30 Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes in 2021

Finding the proper WordPress theme isn’t simple, and it may be downright intimidating for many novices.

Your theme influences not just the appearance of your site, but also the user experience, security, and search engine rankings are all influenced by your theme. On the back end, it must be easily configurable and user pleasant.

Due to the rising number of users surfing primarily on mobile devices, responsive websites have become the industry leader.

To demonstrate the extent of this, industry titans like Google now promote mobile-friendly sites in search results, incentivizing more websites to cater to non-desktop devices.

As a result, as a site admin, you can’t afford to overlook this emerging medium’s potential. WordPress and other platforms are continuously creating new and creative themes that are also completely mobile-responsive.

Let’s have a look at some of the finest mobile friendly WordPress themes, shall we?

But prior to that, let’s grab some knowledge about the same.

Mobile Friendly Websites: Why are they Important?

About 61% of the Google searches are conducted on the mobile device in the fourth quarter of 2019. That implies that more than half of the population prefers smartphones and tablets to traditional desktop computers, therefore your website must be adaptable to any screen size in order to keep up.

A mobile-friendly or responsive design always enhances the user experience and makes it easier for the users to etch in the website and discover what they need, with ease.

Google.com is also a very important and peculiar reason for your website to be mobile responsive or friendly. In the year 2015, Google launched a significant adjustment to its search algorithm to reward mobile-friendly sites.

The judgement was made based on a single piece of information: whether your website is responsive or not.

Simply said, if your website is simple to read, and is easy to access on mobile devices, it will rank comparatively better in the search results, than those which are not having a responsive layout or design.

If you put in the effort to design a mobile-friendly site, that’s a very good bonus! However, if your site is still lagging to display on smaller displays, it could hinder your traffic.

If your WordPress site is not mobile-friendly there Is nothing to worry. Hopefully, we have many options that can turn your non mobile-friendly site into a responsive site.

Is WordPress Helpful to Build a Mobile Friendly Website?

Yes! You can make your site mobile friendly with a great ease using WordPress. It is a Content Management System (CMS) which simply designs your site in such a way that it meets all your needs.

Since 2011, responsive default themes have been offered. Many third-party themes now have responsive design built in. Those who don’t typically fall behind in other areas.

What is Responsive Design?

Now is the time to think about how responsive design may help your WordPress site. Responsive design is a strategy for organising your website’s information such that it may be changed to the visible screen size.

This indicates that a smartphone’s user experience is equivalent to that of a laptop.

Designers will construct fluid content grids and code flexibility into pictures via the CSS of a site to re-arrange the HTML in direct reaction to the size and resolution of a screen to provide this wonderful experience across devices.

Open Mashable.com in a new window (assuming you’re not already on a mobile device) for a wonderful example. Resize your browser window to make it smaller and smaller once you’re there, and observe how the page reorganises itself accordingly.

The photos and content blocks race about to fit into the smaller and smaller window according to fluid grids generated by the designer as you shrink the window. Mashable’s smallest version is what it would look like on an iPhone.

It’s beautiful and easy to read. Re-enlarge the window, and they’ll sprint back to their “desktop” position.

Because CSS media queries apply various rules to the page depending on the size of the device (in this case, the browser window) that is viewing the site, the site rearranges itself.

The CSS just rearranges the components. CSS rules may be used to rearrange everything on the site, including providing varying picture sizes dependent on the device’s size.

WordPress Website: Does it Need to be Responsive?

With the broad availability of responsive WordPress themes, the default answer to this question is becoming increasingly positive. If your website is being rebuilt or is in the process of being redesigned, it is important that your visitors have a positive experience regardless of the device they are using.

Let’s end up with some questions that I would like to ask you and your team to consider when deciding whether or not your WordPress site should be responsively constructed.

  • Mobile Usage 

Will there be a major increase in mobile usage? Yes, it’s almost certainly true, and it’s becoming more so with each passing year. Some exceptions will exist, but they will be few and far between.

  • People Who Use Your Service

The more technologically advanced and cutting-edge they are, the more likely they are to expect a responsive website from every company with which they engage.

  • Having Required Money or Budget 

This is a pretty significant issue, as a responsive site costs a little more to develop at first, but it’s less expensive to build one responsive site than to plan on building two distinct versions of your site and then handling the updates.

Why is it Important to have a Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme, Does it Really Matter?

As majority of the global internet traffic is on mobile devices and hence the sites should be set to the user’s screen size. Responsive WordPress Theme makes your WordPress site accessible to all mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

The users will never find it interesting if your site doesn’t fit to their device’s screen or it is incompatible with their device. And this may be a good reason for them to leave your site instantly. To avoid this it’s better you use a responsive WordPress theme for your site.

Responsive themes enhance user experience while also providing major SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. Mobile-friendly websites are ranked higher in mobile searches by search engines like Google, resulting in more visitors to your site.

30 Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes to Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

There are a number of Mobile Friendly Themes that you should know which will help you transform your site into a mobile friendly site. Let’s check them out!

1. Porto-Multipurpose Theme

Porto - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Porto is an excellent theme, and it is one of the finest mobile-friendly WordPress themes on the market. It comes with over 90 sample layouts as well as comprehensive theme modification possibilities.

It is a responsive, high-performance website that works well on desktop and mobile devices. It’s simple to understand why Porto is used by over 35,000 websites, with features for both novices and expert developers.

2. The Retailer Theme

The Retailer - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

The Retailer is a must-have eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce-enabled sites. Since 2013, it has been a #1 seller on Envato. Do you want to find out which WordPress themes are mobile-friendly? This is at the very top of the list! A trustworthy theme for your next online shop.

3. Minimalo for Creative Websites

Minimalo - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Minimalio is a premium, mobile-friendly WordPress theme that’s ideal for creative blogs, magazines, and stores. This theme is ideal for fashion, travel, or clothes websites, thanks to its great type choices and warm hues.

Setting up a store with Minimalo is a simple and fluid procedure thanks to its WooCommerce connection, making it a top choice.

4. Total – Multipurpose Theme

Total - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Total is one of the finest mobile themes, whether you’re looking for a theme for the best mobile portfolio design, a blog, an online store, a corporate site, or anything else.

Personalization, features, and a drag-and-drop approach have already benefited over 44,000 delighted clients. The page builder includes a number of demos as well as over a hundred page building elements.

5. Talisa for Food Recipes

Talisa - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Talisa is a premium WordPress theme that is mobile-friendly and excellent for food blogs and recipe collections.

This theme is ideal for any food website or magazine that wants to provide iPad customers the best mobile experience possible, with a backend that offers a lot of power and customization, comprehensive support files, and extra features like recipe favoriting and front end recipe posting forms.

6. Renovation – Perfect as a Construction Company Theme

Renovation - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Renovation is a building company-focused theme with a tonne of features that make it simple to set up and use.

You’ll have a website up and running in minutes with a drag-and-drop page builder, an innovative responsive WordPress slider (Revolution Slider), and demo content included.

7. Care Giver Theme

Care Giver - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Giver is a WordPress theme for senior care that has been built specifically for housing care for the elderly and people who require assisted living.

It has infinite sidebars, bespoke Visual Composer components, and demo content that is ready to import, as well as a 100 percent fluid responsive layout that fits well on any screen size.

8. Mindron Theme

Mindron - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Mindron is a mobile-friendly premium WordPress theme for psychology and therapist websites. This theme has all of the necessary components for establishing a strong online presence, including a mobile-friendly, 100 percent responsive layout that has been thoroughly tested on all major portable devices.

This theme is a wonderful alternative when it comes to picking a theme for your psychiatric or counselling website.

9. Amory Blog Theme

Amory - Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Theme

Amory is a responsive WordPress blog theme that is focused on highlighting content. The theme’s font and images present blog entries in such a way that they become a true storytelling experience.Amory makes it easy to set up a business with its long-awaited WooCommerce connection.

10. Tradesmen Theme

Tradesman - Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Tradesmen is a WordPress theme that allows you to exhibit your work with an easy-to-customize and feature-rich theme.

This theme assures that your website will appear fantastic on every device size by including a Drag & Drop page builder, a premium slider, and demo content.

11. Astra

Astra - Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a WordPress multipurpose theme which is flexible and user-friendly, and it’s built to the highest coding standards.

Astra is a responsive theme with complex features such as the Mobile Header module, which allows you to customise header breakpoints, logos, menu layouts, colours, and more for mobile devices. All of this is simple to perform with the WordPress theme customizer, which allows you to see a live preview of your changes.

Astra has great features, reliable, and high-performing themes that look excellent across all devices. The best part is that it also supports the RTL languages.

12. Ocean WP

OceanWP - Responsive WordPress Theme

Ocean WP is a very popular responsive WordPress theme, and this has a long list of features. It’s made to work with any sort of website. It’s suitable for corporate websites, e-commerce companies, and WordPress blogs.

It has a simple design that you can simply personalise with widgets, page layouts, and other theme options. It’s a lightweight theme with complete WooCommerce integration.

13. Ultra

Ultra - Responsive WordPress Theme

Ultra is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a drag-and-drop page builder built in. It includes dozens of pre-built designs, layouts, and templates that you can use to start creating your own website.

Parallax scrolling, animations, counters, Google maps, sliders, and much more are all included in Ultra.

14. Guten Theme

Guten- Responsive WordPress Theme

Guten is a contemporary WordPress theme that integrates seamlessly with the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg editor). It includes a variety of header, footer, and blog styles. This makes it simple to design an absolutely attractive layout for your posts and pages.

It can be customised in terms of colour and font. Guten is a WooCommerce-compatible theme that can be fully modified using WordPress.

15. Authority Pro

Authority Pro- Responsive WordPress Theme

One of the greatest WordPress themes for influencers is Authority Pro. It’s intended to highlight their skill while also allowing them to explore new possibilities. It has a modern design with a visible call-to-action to help you increase conversions.

Authority Pro is equipped for eCommerce, so you may sell online courses or create a membership community. It’s made with the Genesis Framework, which is noted for its rock-solid code and high performance.

A vertical social menu, configurable header style, bespoke widgets, and multiple-page designs are among the other significant features. Using the theme options panel, thus the Authority Pro is simple and yet quick to set up themes, especially for WordPress beginners.

16. Bordeaux

Bordeaux- Responsive WordPress Theme

Bordeaux is a premium WordPress theme designed specifically for hotels. It has all of the features that you’d expect from a paid theme.

Bordeaux is a fully responsive one, and also looks amazing on any device (only if you got a good taste of colors). It’s been carefully designed for speed, performance, and search engine optimization. With a simple theme options panel, you can effortlessly set up all of the theme parameters.

Bordeaux comes with features that are specialised to hotel websites, in addition to the regular premium capabilities. 

17. Landing – Best for Landing Pages

Landing- Responsive Landing Page WordPress Theme

Landing is a WordPress landing page theme that uses Themify’s drag-and-drop builder to create landing pages. It comes with 25+ builder templates that are ready to use and serve as an excellent starting point.

It comes with a variety of header design options, portfolio management, events, and full WooCommerce support to help you launch your own online store.

18. Responz

Responz - Responsive WordPress Theme

Responz, as the name suggests, is a responsive WordPress theme which can be used for different purposes. It has a lovely three-column layout with an elegant design and excellent typography.

It comes with a variety of layout possibilities, including two sidebars, one sidebar, and a full-width homepage. You may also choose between a list view and a grid view for your posts. Apart from that, it includes all of the standard premium features, such as a custom background, configurable headers, and custom wp-content and fifteenth colour options.

19. Breakthrough Pro

Breakthrough Pro - WordPress Theme

Breakthrough Pro is a WordPress theme for advertising and marketing agencies that is entirely responsive. It has a clean style with powerful accent colours and excellent typography.

The Genesis Framework, which is known for its speed and performance, is used to create this WooCommerce ready business theme. It’s also compatible with the WordPress block editor, so you can construct beautiful content layouts.

It also includes some other features such as flexible header, customizer support, panel, portfolio sections and 9 – widget ready areas.

20. Allegiant

Allegiant - WordPress Theme

Allegiant is a more compact and sophisticated WordPress theme for corporate websites. It has a contemporary design with bold writing, prominent call to actions, and customizable choices.

With easy layout switching capabilities, each page on your website can have a different layout. Allegiant includes attractive product, product category, and shop templates, as well as WooCommerce compatibility.

21. Essence Pro

Essence Pro - WordPress Theme

Essence Pro is designed primarily for health & wellness and lifestyle businesses, this WordPress theme is eCommerce ready. It has a lovely modern homepage design with a wide header and a noticeable call-to-action.

It includes numerous page layouts, including one for a landing page. It’s also compatible with the WordPress block editor, allowing you to design your own content layouts that are compatible with the whole theme.

22. Float

Float - WordPress Theme

Float is a WordPress responsive theme with parallax scrolling and a built-in page builder that is highly configurable. It includes dozens of layouts as well as a number of ready-to-use templates for creating amazing pages.

It also includes all of the standard features you’d expect from a premium WordPress theme. Social network connectivity, configurable backdrops, endless colours, custom widgets, and much more are just a few of the features available.

23. Elara

Elara - WordPress Theme

If you want to build a food blog, Elara is an excellent theme to use. Food bloggers and recipe blogs will love this stylishly designed fully-responsive WordPress theme.

It has a contemporary, open design with stunning typography and an attractive presentation of photos and media. Built-in ad spots, featured recipe sections, sliders, banners, social network integration, and simple drag-and-drop widgets are all included.

24. Felt

Felt - WordPress Theme

Felt has an optional full-screen slider on the homepage, which is followed by your most current content as viewers scroll down.

Two top navigation menus, immersive featured photos, different layouts, header styles, social media icons, and more are included. Felt is quite simple to set up.

25. Compass

Compass - WordPress Theme for Mobile Friendly Website

Compass is a multipurpose, fully responsive WordPress theme designed for news, blogs and magazines. It includes a highly adjustable homepage that includes a featured content slider, dynamic homepage builder, featured categories, and a 1-click demo content installer.

It includes a built-in breaking news ticker, numerous page designs, custom colours, fonts, logo, and background, as well as custom colours, fonts, and logos. There are also various custom widgets, multiple sidebars, and widget-ready spaces included in the theme.

26. Quark (One-Page Theme)

Quark - WordPress One Page Theme for Mobile Friendly Website

Quark is a one-page eCommerce theme with a page builder, Revolution Slider, and well-designed, completely responsive layouts.

Use the basic theme’s infinite colours, giant menus, and adjustable footers to build a multitude of different styles. This mobile-friendly WordPress theme is a fantastic pick among our collection, with translation ready files and SEO optimization.

27. Avada

Avada - WordPress Theme for Mobile Friendly Website

Avada is, without a doubt, one of the greatest WordPress themes available. Hundreds of thousands of people use Avada for their desktop and mobile websites, including novices, professionals, agencies, businesses, marketers, and creatives. Avada is mobile-friendly and fully responsive across all devices, with frequent updates to keep your site looking great and working well at all times.

Try Avada if you want basic or sophisticated customization possibilities without having to know how to code. Its drag-and-drop visual content editor makes developing, updating, and maintaining content a breeze. You may also easily evaluate your designs on a variety of screen sizes with the Global Styling tool.

28. Neve

Neve - WordPress Theme for Mobile Friendly Website

ThemeIsle’s Neve is another popular free theme. This theme was created with mobile in mind, so you’ll find wonderfully responsive pages, mobile headers, and support for Accelerated Mobile Pages, all of which will improve your mobile surfing experience.

The Neve theme comes with many demos for various website categories in the free edition, all of which are mobile-friendly and compatible with the most common WordPress page builders. Finally, because it works nicely with WooCommerce, Neve is ecommerce ready.

29. Kalium

Kalium- WordPress Theme for Mobile Friendly Website

Kalium is a visually stunning WordPress theme that encourages creativity. Users may anticipate Kalium to get content updates after purchase, ensuring that your website is constantly up to date with the newest technical developments. New features include SoundCloud and VK icons, Content Dividers, New Default Fonts, Widgets for Blog Posts, and Pricing Tables.

Your website will, of course, be fully mobile responsive. On the displays of tablets and smartphones, every feature and page element will appear fantastic. This has the potential to improve both the number of views and the amount of money you make.

30. Seofy

Seofy - WordPress Theme for Mobile Friendly Website

Responsiveness is required regardless of the website’s purpose. Seofy is a responsive WordPress theme that is excellent for digital marketing firms and even individual experts. You’ll have access to three diverse, current, and creative demonstrations that will help you market your services and grow your company exponentially. Seofy also includes a custom header builder, fifteen blog templates, ten portfolios, and an online shop.

To mention a few of Seofy’s specialties, there are over thirty shortcodes, high-speed page loading, sophisticated typography, and extended row animations. You can, in fact, adapt the theme into whatever language you choose and change the appearance without having to know how to code.

Choosing the Right Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme for You

If you’re not sure what characteristics to search for, you may use the following guidelines to help you limit down your options: Any theme should feature SEO strategy and quick page loading times (independent of device).

While there are many Mobile Friendly WordPress themes that don’t have this capability built-in, using one that does include both of these capabilities will provide your site’s visitors a far better experience.

7 Things to Consider While Selecting a Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Here are some points to keep in mind while selecting not only a Mobile friendly wordPress Theme, but also for every theme.

  1. Choose between a free and a paid WordPress theme
  2. Keep an eye out for Responsive Design
  3. Examine the Support for the Theme
  4. Make use of reliable sources
  5. Understand Your Expertise
  6. Consider the Quality
  7. Simple Is Best

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

Here are some of the FAQs which always strike the mind of any WordPress beginner. Hope your queries will also get resolved with these. 

1. Which WordPress Theme is Best for Mobile?

Ans. As there are many themes available, it is always hectic to decide, which is the best one for you. But as a beginner we recommend you to follow our above guide to select the best one for you. If you are not good with it you can go with Responz, probably the best responsive theme available out there, irrespective of device.

2. Which WordPress Theme is Better? Paid or Free One?

Ans. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to go with a free one and try out your luck, by practicing with the theme. Or if you have some bucks in hand and are ready to face the risks you  can go with a premium one.

3. Is WordPress Good for Mobile?

Ans. A starlight forward answer for this is a big YES…! WordPress’s CMS (Content Management System) is completely mobile friendly, and of course there is no backing in the layout and other performance related things with WordPress..

4. Can I Upload My Theme in WordPress.com?

Ans. No…! You can’t do that! You cannot upload a custom or third-party, as well as build your own theme on WordPress.com.

5. What Should You Look for in a WordPress Theme?

Ans. Use a basic theme if you’re a newbie. Look for colours that are complementary to your brand or business. Make sure the theme you choose has navigation features that make sense for the structure of your website.

Wrapping Up

It’s critical that your WordPress site be responsive and mobile-friendly these days. You’ll save hours of labour attempting to adapt each page to different screen sizes if you use the proper mobile-friendly theme. Consider any of these themes to guarantee that visitors have a consistently good experience regardless of how they explore.

This brings us to the end of our collection of mobile-friendly WordPress themes. I hope you’ve chosen a theme that meets your design and functionality requirements.

Thank you for making this far…!

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