15 Best WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly or Responsive in 2021

Your WordPress site may suffer in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) if it is not mobile-friendly, and you may even lose clients due to poor usability. If you’re not a web developer, though, adding mobile features to your site may seem impossible.

Hopefully, without having any coding knowledge you can prepare your website in a way that is mobile friendly with the use of some easy solutions that we provide you in this article. There are a plethora of WordPress mobile plugins available to help you build a mobile-friendly experience for your website whether browsed on a phone or tablet. This is especially useful if your site’s theme has not yet been mobile-optimized.

In this article, we’ll look at many options for making a mobile-friendly site, show you the 15 best WordPress mobile responsive plugins, and guide you through the process and also will help you choose the right one. So, here we go!

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What is a WordPress Mobile Plugin?

A website plugin that enables you to display your website’s elements on mobile devices is a WordPress Mobile Plugin. There are some solutions that can design a whole mobile website and a few can make your site features mobile friendly.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Mobile Plugin?

Why Do You Need A WordPress Mobile Plugin

Everything is now only a few clicks away, thanks to the age of technology and innovation that has swept the world’s population. Furthermore, the number of people who own a mobile phone has risen dramatically over time. And, based on repeated studies on the subject, we’ve come to the conclusion that with innovations comes the option of accessibility.

On a daily basis, the mobile device has already exceeded the average desktop user. The Huffington Post, for example, has seen a 37 percent increase in daily visitors from mobile devices.This has certainly upped the bar for everything, and mobile optimization is now one of the most important aspects determining a website’s traffic. According to reports, mobile traffic currently accounts for 16 percent of the traffic. However, polls show that 66 percent of all mobile users are frustrated by the lack of responsive designs on websites. What’s more aggravating is that these websites are exceedingly slow to load, negatively impacting engagement and conversion rates.

When it comes to successful traffic and ratings, having a mobile-optimized and responsively designed website is a requirement. And today, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic WordPress mobile plugins to assist you in achieving your goals. Each of them has been carefully selected to offer a high-performance, completely responsive, and mobile-optimized experience.

So, do you like to give a great and friendly experience to your users? Then we are happy to help you. Look through the list below!

So, do you like to give a great and friendly experience to your users? Then we are happy to help you. Look through the list below!

15 Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugins for Mobile Friendly Sites Everything You Need to Know

The most popular WordPress mobile plugins are available for free or as a “freemium” option. The latter merely means that, while a plugin’s base version is free, upgrades are available for purchase. The following are some of the most popular mobile responsive plugin features:

  • The ability to use a visual interface to customise themes.
  • The opportunity to select from a variety of themes.
  • Including or excluding themes for certain devices.
  • Additional amplifications for free.

You may definitely get away with simpler mobile themes for smaller sites because there will be less of a requirement to offer significant features for your users. If your website, on the other hand, includes eCommerce or other advanced capabilities, the plugin you choose should be compatible with your current site’s functionality.

15 Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly Or Responsive

Here are some of the best options to select. Let’s have a look!

#01 WPTouch Plugin 

If you want to make your WordPress website fit to any screen then, WPTouch will be the best option you can choose. It enhances it for different screens without actually changing your real WordPress desktop site.

With the following features, the authors of WPTouch ensured they incorporated Google recommendations for an optimal mobile user experience:

  • When a user visits your WordPress site on a mobile phone or tablet, it automatically switches to a mobile-friendly theme.
  • You can adjust the mobile theme in the admin area to match your brand and preferred page appearance. Colors, components, and wording can all be changed.
  • WPTouch is a lightweight plugin that doesn’t slow down your WordPress website.
  • It’s simple to set up without having to change your WordPress settings.

Assume you have photographs, infographics, and extensive information that would be difficult to display on a smartphone.In such a scenario, you can use WPTouch’s WordPress customizer to remove them and replace them with other pages for the mobile version. It also allows you to control and change menus.

Only one beautiful mobile theme is included in the free version, and customising choices are limited. Additional features in the premium version include:

  • For ecommerce and business sites, more beautiful themes are available.
  • Extensions for displaying advertising.
  • Sections that recommend related posts.
  • Caching on mobile devices.

Pros or Advantages and Cons or Disadvantage of WPTouch Plugin


  • Installation with a single click.
  • Easy interface for users.
  • Google’s mobile plugin favourite.
  • Rapid AMP extension loading speed.
  • Plugin WPtouch Contains mobile topics of considerable significance.
  • Price must be taken into account before purchase.


  • Only one wordpress site for users of the Gopro plan.
  • Failure to display mobile Facebook plugin page.
  • Jetpack comments are not displayed on previous versions.

#02 Jetpack Plugin

As you may know, Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that provides a collection of features so you don’t have to continuously install dozens of plugins. Security tools, social choices, design services, and marketing modules are all included. Given that this is a post about WordPress mobile plugins, it’s only natural to concentrate on their mobile capabilities. Jetpack also has a mobile theme that you can use for your website by going to the Jetpack settings section.

The theme only works when a mobile device is detected, and it can override your current responsive theme if you want it to. The Jetpack mobile theme includes a good number of controls for changing how the website looks on mobile devices, which we enjoy. For example, if you think your menu is too congested on a mobile phone, you might want to modify it or display large featured photos.

Because this is a free Jetpack feature, it may be worth your time if you plan to use some of the other Jetpack capabilities that come with it. The Jetpack mobile theme’s minimalism is also appealing to us. It almost appears to have the WordPress branding, but you may modify the colours to match your own company. However, this is one of the most dependable mobile interfaces available.


  • The theme is simple, yet it’s contemporary, and it’s practically certain to look fantastic across all browsers and devices. If you want Google to give you a thumbs up for your mobile experience, this is a plus.
  • On the mobile theme, the Jetpack plugin also enables lazy loading for images. As a result, when a user scrolls down your mobile website, the images will not load until they reach them. Your site will run at a faster rate and will not waste resources unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • The mobile theme sets your sidebars below the main text, so they’re still visible but don’t obstruct the one-column layout that works so well on mobile devices.
  • Custom headers and backgrounds are supported, so you have a few options for customising them and ensuring that your primary graphics appear excellent for your users.
  • By default, the Jetpack mobile theme grabs your primary menu and displays that for mobile users. However, there is a way to adjust this and have a completely different menu show up for those people.
  • Quite a few other settings are involved for things like hiding featured images, showing a promotion, or changing around your excerpts for blog posts.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantage of Jetpack Plugin


  • Many helpful and professional content modules that may be disabled.
  • A fantastic place of departure for individuals who know nothing about WordPress.
  • A plugin is updated more easily than many others.
  • If you change the topic, your content is not lost.
  • A WordPress plugin of high quality developers: technically secure, aesthetically impressive.
  • Hosting images with.com servers in the quick cloud.
  • Mobile user interface, well-categorised.
  • You are always in a free mode to add so many great qualities to your site.
  • You may also administer your .org site through its dashboard. The WordPress.com account is also quite rich.
  • One site is compatible with WordPress multi-site.


  • Can slow down and clutter your WordPress site.
  • May may take some time to get used to all the new features.
  • Potential hazards in connecting your WordPress.com sites to WordPress.org.

#03 Smush Plugin

Multiple engaging graphics are used on an educational and appealing website to improve user experience and conversion rate. Unfortunately, photos take considerable space and slow down your website.

Smush is a WordPress image compression and optimization plugin that has won numerous awards. When you upload images, they are automatically compressed to a size that has no discernible effect on page speed while still being visible.

Smush will compress up to 50 photos at a time once you install and select the images that need resizing, even if your website has been up and running.

Smush also has the following features:

  • Images that are slowing down your site are identified and you are notified.
  • Allows you to specify the maximum picture width and height that you want.
  • Images that aren’t in your media library are optimised.
  • For resizing individual photos, use the drag & drop method.

If you need some other special features you can upgrade to Smush Pro.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of Smush Plugin


  • Google PageSpeed Insights tool works quite well.
  • The server resources of the plugin developer (WPMU DEV) are optimised so that your server doesn’t take extra resources. This is particularly helpful for websites on the same hosting environment.
  • The limitless amount of pictures can be smushed.
  • The plugin optimises and reduces the size of every new picture published on articles automatically.


  • Only the shrunk pictures are smuggled during the WordPress installation, thus the original images are available as they are.
  • Bulk smush has a maximum of 50 pictures. It will take a long time to optimise if you already have lots of photos.
  • Pictures will not be optimised if the thumbnails have been deleted before. We need to regenerate all pictures so that WP Smush works.
  • This plugin only works in less than 1MB of picture size. For all user categories, this may not be enough.
  • With more proversion ads, the admin interface is more obtrusive.

#04 WP Mobile Menu Plugin

Smaller mobile screens pose navigational issues for site designers: without sidebars and header menus, how do users know where they may go and how to get there?

One popular solution is WP Mobile Menu. Any WordPress website gets a responsive, three-layer mobile menu with this freemium plugin. You can create text-only menus or include images, logos, symbols, and other branding components in your menus. These menus can also be hidden on load and then slid into view.

Premium versions of WP Mobile Menu are also available. Professional ($6.49 per month) removes menus from certain pages and provides some extra menu options, while Business ($9.99 per month) adds WooCommerce compatibility and Enterprise ($29.99 per month) adds enterprise-level features.

Pros or Advantages &Cons or Disadvantages of WP Mobile Menu Plugin


  • A large number of WooCommerce features are included in an upgrade option, such as sliding cart account links, a mobile product filter and a plug-in menu cart symbol.
  • Background pictures for your menu.
  • You may conceal specific things from your menu using the mobile interface.
  • Import and export your menus with these tools to and from other websites.


  • The multi-language plugins like polylang are not available.
  • Support for the sub-menu is limited.

#05 Hummingbird Plugin

Hummingbird is a WordPress caching plugin that tells your visitors’ browsers to save copies of your website files locally so they can load faster in the future. Caching eliminates the need for a visitor to download specific files from your web server each time they visit your site, which makes a significant difference for mobile users.

Hummingbird also enables GZIP compression for speedier file delivery, minifies and defers CSS and JavaScript code, removes render-blocking resources, and supports image lazy loading. Hummingbird also includes a user guide for new users, which includes ideas and suggestions for customising your mobile site so you can see how the plugin works.

The above improvements are free, but for $6 per month, you can get a content delivery network, better file compression, automated scans, and uptime monitoring with Hummingbird Pro. A WPMU DEV subscription also includes Hummingbird Pro.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of Hummingbird Plugin


  • Compatible with alternative cache solutions for WordPress.
  • Performance and the development features included.
  • Full report on performance.


  • The price is both a benefit and an inconvenience. If you can utilise the entire toolkit of WPMU DEV and handle several websites, the price is a deal.

#06 AMP Plugin for WP

The AMP for WP plugin converts your current website into a mobile-friendly version. The term “accelerated mobile page” refers to the speed and efficiency of a mobile page. It’s a powerful package that requires very little effort to replace your old non-responsive theme. It’s also a good idea to test your responsive theme to evaluate how quickly it loads. If it doesn’t meet your requirements, simply install the AMP for WP plugin. The core AMP for WP plugin is available for free. All of the functionality is available as a quick download from the WordPress plugin repository. However, when compared to a PC, several components on a mobile phone don’t seem as well.

As a result, AMP for WP sells individual extensions or packages of extensions. You may also purchase alternative smartphone themes that are more useful and attractive than the basic ones. The best part about this configuration is that the majority of addons and themes are around $10. One plugin allows you to display advertisements on your mobile theme, while others help your theme perform better with contact forms, caching plugins, WooCommerce and many more.

A subscription is also available, which grants access to all of the themes and extensions. It will cost you $149 per year if you simply require the extensions and themes for a personal site. There are a few additional options, but the most expensive plan is $499 per year for companies who need extensions on an unlimited number of sites.

However, keep in mind that the complete AMP for WP plugin is free. So, unless you truly require a certain extension or are trying to improve your theme, you shouldn’t upgrade. With options for Facebook comment support, landing pages, email opt-in subscriptions, and more, I’d say that the basic plugin already has the majority of functions.


  • The plugin is completely free, and it already includes the majority of the most useful functions.
  • For less than $10, you can acquire a variety of different extensions. You might, for example, purchase a plugin to make your Easy Digital Downloads store seem beautiful on the mobile layout.
  • The membership is reasonably priced, and it grants you access to all of the AMP for WP extensions and themes.
  • The mobile site created by AMP for WP will almost certainly be faster and cleaner than the responsive site that came with your WordPress theme.
  • AMP for WordPress provides a fantastic job of supporting JavaScript or CSS-based elements on your website (which sometimes have trouble on mobile devices). The plugin, for example, allows for star ratings and comments. You may also fix videos from a variety of sources.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantage of AMP Plugin for WP


  • AMP is a free and open-source technology that enhances your website performance as a value added.
  • AMP may dramatically increase your website load speeds, and this can have a favourable effect on your search rank.
  • Google AMP greatly increases a key component of SEO, commitment and commercial conversion – the Click Through Rates (CTR).
  • In order to increase loading speed, AMP might optimise the picture less automatically.
  • You have an AMP Lite to offer the same speed and performance increase while lowering byte size for slower network connections.


  • It’s still difficult to install AMP if you’re not a coder.
  • AMP does not yet formally qualify for a search but affects performance in the search ranking.
  • At first, you might find it challenging to convert your existing WordPress site to AMP.
  • AMP still does not support many third-party tools and scripts.

#07 Asset Clean Up Plugin

Most plugins inject their code into every page, regardless of whether that page is being used. This enables the plugin to function effectively whether you utilise its functionality on all sites or just a few. Some plugins for creating contact forms are a nice example. These plugins are usually only used on a contact page, not on every page of your website.

These plugins, on the other hand, automatically inject their CSS and JavaScript files onto every page.It is much better to avoid those styles and scripts from loading on pages where they are not used in order to increase the speed of your website and make the HTML source code cleaner.

As a result, the Asset CleanUp plugin has quickly become one of my favourites. It fixes the problem by scanning each page and detecting all loaded assets.

When amending a page/post, all you have to do is uncheck the CSS/JS codes that aren’t required to load, and the bloat will be reduced.


  • Unloading unnecessary CSS/JS reduces the amount of HTTP requests loaded (essential for quicker page loading).
  • Minify/combine any remaining CSS/JavaScript files that have been loaded.
  • Reduce the real page’s HTML code.
  • If you test your URL on websites like GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, or Pingdom Website Speed Test, you’ll get a better performance score.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of Asset Clean-Up Plugin


  • Easy CSS and Java Optimization.
  • Combined fonts can be used.
  • Overall behavior of the plugin can be managed from a single section.


  • No WooCommerce Disable Scripts, Cart Fragments or Styles.
  • No Local Analytics CDN Rewrite.

#08 Autoptimize Plugin

Autoptimize is one of the best plug-ins for improving web upload speeds, whether you use traditional web hosting like GoDaddy or HostGator or simply have your site hosted on WordPress.com.

It optimises your database, clears the cache, and combines scripts. In fact, Autoptimize can lower your site’s loading time by up to 30%, which is significant because the longer it takes for someone to leave your site, the more likely they are to depart.

This plugin is also free and simple to use, so you can relax knowing that you won’t need any advanced web optimization skills to utilise it.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantage of Autoptimize Plugin


  • Very multifaceted.
  • Easy to understand. Easy to grasp.
  • There are many extras.


  • CSS is crucially limited.
  • There is a lack of cache features.

#09 AppPresser Plugin

Some businesses use WordPress to create an app or mobile website, but all they get is an RSS feed that pulls blog articles into the app. The AppPresser plugin, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach by allowing you to create genuine apps that are linked to your WordPress site. As a result, you’re not creating a mobile site, but rather a legitimate app that runs on the user’s phone and might be installed on their device.

The AppPresser programme builds both Android and iPhone apps, combining a powerful set of features to interface with your existing plugins and make your website seem distinctive and beautiful on mobile devices.

Keep in mind that the AppPresser creators claim that the plugin is intended primarily for experienced website builders. If you’re a complete newbie, this may be too difficult for you, and you should contact AppPresser for bespoke app development services.

Regardless, AppPresser comes with a number of WordPress plugins pre-installed. As a result, you can link to plugins like WooCommerce and BuddyPress. There are plenty of other capabilities, such as push alerts and device camera uploads, because it’s making an app for you.

AppPresser’s cost is a little pricier than your normal mobile WordPress plugin because it’s truly only for developers. However, if you charge clients to create a mobile app in addition to a website, it should pay off. The $19 per month Starter package includes the app builders, one year of support, and a theme. The Agency package, which costs $49 per month and includes features like geolocation services, social sharing, and AdMob Ads, provides the true functionality.


  • AppPresser is a tool that allows developers to turn a WordPress site into a fully complete mobile app. This means that the software can be downloaded from any app store and saved on users’ phones.
  • It integrates with a number of popular WordPress plugins like LearnDash, BuddyPress and WooCommerce.
  • The app does more than just convert your WordPress blog into a mobile blog feed. In reality, it’s one of the most powerful methods for turning a WordPress site into a useful app that interacts with popular plugins.
  • Outside of the content that is currently on your website, you can customise bespoke pages and layouts.
  • The programme includes an app tester that allows you to run your apps on your phone and test all of the buttons and pages.
  • AppPresser offers a web-based dashboard where you can manage all of your clients’ apps. This dashboard is accessible from your computer.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of AppPresser Plugin


  • Native application wrapper enables users to access functions like contacts, camera, geolocation, push notifications, and even log in using Facebook!
  • The user may construct 100% offline sites and can even download media for offline content.
  • The user has the ability to submit and distribute his/her application via the iOS and Android application stores.
  • When constructing an application, budget is always a limitation, and by creating such an established basis for native app development for WordPress community, AppPresser decreases market costs efficiently


  • Integration of WordPress is quite low.
  • The monthly costs you have to pay.
  • Customization is limited.

#10 Max Mega Menu Plugin

Another popular mobile menu plugin is Max Mega Menu, which is great for websites with a lot of pages and navigation. These websites necessitate very big menus, known as mega menus, which are difficult to integrate on mobile platforms.

Max Gigantic Menu creates mega menus from your existing WordPress menus, with a focus on responsive design.

You may specify breakpoints for the menu to collapse on smaller displays with Max Mega Menu. It also has a mobile-friendly menu option that allows you to conceal sub-menus and save screen space. This menu can appear as a conventional drop-down or slide in from the side.

The Max Mega Menu plugin’s base version is available for free. There is, however, a Pro edition (beginning at $29 for one site) that includes additional features such as sticky, tabbed, and accordion menus, as well as custom icons and WooCommerce integration.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantage of Max Mega Menu Plugin


  • Use it easily.
  • You will not influence the speed of your website.
  • There is no need for coding.
  • Depending on your job, you can display different menu items or conceal them.
  • Code of lightweight.
  • Unique characteristics.
  • The documentation is rich and clear.
  • Great support. Good support.


  • For some modifications, more CSS is needed.
  • Missing prefabricated themes.

#11 WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin

The all-new WordPress Mobile Pack plugin allows webmasters to bundle their existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application.

This plugin is designed for bloggers, content curators, and publishers that want to appify their blog’s content without having to create a mobile app.

Your WordPress site will appear and feel like a mobile app after using this plugin to mobile-optimize it, but visitors will still access it through their mobile browsers.

With this one-of-a-kind solution, the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin gives you the best of both worlds.

Safari, Google Chrome, Android-native browsers, Internet Explorer 10, and Firefox are all supported by the plugin. One of the best aspects of WordPress Mobile Pack is that it simplifies the process of making your site mobile friendly.

You won’t have to employ a developer or get your hands dirty with sophisticated code.

Another fantastic advantage of this plugin is that it provides your site’s users with a mobile-optimized web browsing experience that is similar to that of an app.

You won’t have to spend a fortune to create a dedicated app for your website this way. The plugin is sensitive to the orientation of the device and browser people use to access your site, in addition to recognising the device and browser they use to access it.

Your site will entirely morph to fit their site optimally, whether they are using their mobile device in portrait or landscape mode.

The appearance of the plugin can also be customised. WordPress Mobile Pack comes with six different theme variations that you may switch between to provide a remarkable mobile browsing experience for your site’s visitors.

It also enables you to customize the theme by bringing a few changes in its colour palette, typography.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin


  • Customization is pretty easy.
  • Multiple themes are available.
  • NO technical skills required.
  • Support of Google AMP.
  • Integration of Google Analytics.
  • Support for Mobile SEO.
  • Capacity of Offline Mode.


  • Unusable with Toolset Types.
  • Slows down the loading speed.
  • Most features are available only on the PRO version.

#12 Any Mobile Theme Switcher Plugin 

The Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin is a WordPress solution for developing mobile-friendly sites, as its name suggests.

The plugin detects the mobile browser used by the device attempting to access your website and displays a theme based on the preset choices.

This easy-to-use plugin makes it simple to construct a fully mobile-responsive website.

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, the user can navigate through a plethora of options. For different mobile devices and browsers, users can choose a different theme to show.

From the start, the plugin can recognise iPhones, iPods, Palm OS, Android, Android Tab, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Opera Mini.

This unique functionality allows webmasters to apply the settings only once and therefore no need to be worried about it again and again.

The free edition of the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin doesn’t provide many functions, but it’s a good place to start.

The pro version of the plugin integrates with W3 Total Cache and allows you to offer various homepages to different mobile devices. It also has an integrated QR code for quick mobile bookmarking.

According to user feedback, most webmasters were satisfied with the sub-theme feature, claiming that their visitors had no trouble accessing their website.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher is definitely worth a try if you’re seeking for a simple mobile-optimization plugin to make your site mobile friendly.

Those who are new to WordPress will have no trouble installing and getting started with this plugin. If you do run into any issues, the WordPress forums provide support from the developers behind the scenes.

Your site’s mobile users will appreciate you for accommodating their browsing demands with this plugin!

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of Any Mobile Theme Switcher Plugin


  • For each device, you can pick another theme (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.)
  • Option to add a footer link to the version of the desktop.
  • A version of QR code accessible with W3 Total Cache compatible (free download).


  • The default themes are mobile themes (Twenty Thirteen etc.). So, you may also waive the plugin and use your default theme if you use one of them.
  • A separate theme might confuse your visitors with each device.

#13 SeedProd Plugin

Landing pages are one of the most straightforward methods for converting website traffic into qualified leads. However, if they aren’t mobile-friendly, you risk frustrating your visitors and losing potential clients.We recommend SeedProd, the greatest drag-and-drop WordPress landing page builder, to avoid this. 

SeedProd allows you to construct landing pages without having to write any code, and all of the pages you design are mobile-friendly. Drag-and-drop functionality is included in the visual editor, allowing you to create pages quickly and observe the changes in real time. You can also customise your landing page design for any screen size thanks to mobile and desktop editing.


  • Landing page personalization choices that are simple to use
  • There are over 100 responsive landing page designs to choose from.
  • Login forms, contact forms, and optin forms are examples of mobile responsive form blocks.
  • WooCommerce checkout, cart, and product gallery blocks that are mobile-friendly
  • Google maps, social profiles, pricing tables, testimonials, and more advanced blocks
  • Coming soon page, maintenance mode, 404 page, and login page are all built-in.
  • Email marketing integrations of the highest quality
  • Domain mapping that is unique to you and many more.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantage of SeedProd Plugin


  • The drag and drop function makes the plugin easy to begin with.
  • Powerful integration of email marketing spam protection to track bots.
  • Access to more than 2 million inventories.
  • Support for premium and comprehensive documentation.


  • In SeedProd, the blocks and elements in comparison with Elementor and Thrive Architect are restricted.
  • Limited Free Version.

#14 RafflePress Plugin

Giveaways are an excellent approach to raise brand recognition and drive targeted traffic to your WordPress site.

While they’re a great way to get viral online, if your giveaway isn’t mobile-friendly, you won’t get the results you desire.

RafflePress uses drag-and-drop capabilities to create giveaways without having to write code. All freebies look great on mobile displays, thanks to the plugin’s 100 percent responsive design.

So, whether customers enter your contest using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, they’ll see all of the necessary information and be able to enter quickly and effortlessly.


  • Create a contest with the help of pre-made giveaway templates.
  • Use social media to enter prizes, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • The activity of referring a friend has the potential to go viral on the internet.
  • Bonus entries for liking and sharing on Facebook, leaving a comment, and other activities.
  • To enter the giveaway, simply click the “Enter Now” button.
  • Verification of entries is required to ensure that all giveaway entries are valid. For this enter the verification code.
  • Recaptcha is used to prevent spam entries.
  • Email connections that are popular for growing your email list
  • To see the most popular acts, look at the giveaway entry report.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of RafflePress Plugin


  • 1-click entry and fraud prevention for Drag & Drop builders.
  • The power to make viral donations.
  • A wide range of entrance measures.
  • Easy to use and install – no understanding of the design required.
  • Generator of professional conditions.
  • The possibility of showing donations as a landing page.
  • Friendly 100% mobile.
  • Flexible integration.


  • A few integrations of e-mail.
  • Most features are only accessible in the PRO version.

#15 WP Call Buttons Plugin

The difficulty with call-to-action (CTA) buttons on mobile devices is that they’re often difficult to see or tap if they’re not large enough. This frequently results in missed clicks and frustrated users exiting your site.

WP Call Button is one of the best alternatives for adding CTA buttons to your site so that users can call you. It’s a simple and effective approach to add a call-to-action button to WordPress without having to hire a developer.

The WP Call button is completely mobile-responsive, which means it looks fantastic on any device. You can also choose to only show the call button on mobile devices for a better user experience.


  • With the smartphone field, you can avoid phone number typos.
  • Call buttons that float and scroll with the user
  • Generate a static phone call button (shortcode and WordPress block)
  • Sidebar widget with a call now button
  • Color, text, and style can all be customised.
  • Placement possibilities for call buttons that are highly optimised
  • Display or hide the phone icon
  • Google Analytics event tracking with click tracking
  • Totally free of cost.

Pros or Advantages & Cons or Disadvantages of WP Call Button Plugin


  • WordPress Easy and Quick Call Button.
  • Shortcode support for Call Button.
  • Button for sticky call.
  • Call Button Highly Optimized.
  • Support for Gutenberg Editor.
  • Change text, colour and styles of buttons Call.
  • Display or hide the call button phone icon


  • Does not work with Divi.

Why Should You Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly?

Why Should You Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly

There are a lot of benefits if your WordPress site is mobile friendly which includes the following:

  • Browsing Efforts will be improved. Displaying a mobile version of your website makes browsing easier for mobile users. Instead of a standard desktop site, mobile users are presented with a design that adjusts to their screen size.
  • They increase the leads and sales. Potential clients will spend more time viewing responsive websites because they are more user-friendly. Furthermore, critical aspects such as your call to action buttons are more visible, resulting in higher conversions.
  • They increase the Search Engine Positioning. When rating your site, search engines like Google now consider how mobile-friendly it is. Websites that are responsive have a significantly better chance of succeeding.

Now, you know the advantages of making your WordPress mobile friendly. It will help you to gain good rankings on Google and take your business to peaks.

How to Choose a Right Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin for You?

It’s not possible that all the WordPress plugins work in all the situations like some may build your mobile menus and other few will totally change your present or real site into a mobile friendly site. So depending on the situations you need to choose the right one but how? No worries! We are here to guide you. Let’s have a look!

How To Choose A Right WordPress Plugin For You
  • If you want to change your present site into a mobile-friendly site then WPtouch or AMP for  WP will be a good choice.
  • Jetpack by WordPress is a great way to make a sleek mobile feed for your WordPress blog.
  • To create a website that exactly matches the functions of an app then you can choose WordPress Mobile Pack.
  • If you want to create a mobile friendly site but want to keep the original site then you can go for WP Mobile Menu.
  • If you want to transform your desktop and mobile menus into a mega menu then Max Mega Menu will be a good choice.
  • The only choice that you can make from all the above options to get a real mobile app out of your WordPress site is AppPresser.

Following this guide you can make the right choice to make your site mobile friendly.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

For whatever you want to do, a plugin exists,” goes the adage in the WordPress community.Indeed, plugins are similar to mobile apps in that they can assist you in putting your wildest ideas into action. Follow the below steps to get the Plugin installed on your device.

  • To install a WordPress plugin, navigate to the Plugins area of your admin panel and click the Add New button.
  • Go to the search bar and search for your desired plugin.
  • Click “Install now” to get the plugin installed on your device.

There are about 3 ways by which a plugin can be installed on your wordpress website, you can check them here.

Note: It is advised that you create a Restore Point of your site before installing (or updating) a plugin. If this operation breaks your theme or site’s functionality, you’ll be able to undo it in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mobile Friendly Plugins for WordPress

Many of you might have some queries about mobile friendly plugins and websites, here are some of the most common questions that are popular on search engines. I have tried to put as much effort into it as I could.

01. Why does my WordPress site look bad on mobile?

Ans. This may be due to unresponsive themes and plugins. What you can do is change your theme and plugin with responsive ones. 

02. Are WordPress sites mobile friendly?

Ans. The WordPress backend is fully mobile responsive and allows you to perform all essential functions.

03. How do I optimize my WordPress site for mobile?

Ans. Here are some tips you can follow to optimize your WordPress site.
Use a WordPress Theme That Is Responsive.
Use Plugins to Create Mobile-Friendly Content.
Use Optimized Images and Load Them Properly.
Make use of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool.

04. How can I make my website mobile-friendly in 2021?

Ans. Here are some tips you can follow to make your website mobile friendly.
Make the buttons large enough so that people can tap them.
Make sure the text is large enough for users to read without having to zoom in.
Simplify your menu to make it easier to use on a tiny screen.

05. How do I optimize my WordPress theme?

Ans. Tips to optimize your theme.
Select the Best Hosting.
Improve Your Image Quality.
A Content Delivery Network that is effective.
Use Caution When Watching Videos.
Choose a well-optimized WordPress theme.
CSS and JavaScript will be the primary focus.
Remove any spam comments.

06. How do I view my WordPress site on mobile?

Simply go into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Appearance > Customize page. Click the mobile symbol at the bottom of the screen. After that, you’ll receive a sample of how your site will appear on mobile devices.

07. Why does my WordPress site look different on mobile?

Ans. When viewing responsive width themes on mobile, sidebars display below the posts to offer as much room as possible for reading.

08. How do I make my website compatible with all devices?

Ans. Here are some tips to make your website compatible with all devices.
The table of contents
Create your structure and content.
Make a page structure.
Fill in the blanks on the page with material.
Make the headline and the form.
Make it user-friendly.
Create a viewport. Simple style should be used.

09. How much does it cost to make a website mobile-friendly?

Ans. A completely responsive website with simple lead generation can cost approximately $5,000, while a specially built responsive website can cost more than $25,000 or more.

10. What do you call a mobile-friendly website?

Ans. Only responsive websites are compatible with mobile devices. Every website must be mobile-friendly. A responsive website is one that is mobile-friendly.

Wrapping Up

To appeal to the rising percentages of mobile users, mobile-optimized websites are a must-have. Site owners that fail to account for mobile users risk losing a substantial amount of conversions and revenue. 

We examined some of the finest mobile site plugins in this article to help you get started with making your WordPress site mobile responsive. All of the plugins on our list are free (and some have paid versions), so we urge you to give them a try.

We hope you were able to choose the finest mobile plugin for your website.

WordPress plugins, fortunately, operate behind the scenes to make websites mobile-friendly. Install a free or paid plugin to make your websites sleeker, quicker, and simpler to browse instead of turning away half your visitors at the door.

If you have any queries concerning which WordPress mobile plugin is ideal for you, please leave them in the comments area below. Hopefully, this information has assisted you in making the proper selection!

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