests on your website and provides the optimal settings for maximising traffic.

2. Automatic Setup Wizard: When you install Rank Math, it configures itself automatically. You may also use the installation and setup process to set up important settings, social accounts, and other site features.

3. Rank Math’s Advanced Redirection Manager: This feature allows you to set up and manage hundreds of redirects with only a few clicks.  Individual redirects may be configured as 301 or 302 redirects, and importing and exporting redirects is simple and quick.

4. Powerful 404 Monitoring: Broken connections are difficult to locate and repair. The powerful 404 monitor from Rank Math discovers all of your site’s 404 links and allows you to redirect them in just a few clicks.

5. Bulk Title and Description Editor: The bulk editing tool in Rank Math allows you to adjust the titles and descriptions of all your posts at once, saving you time and money.

Rank Math Modules

6. Multiple Search Engine Verification: Right from your WordPress Admin panel, Rank Math allows you to validate your website with different search engines and social networks.

7. Google Webmaster Integration: To get your website’s index status and other ranking statistics, Rank Math connects with Google Webmaster tools. This information is then provided in an easy-to-understand format within your WordPress dashboard.

8. Automated SEO for Images: Images that have been properly optimised are critical for image SEO. To increase your picture SEO, Rank Math automatically appends ALT tags and Title tags to your photographs.

9. Multiple Rich Snippet Support: With Rank Math’s native Rich Snippet Support, using the relevant meta tags has never been easier. With a single click, Rank Math may add news, articles, blogs, recipes, videos, and other meta tags to your material.

10. News and Video Sitemaps: The News sitemap function generates a Google-friendly news sitemap that you can publish in a matter of seconds. On the other hand the Video sitemap can produce a compliant video sitemap that you can submit to several search engines in just a few clicks. These features help you go through the indexing with ease. The News website can be more sophisticated if you use the best themes for the news website.

11. Google Analytics Integration: Rank Math SEO provides a one-click method for installing Google Analytics script without having to copy and paste anything manually. You may also choose to exclude individuals who are logged in.

Rank Math Interface

12. LSI Keyword Tool Integration: The integrated LSI keyword tool in Rank Math SEO provides you with various keyword variants of your main keyword, allowing you to draw more visitors to your content.

Rank Math Review: Free vs Premium (PRO)

The free edition of Rank Math is already one of the most extensive (if not the most complete) SEO plugins available. However, if you want to bring out the most of SEO, a premium licence could be worth considering.

The following are some of the advantages of Rank Math premium:

  • Local SEO optimization tools.
  • A keyword rank tracker is a useful feature.
  • Google Trends, News, and Video integration.
  • WooCommerce (8) SEO settings that are more advanced.
  • More ways to include schema markup in your material.
  • Up to 1,000 recorded keywords are supported (including rankings).

The ability of Rank Math to track keyword rankings and present that data within WordPress is perhaps the most compelling reason to upgrade to a premium licence. This function alone, in our opinion, justifies the purchase of a Rank Math premium licence.

How Much A Rank Math Premium License Cost?

Rank Math SEO plugin comes in two premium variations.

1. Rank Math Pro: Best for Individuals and Solopreneurs

This will cost you roughly 59 dollars each year, and the renewal fees will be the same (taxes may vary). This includes features such as limitless personal websites, sophisticated schema development, 500 keyword tracking, and 24/7 support.

2. Rank Math Business: Best for Business Owners and Freelancers

This will cost you roughly 199 dollars a year, and the renewal fees will be the same (taxes may vary). The advantages are nearly identical to those of the PRO plan, with the exception of keyword tracking, which is capped to 10,000 keywords.

How is Rank Math’s Price Less Than Most of The SEO Plugins?

We need not answer this with any detail, you can have a look at the price difference below:

How is Rank Math's Price Less Than Most of The SEO Plugins

Frequently Asked Questions About Rank Math

Do you have a question concerning Rank Math that you’d like to ask? We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Rank Math in the FAQ section below.

Is Rank Math Safe to Use ?

Some individuals are concerned about the safety of Rank Math because it is a younger plugin compared to Yoast SEO, which has been around for years. Don’t be concerned! Rank Math is still developed by a well-known WordPress development team (MyThemeShop), and it has a solid reputation in the short time it has been offered.

Who Can Get Beneficial With Rank Math SEO Plugin ?

Rank Math SEO plugin is ideal for many individuals like: Bloggers, Vloggers, eCommerce providers, Small online business, Startups, and many more…

What Themes is Rank Math SEO Compatible With ?

Rank Math SEO has been tested with a variety of WordPress themes and works with all of them (better results are seen with fashion blog themes and websites). Because Rank Math adheres to WordPress’ plugin development criteria, you can be confident that Rank Math SEO will function flawlessly regardless of the theme you pick.

Will Switching to Rank Math SEO Cause Me to Lose My Website Ranking ?

No! You won’t. When you install Rank Math SEO, it will automatically import your current SEO plugin’s settings. And the search engines won’t even detect a change on your website once the operation is over.

Is Rank Math SEO Plugin Compatible With Other Plugins ?

The majority of plugins are compatible with Rank Math SEO. You may get strange results if you use another SEO plugin that performs any of the operations that Rank Math SEO does. For optimal results, we recommend disabling or removing other SEO plugins.

Is it Possible to Use Rank Math on A Site ?

Yes, for this you’ll need to use’s Business plan. Self-hosted WordPress websites are completely supported by Rank Math. Here’s a tip for you, if you are a beginner you can begin with shared hosting and test this as per your requirements.

Is it possible to trial Rank Math before I buy it ?

Without a doubt you can do that. Go to the official site and get the free version. You may try out all of the features of Rank Math by downloading the free version and installing it on your website.

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